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  1. Thanks to all the collectors that contacted me. I look forward to seeing everyone at NYCC. Cheers! N.
  2. NelsonAI

    help identifying this xmen cover

    That cover has been flipped several times over the years so it should not be a surprise to anyone that it is unpublished. If anyone tried to pass it off as published, I would ask for a full refund. So, if someone sold or traded with Mike and misrepresented this as published, Mike should ask for a refund. All the best. Cheers ! N.
  3. It looks like Walt Simonson cancelled his appearance at NYCC this year.
  4. It's that time of year again, New York Comic Con. My local show. I know a lot of OA collectors will be coming in from out of town to attend the show. If you have any high quality published covers or splashes that you are looking to sell, PM me. I'm interested in art from all eras so don't be shy and drop me a line. Even if we don't work out a deal, I'm always happy to meet other collectors in person at the show. All the best. Cheers! N.
  5. NelsonAI


    To everyone attending or exhibiting at the show, have fun. I have another commitment and will not be able to attend. I look forward to the next show. I'm sure I will catch up with many of you at NYCC in October. Cheers! N.
  6. NelsonAI

    RIP Marie Severin

    My condolences to Marie's family and friends. I had the pleasure of meeting her several times over the years. Marie was just a great all around person. As nice as could be. A true talent and pioneer for women in the comics industry. Having the foresight to set aside and donate Steve Ditko's art to Amazing Fantasy # 15 when most people would have cashed out speaks for itself. Cheers! N.
  7. NelsonAI

    RIP Gary Friedrich

    My condolences to the family and friends of Gary. Cheers! N.
  8. NelsonAI

    RIP Russ Heath

    My condolences to all of Russ' family and friends. He was a tremendous talent who will be missed. Cheers! N.
  9. NelsonAI


    So how many hookers does it take to pry the FF cover from Bechara? I assume it was half cash, half trade? I hope everyone that attended or set up enjoyed themselves. Since this thread has been hijacked, it's time to move on. Cheers ! N.
  10. NelsonAI


    - Thanks for the additional pics Brandon. - Kirby did FF pencils. Bruce Timm did the color piece. When I spoke with Albert at NYCC 2017, he had both pieces priced individually. If you wanted to buy it as a set, he might give you a very slight discount. Contact him directly for prices. - For all you guys wondering what an A+ cover is or what a real Grail is, the Kirby FF 72 is it. Bechara has turned down legitimate big $ offers over the years for that cover. I can't believe Bechara turned down my offer of a Rob Liefeld New Mutants interior page as a straight up trade. - To find out what page the Ditko is, you may have to crack open that ASM 6 CGC case . Cheers ! N.
  11. NelsonAI


    The FF cover might be my favorite from Bechara's private stash. I saw it in person at SDCC many moons ago when he had it on display in a nice oversized frame and easel. Put the damn thing in a mylar sleeve already. Lol. Cheers! N.
  12. NelsonAI

    Upcoming Art Cons?

    Bechara and Albert sold all the good stuff in Boston last weekend. I'm sure all the dealers will have something for everyone. I have other plans but hope to make the next show. I am very familiar with the area downtown. The closest train is the F train to Delancey St. 2 blocks from Clinton St. The subway is not great since it is 2 levels below street level so lots of stairs. You will get a cardio workout. Lol. Parking isn't the easiest since Delancey St is literally the service road as you exit the Williamsburg bridge. The area is gentrifying. The bldg is newly renovated but you will see pawn shops across the street. Need $ for art? Pawn your iPhone. Lol. There is $1 pizza and $2 empanadas to $30 ramen noodles and $5 tacos in the area. Have fun. Cheers! N.
  13. William Sorry to put a damper on your excitement. I just wanted to manage expectations. The guest list is always nice but the convention center really does inhibit the fan experience. I normally go out to dinner with other fans and collectors so that more than makes up for the shortcomings of the Javits center. Plan ahead and you should still have fun. Cheers! N.
  14. NelsonAI

    Fan Expo Boston / Boston Comic Con Aug 10-12, 2018

    Great jam piece !!! Thanks for the reports. Cheers! N.
  15. NelsonAI

    Upcoming Art Cons?

    As a fan, the more shows the better. I support all shows and promotions. If I have a schedule conflict, I don't go. I'll attend the next one. All shows have similar names so just a few points to help clarify: - NY Comic Con (NYCC) is a full blown comic / pop culture show run by media conglomerate Reed Pop (Reed Elsevier). It's always a 4 day show right before Columbus Day in October. - Comic Art Expo is run by Zaddick and Terry. Their show occurred in NYC on May 2018. It was a great show. For full disclosure, I set up at this show (Animated Ink) along with Nick Katradis. The promotion has no plans for a Fall 2018 show but will return in 2019. Barring any schedule conflict, Nick and I will be happy to attend and / or set up. - Comic Art Con (NJ and NYC) is now run solely by Joe V. Dan G. is no longer involved with the promotion. It's a great show. Barring any schedule conflict, Nick and I will be happy to attend and / or set up any of the shows in the future. Regardless of the promotion, I'm sure everyone can attend a show that fits their schedule. The most important take away is to have fun. Meet other collectors, grab a bite to eat, have a few laughs. If you are going to be anti- social, then stay home and buy your art over the internet. Lol. All the best. Cheers! N.