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  1. Featured Slab of the Day Just took the time to bag my Astonishing Tales books - using Gerber Mylar D® 914M2 (2 mil, 99% anti-UV), closed using Gerber archival (acid-free) double-sided tape: Still looking for #9 and #10 And now I noticed I misplaced #2 and #7 in the picture

    I forgot to mention my dear ASM #48 CGC 9.8 - which I paid $4300 for in 2013 (it's on GPA, I've got the Curator Copy) - but it's a pedigree book. Still plain vanilla isn't much cheaper - last one sold in 2013 for $3800 according to GPA: Best, Rune
  3. FedEx just made another quick delivery - 2 days from Akron in Ohio to Scandinavia And it's always interesting to see original art - here're a few close-ups (John Buscema pencils and Ernie Chan ink - and hand-drawn letters by Joe Rosen) Hmmm, every Monday when returning to work I think I have the same expression on my face As seen on this panel, some corrections were made to Conan's chin. I'm not a great fan of panel pages, especially when hung on a wall, but this page fits nicely in the Itoya Profolio. Now to something completely different, but speaking of Conan... , I just saw this video: Modern kids missing out on the great old arcade machines and games like Galaga, Space Invaders etc. may no longer be a great problem And I've just got some awesome guns, ok - virtual guns
  4. That suitcase is awesome Maybe I should get one too; could I use it at work to carry my WAIS-IV test equipment?
  5. I liked the Final Cut a lot - I think they remade more than 40 scenes, so you can't see strings lifting the cars anymore I bought this small collection some year ago, Final Cut is included: Hmmm, and apart from the Blade Runner 2049 shorts - there's also Blade Runner 2049 in VR (free app, not really a game) - but you can walk around in the world:
  6. It sometimes feels like I'm the only fan of 3D movies left I never got to see the 3D version of Blade Runner 2049 and just ordered it: Before the movie was released 3 shorts were made available on You Tube - maybe it's time to see them again
  7. Just bought a nice Conan the Barbarian page by John Buscema and Ernie Chan - written by Roy Thomas, letters drawn by Joe Rosen: Guess nostalgia is to blame for this purchase - the page is from the very first Conan book I read - I probably was about 10 years old back then
  8. Just broke a promise to myself about not letting nostalgia rule my decisions when buying art To explain things I'll have to go way back in time In Scandinavia - Norway, Sweden and Denmark - Moon Knight received his first ongoing series in 1981 - starting with these books: Denmark Norway (Moon Knight named the Moon Baron...) Sweden I still got my copy - I don't think my mother would've allowed me to read such books when I was 7 or 8 years old, so I probably picked up my copy a few years later - I don't remember it anymore Back then I did not care much for Moon Knight, there was something far more interesting in the book, namely Conan stories! This was in fact the first Conan story I read: Thus to some Conan the Barbarian #1 with Barry Smith's art was the first Conan book - to me it was Conan the Barbarian #101. To this day I still think Conan the Barbarian #101 to #112 were something special - up there with some of the best Barry Smith books. Note that there's a direct reference to Conan the Barbarian #13 in #101. On Comic Art Fans (CAF) there're just two pages from #101 and God knows where the cover is located, so it's not easy finding pages from this book. I just picked up another page from #101 and inserted a photo of the page as part of the story below - and made it really hard to find This was just a teaser, you'll have to get the book to read the ending ;-) I'm happy with the page, also it represents John Buscema and Ernie Chan in my art collection.
  9. I'm sure the best turntables provide better and richer sound than cd players - for long I've considered getting the legendary SL 1200: I don't think I'll use it much - maybe in 10 years when the kids are all grown up I've also considered getting some of the old high-end CD players, it seems the specs topped in the late 1980s and early 1990s - like this player - SL-P1000 (weight 9.1 kg): Then again - I'm still using the CD player below - it's working perfectly and have even better specs than the SL-P1000. Getting the above player would probably just fulfill an urge to collect these old giants, I better stick to collecting comics and art
  10. Hmmm, as long as none of my colleagues or students see me play this game as the Hulk, I guess I'll be fine BTW, here's my new PC desktop - also got me a hoverbike - taking VR motion sickness to a completely new level You control the bike with one hand (complete freedom of movement, also sideways), and shoot your gun with the other: Guess there's no need to continue methylphenidate prescription, if a person with ADHD daily plays this game due to the massive dopamine release
  11. I noticed that the Vallejo Savage Sword of Conan #4 cover is up for auction on CLink in two weeks - it does look nice It's one of my favorite SSoC covers - interesting how high this piece will go Similar Vallejo covers went for about 20 to 30K, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one go beyond 30K. I was lucky to pick up a 9.8 mag with pure white pages some years ago - currently there are 11 mags in 9.8 and none better - when I bought my copy there were just 6 copies, sigh Still need one more mag to complete my Vallejo set:
  12. There's nothing better than coming home after a long day at work - and then the mailman has delivered BTW, last week I got my Savage Sword of Conan #12 and #13 - 9.6 and 9.4 respectively - both mags really look great and better than some of my 9.8 mags - but who can argue with the CGC Well, if someone from the CGC ever should admit: "For 9.4 and better books we used a random grade generator programmed to make 9.8+ really low frequency grades" I'd jump up and yell: "I knew it!"
  13. My first thought was that the 8.5 book had a faded cover - but looking closer the yellow and green colors seem saturated, maybe they ran out of red toner Then again, red color (ink) usually is very prone to fading due to its longer wavelength and tendency to absorb light, although yellow and green are too, while blue often is more resistant to fading due to its shorter wavelenght and tendency to reflect light. At least in theory (and I'm no expert on color fading)...
  14. Still trying to catch up on several movies I thought I'd have enough time to watch during the Christmas holiday. This evening I'm not sure if I'll need two or maybe three glasses of red wine to satisfactorily sedate my frontal lobes before I watch the movie Actually it's - to my knowledge - the only real 3D movie produced in 2017: - and with its 217 million budget I can't help thinking maybe Moore's got a point...

    I paid 3k for my ASM #59 - don't forget that book too Note that #59 is the first cover to feature the sultry image of Spidey's eventual bride, Mary Jane Watson