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  1. Go to the EVENTS section of the cgc boards and you will see the GREAT Grape Ape's quick write up and pics.
  2. So only the 3 dealers? Glen, Becharra, Rich? Tom Kraft helps Becharra with his website sales but runs the Kirby scan project.
  3. Shatterstar's Deadpool 2 movie appearance gives him a bump. The optimal time to sell was right before the movie release. He is an "alien" so maybe hundreds of teeth are normal for his species? Glen - c'mon admit it, you still have 1000 copies of X-Force # 1 polybagged at home.
  4. Scott was the largest modern era dealer at the time. I do recall the coin flip stories. I also recall him repping Bolland and bringing over all those Animal Man covers to SDCC. I was familiar with Bolland's work on Judge Dredd but Animal Man was not a title I followed. IIRC Prices were between US$500 - US$1000. Unheard of at the time. When Scott left for Wildstorm, that opened the door for Albert, (and others), to expand exponentially.
  5. Who is the artist for the abstract Gulden's Mustard painting on the wall?
  6. Scott This cover is almost as bad as the #268. No one would blame you if you sold it. I will take this drek off your hands. How about $650 plus whatever it costs for shipping? Cheers ! N.
  7. It's time for the rest of the 1990's art to pick up the pace.
  8. This is a first ... Albert actually springing for a mylar. Pic by N.K. before the show started. Albert should use this pic on his website. Cheers ! N.
  9. Yup. Sometimes the splash is better than the covers. No mention of any future royalty agreement either. Check with Clink before bidding.
  10. The real reason why the cover to Uncanny X-Men # 268 is so beloved .... it was featured in Weird Al Yankovic's parody video "White and Nerdy".
  11. I never found any of the storylines memorable under the Lee or Finch X-Men runs. I've never heard anyone talk about the storylines at all. It was all about the art. To hear Gene, (and others), gush all over the #268 is an eye opener.
  12. - well remembered story - bought off the stands in 8th grade - not one of my favorites but everyone was talkng about it. Sounds like nostalgia kicking in after 30 years.
  13. What's the difference between the X-Men 268 (1990) cover and the David Finch 494 X-Men (2008) cover? About 18 years of nostalgia. Both are iconic generic inventory covers that will always get top $. Kudos to the seller for hanging onto the Jim Lee cover for as long as he did. The patience pays off. As for Scott, $650 was a lot of money back then for an up and coming artist. I think Scott's done just fine over the long haul.