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  1. Very impressive - I guess you expected all books to get a 9.8 grade - and you were right, even though you had to re-sub one book!
  2. Quite a pain getting all three pieces aligned, but I think everything looks ok now I'm doing another JND experiment on the wife "In the branch of experimental psychology focused on sense, sensation, and perception, which is called psychophysics, a just-noticeable difference or JND is the amount something must be changed in order for a difference to be noticeable, detectable at least half the time (absolute threshold). This limen is also known as the difference limen, differential threshold, or least perceptible difference." Source: I've moved one painting from the Oculus Rift Portal room to the kids' Lego room. So far she hasn't noticed anything I think my Oculus Rift Portal room looks so much nicer now Although maybe it'll soon no longer be allowed to play VR games standing instead of sitting
  3. Just got a few pieces back from the framing shop Strike One...
  4. All pieces behind Museum Glass - quite a pain getting the three pieces aligned, but I think everything looks ok now
  5. Just got a few pieces back from the framing shop Strike one...
  6. Action #360 is simply an awesome catch, congrats! I did just check Pedigreecomics and my crystal ball (or male intuition ) tells me that first you won Action #374 on Pedigreecomics, and then you got Doug to help you with #360 Never mind, and amazing to see both books with such perfect cover alignment! I know many collectors think that we'll one day be able to take a bath in late silver age and especially bronze books, and Census has increased somewhat regarding my Conan 9.8 Barry Smith books, but still there're far from enough to fill a tub. Lately, checking Census for Astonishing Tales and seeing Census for your Action #360 and #374 I'm starting to wonder how much we're going to bathe in such books in the future... At least that kind of water has really been dripping slowly the last 20 years
  7. Thanks Brandon - I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but over here this tpb (or album) was published in 1979 and I read it in the early 1980s: The book contains stories from Astonishing Tales #3-6 and 8-10 (the Barry Smith art). So I'm trying to find especially these issues in higest CGC grade - and then I thought, why not just go for the first 10 issues The main Ka-Zar story with Barry Smith art ("Back to the Savage Land") was also published in this book: I guess many of my CGC books are interconnected Now I'm considering buying this book: BTW, just found the variant edition and ordered it - "go for gold"
  8. Seems you're in great luck with the ladies Several times I've considered collecting both Red Sonja and Vampirella, especially many of the old Vampirella covers are simply awesome Still it takes so much time finding books with nice centering and high grades, so I better try not to add more series to my current CGC collection. It's hard to see on the photos, but your new lady books look quite nice, maybe some should be in CGC holders BTW, part of your CGC award is one year premium CGC membership. Seems that CGC forgot about this part of the award, so I wrote to Dena. She quickly fixed the problem, now I got $150 to spend on grading new books, I just can't figure out which of my raw books that should be graded - guess that will rank as another first world problem If you too didn't get that part of the award, I'd suggest writing to Dena
  9. My plan worked! - Got #7 and #8 from Pedigree Comics, and just hauled in the bigger fish from Comiclink 3:40 AM today The centering isn't perfect, but there're just 4 books in 9.8 and none better - and this #1 book has pure white pages, guess that'll do... Maybe the real gem was #2. It's my first Twin Cities pedigree book, it has pure white pages, it's 1 of 5 highest graded 9.8 books - and the centering is very close to perfection. I'd be surprised if there's a nicer copy among the remaining 4 books... One day I hope to be able to count to ten but at least now I can count to eight
  10. Your 1 Grail

    My one true grail to rule them all would probably be... I don't recall ever seeing the oa.
  11. Recently my Punisher piece on CAF has been picking up more views than usual - could there be an explanation Well, maybe I'm late to the show, but just saw that this new TV series has arrived on Netflix - I'm going in later today It's 9.5 on IMDB And currently the most popular user review/opinion: "Everybody is throwing TV shows on the wall like spaghetti to see what sticks. This is the most well acted and written show to come out since breaking bad. It stands on its own to become an award winning series for 10 seasons easy.Its that good.The intense feeling you get from watching Bernthal act through this raises my heartrate in response to what hes going through, he is that powerful of an actor. I feel what he is feeling in every scene. The pain and struggle he constantly fights to overcome to become what he knows he should be is outstanding to watch. Netflix scored high with this one, and Jon i hope you get a raise for next season bro, you deserve it.Great Job" Guess this kind of slaughter of guilty men would be justified, if they killed your family...