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  1. NelsonAI

    DEADPOOL 2 (2017)

    Loved the inside jokes including reference that Rob Leifeld can not draw feet. I'm glad Rob has a great sense of humor. Did he have a cameo in this movie as well? I wasn't sure if he was one of the armored truck drivers. Loved the actress that played Domino. Thought Brolin was too puny to portray Cable. I thought John Cena from WWE would have been a better choice. All the previews shown in commercials were cut from the movie. A little disappointed not to see more X-Force in action. Director's cut will be released for sure. Cheers! N.
  2. NelsonAI

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    Huge mistake for CLink to end auction on Tuesday after Memorial Day. I completely forgot about the auction. I'm sure I wasn't the only one. End the auction a few days later and I think you would have seen more lively bidding. Congrats to the buyers of the Miller DD cover and McFarlane covers. Great prices IMHO. I'm sure the consignors were disappointed. Janson is clearly the preferred inker over Miller's pencils than Rubenstein. The ASM cover was at one time consigned with a dealer for 95K and it did not sell so perhaps the psychological barrier was too much to overcome. Cheers! N.
  3. NelsonAI

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    Robert Dennis should be able to conserve and deacidify the DD cover. I've seen him do wonders on much worse pieces. That cover was offered to me privately many moons ago for 50K. I passed but another buyer stepped up. I think the DD cover will sell for more than the McFarlane. Good luck to everyone. Cheers! N.
  4. NelsonAI

    CLINK Spring Featured Auction started

    Now that Mysterio is confirmed as the new villain in the next Spidey movie, I would expect the ASM 311 cover to easily break 100K. Good luck to the consignor who is a fellow boardie. Cheers! N.
  5. Anyone with an extra exhibitor badge for sale, please PM me. Thanks. Cheers! N.
  6. Alex Sorry to hear about the page. Hopefully, it will turn up. Cheers! N.
  7. NelsonAI

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Everyone needs cash. Once a piece is consigned to an auction house at no reserve, you do not have to deal directly with the "owners". Be thankful you can now bid on a piece you had your eye on and possibly win at a more reasonable price than what was listed on eBay.
  8. NelsonAI

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Aparo Spectre cover for 53K.
  9. NelsonAI

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    I thought Brave Bold 199 cover was better cover and better buy.
  10. NelsonAI

    HA May Auction, lots of great art !

    Is Leah Remini a comic fan or was this the only gig she could book after leaving Scientology? Just kidding. I hope she's a comic fan and gets a gig in a Marvel movie. Cheers! N.
  11. Overall, turnout at the show was great and everyone went home happy. Nick and I would like to thank everyone that stopped by our tables. We were busy throughout and did not have time for lunch. I finally got to walk the show myself at 3 pm. I wasn't focused on taking pictures at that point. Sorry. There were several notable individuals attending the show that normally set up as dealers at other shows. They walked the show and made deals. They obviously found fresh new inventory to re-sell down the road. It's a win - win situation actually. I met several still "under the radar" collectors. My mind was completely blown away with the pics I saw. I finally got to meet the official unofficial photographer on these boards, Brandon. He and his lovely wife were as nice as I imagined. Brandon has some amazing Ethan Van Sciver Green Lantern art on display. Lee and Paul did have some amazing stuff. I saw Paul several times speaking with Nick but didn't know who he was until the end of the show. Paul ran out of Mylars so you know people swarmed his table. I also finally got to meet Rob, "the Avengers guy" after all these years. Lol. Dan Pottick had 2 amazing Art Adams covers. Nathan Rose had a great Bernie Wrightson wrap around cover. Ray Lago was doing some great commissions for a few lucky fans. I really did have a great time meeting up with everyone including a few CGC Boardies. We got our geek on. Nick and I support all shows and look forward to setting again in the future. Those guys from London Super-Con better have some prime spots for us because we'll be there soon enough. Cheers! N.
  12. Nick Katradis Display Booth
  13. Animated Ink Display Booth