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  1. All you junior detectives out there can study the pics and probably figure it out.
  2. Unfortunately, the NJT bus # 190 only runs Monday - Friday. I don't know if there is an alternative for the weekend. I suggest asking NJT or someone from the rec center.
  3. Great job and video ML. I love Tradd's style and he killed it with this issue. With mini series, it usually takes time for the action to build up so buying issue # 3 was the smart move. Congratulations. Cheers! N.
  4. Funny how everyone got on inker Dan Green's case for leaving "historical" pencilled prices on the back of his pages.
  5. The page has SOLD. I appreciate all those that contacted me via CAF and CGC. I will reply to every person soon. Thanks.
  6. John Romita Jr pencils / Klaus Janson inks. Punisher War Zone # 5 page 16 (?) circa 1992. I recently got this page back in a trade. This is the best panel page from the issue. Romita Jr / Punisher War Zone #5 Cheers! N. You must include your email when contacting me. Thanks.
  7. Luckily, I have a huge belly to counter balance the weight of the backpack. The new black backpack itself probably weighs 4 lbs. Loaded, you are going to carry about 10 - 12 lbs. Take a few breaks, take the backpack off during the show and rest. Part of the weight load I carry is a 3.5 lb. plastic folding step stool I use to sit down on. The industrial strength concrete floors with steel plates at the convention center don't help.
  8. I kept my green backpack but did reinforce the stitching on the top and bottom of each strap. I loaded up the portfolio and tested it out at NYCC on Sunday. The metal zipper pulls snapped in half. I remedied the situation by fashioning my own zipper pulls at the show but quality control sucks. I had no problems walking through the crowds or the show with the backpack. My issue is how tight the straps are even after loosening them to the max. After looking at Glen's backpack in person, I ordered the black backpack off Amazon for $40 and received it today. The straps are far superior and comfortable. The straps are longer and also provide additional support with the chest clip and waist strap. The backpack also has a shoulder strap option. I have not reinforced the straps yet but am prepared to do so if necessary. Spend the extra $.
  9. I asked Albert the price of a particular piece on his display wall. He replied, ooh, that's going to be expensive before giving me the price. Since when is anything cheap on his display wall? Lol. A lot of great artwork on display. On Weds. night while dealers were still setting up, Los Hermanos Don Nelly, traded with El Hombre de Romita for his Kirby FF 70 cover.
  10. It looks like Dan brought more art to the show since Friday. I'm glad that he was able to make some sales at the prices he wanted. Better he get full value for the art than the vultures swooping from above. From all accounts, his pricing while seemingly random, were in line with the market.
  11. NYCC 2020 show dates are October 8 - 11. The show is back to their routine of ending before Columbus Day. Schools usually have off on that Monday so kids going to NYCC can rest after all that walking. Lol. It's also an easier day to fly out of NY.
  12. The end of the article has a slide show of all the pages. You can download each image.
  13. The page I saw had $550 price on back. Dan was not there but someone was monitoring the pile and probably would have sold the page for $550. Jean may have been on the page with Scott. They were visiting a log cabin. The page was in the pile. It's been awhile since I read the issues but it may be Scott and Jean visiting Rusty's house? Yoram, buddy, are you in NY?
  14. Bill posted the b+w scans on the internet a few days before the show so you can see the entire issue and cover without any word balloons. I feel for the guys waiting on line. Unfortunately, his art, his rules.