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  1. Kwan Sorry about your situation. Text or email me privately and I will stop by and relay the message to Ray Lago along with your contact info. Tell me privately what does he owe you? Character? Full figure? Color? Painting? Watercolor? I think he used to be my art instructor. It's been so long, even I can't remember. Lol.
  2. Packaging and shipping is a pain ... Heritage and CLink sound like the best option as they can handle all the art and comics at once. Let's face it, people will try to cherry pick your art and comics. At auction, everyone will have a shot at what they want. Depending on where you are located, both attend conventions. You can walk right up to them and hand it off and get a receipt. They can answer your questions on the spot. If you can not attend a show, call or email them. All the best. Cheers! N
  3. The Gold Ballroom is secluded in the back with it's own private elevator. Ask a hotel employee where it is as soon as you enter the hotel. I can't speak for Zaddick or Terry but there should not be a problem getting there a little early and waiting. As Will noted, the flow to the ballroom is obvious. It's an old hotel so the ballroom was designed for wedding receptions not art shows. Lol. The oversized foyer is where the artist tables will be. At the end of the foyer will be doors that lead into the main room where all the dealers and exhibitors are. 1 way in, 1 way out. Restrooms are in the area before you reach the artist area. So, if you are there early waiting, don't worry. I don't believe HotFlips is setting up so bring your own portfolio case. For breakfast, I like hot fresh bagels. Zaro's Bakery is located 1 flight down below street level. It is next to the "up" escalators in Penn Station before you go up to street level. Hotel Pennsylvania is across the street. I usually ask for whatever is hot. As you enter the main room, Nick, Jason and I will be "to the left". In the corner against the wall. Please stop by and introduce yourselves. We would love to meet you in person.
  4. I'm glad your comics are okay. I agree with the rolling steel shelves. I would also add that you put something else, (heavy), on the bottom shelf. The comics should be above any potential flood level. Most of the steel shelves from Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, Wal-Mart have a removable screw on the bottom. This allows you to buy standard wheels with 3/4 screws and add them to the bottom of your shelves. No tools necessary.
  5. My CGC tagline has the link to my CAF account. If you have disabled the tags, it will not be displayed. I have posted the link below. On CAF, if you look under "A", I am listed as Animated Ink, Nelson. Last year, I brought out X-Men pages by Sienkiewicz, Andy Kubert and Jim Lee, Spidey pages, splashes and covers by various well known artists including a McFarlane Spidey action page. Who knows what I will break out this time?
  6. Long time collector and CAF contributor, Jason Versaggi will be joining Nick and I. If you are attending the show, please stop by our tables and introduce yourselves. We look forward to meeting everyone there. It's going to be a great show.
  7. Greetings fellow OA collectors !!! Once again, Nick Katradis and Animated Ink, (that's me), will be setting up at the NY Comic Art Expo on Sunday, April 28th at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC. Nick and I are private collectors that will be offering art for sale from our private collection. Joining us this year will be long time collector and CAF contributor, Jason Versaggi. We are just starting to decide what to bring to the show. If you plan on attending, drop me an email in advance if you have a specific piece you are interested in and I may bring it to the show. Otherwise, simply stop by our tables and introduce yourselves. We look forward to seeing everyone there. It's going to be a great show. Cheers! N.
  8. There were plenty of watchers of that auction. I'm sure the seller has been fielding several email inquiries from prospective buyers.
  9. I love the page but love the cover even more. The seller is a long time dealer on ebay. I do not know him personally. Best of luck to the seller. I hope he gets top dollar. My only suggestion to him is, at $18K, he should toss in free shipping instead of charging $40.
  10. I have not seen the blank sketch comics that Will is referring to. However, DC has rebooted their comic book history several times the last few years and botched it up. Why not let the fans write and draw their own comic? It might be better than what DC can come up with.
  11. Congratulations! What a great cover. It's been awhile since Scott did any work for Marvel. I was wondering who the lucky guy was to score the cover. The 1 day show in Long Island (@StonyBrook University) really delivered.
  12. Unfortunately, there is another comic show in Long Island where Scott Williams will be appearing that same day. I plan on going to that one.
  13. Artist Update: Keith Williams has been added to the guest list. The long time inker for Marvel has worked with just about every artist and on every character over the last 20 years. Keith is also a talented penciller as well having drawn the Phantom daily comic strip. Keith never disappoints his fans with his commissions.