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  1. You might need both - Sonja starts on page 15 in #23: - but clearly the #23 cover totally pales compared to #24. The Sonja art and story are much better in #24, but of course it's not her first appearance. From #24:
  2. Can't have it all, I guess - I do appreciate white pages and when there's just one book, there's nothing to choose from. The miswrap is a reminder of how mags were produced back then, you won't see that among modern books, so you could consider it a feature illustrating production history ;-) Also it has taken about 22 years for CGC to grade just one mag - you risk waiting forever for another copy. Not many may have preserved SSoC #11 in 9.8 condition, this usually takes an adult buying the book in the 1970s and never reading it - kids and teenagers may be very fast getting these mags below 9.
  3. Could you check Savage Sword of Conan mags - issues 4 to 15, maybe more, need fixing. Points have been the same for like 15 years or more. I'm paying like $4-7 per point - that's not fair :-) A suggestion would be to raise #4-10 to at least 400 points, and #11-15 to 300 points. This compared to latest GPAnalysis prices. For example, I just paid $650 for #11 9.8 and got 120 points. Thank you Scores updated 5/12/21.
  4. Was lucky to find and add this book to my collection today - I know the centering isn't good, but it's the single highest graded and has pure white page - and beggars can't be choosers, lol:
  5. Seems prices are quite strong right now - last night a CoB #1 9.8 ended close to 8k: - and #20 ended at 4k - glad I don't have to buy them again! Even #1 9.0 has gone beyond 1k: That #1 does look quite good though. Haven't been following much up on prices lately, maybe it's just me being behind - not going to sell anything anyway,
  6. Some of my photos were quite old - just took some new shots of #16, 17, 19 and 20 for my set, but they do get shrunken quite a bit for the set. Here the new pics are in large format - note that these were very hard to find without profound miswrap and with pure white pages: - also got some nice messages for #19-20 from the original owner:
  7. Maybe fun to put it all in one post with big pictures, - Here we go, if I can still count to 25... (Might need to take new shots, some are below the quality I'd like - but kinda feels like ... work ) Click on an image to see full size To quote the movie Citizen Kane, this would be the "Rosebud" of my collection - the set I love the most. Nothing else really comes close.
  8. Thanks, Matt - I have found it - it was well hidden! ;-)
  9. Just bought this book - but can't seem to add it to the Ultimate Comics Spider-man set? Help would be greatly appreciated! Hello @Rune, This book is eligible for the "Ultimate Spider-Man (2011)" set. I renamed the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man set to include "(2009)" as it can be confusing. ( I am actually still scratching my head on these ones).
  10. Thanks - nice knowing that some are reading all the words I've spent time writing! :-) Just saw that Carlo added a signed #1 to his collection, and even if I have not added more to the collection since 2014 I'm still actively looking for the few books I miss. My dream still is to get them all with 9.8 WP and nice centering - maybe one day
  11. I'm still waiting for another copy of #11, sigh - got the rest: I wonder if I'll get one in this life Maybe I should buy some 9.6s, send them in, get them pressed and hope for the best...
  12. Congrats - it's an awesome book! In case you have not done so, you can add your SSoC Boris collection to the Registry here: Did get this one in 2018 for my Boris set, although it's not complete - but nice to see that CGC seems to love the great mags too! I'm still looking for a 9.8 regarding #13 and #15, but no luck searching the first 5 (or more) years, sigh. With this speed I'll capture a unicorn or bigfoot before I get #13 and #15 in 9.8
  13. Got this one maybe a month ago, 9.6 + Pedigree + WP should be really close to the quality of a 9.8 non-pedigree non-WP Then got this one too - grew tired of waiting for a 9.8: But then this one surfaced - what are the odds... Still I'm not able to count to 10, but 8 - maybe more like 7.5, sigh
  14. Just added OA for #5 to the library: Art Covers?page=1 Get it here With the current speed these pieces are surfacing, I'll have a complete collection in just 20 years or so!
  15. I won an award last year and got the opportunity to get some books graded for free. I sent in my ST #1 reading copy and just got it back: This mag was kinda special, I bought it in June 2009. The seller told me he frequently visited The Studio in the 1970s: "By the way back in the 70's I owned a comic shop & used to hang around The Studio in NYC. That was a loft shared by Jeff Jones, Mike Kaluta, Barry Smith & one of my best friends Berni Wrightson. You would have loved it." I believe he's talking about Baltimore's first comic shop The Nostalgia Crypt