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  1. If there are shill bids on Heritage and ComicLink, why wouldn't there be potential shill bids on this auction?
  2. The NYC Marathon, which is an outdoor event, recently cancelled. I don't see an indoor event where social distancing and ventilation issues will be allowed. Restaurants in NYC are still not allowed to have indoor dining. Am I correct in assuming that until the show is officially cancelled, there is no reason to issue refunds to vendors who put down deposits?
  3. My condolences to all of his family and friends. Even in his advanced age, he was always as sharp as can be at shows. Who can forget the incident at the East Coast Comic Con, (NJ), where he refused to sign the obviously fake FF 48 cover. Nothing was getting by him. (Feel free to look up the lengthy thread but please do not hijack this one). With the popularity of the Marvel movies, he saw a resurgence in his own popularity. Rest in Peace Joe. CBR - Joe Sinnott
  4. IMHO there are too many recreations of original covers, splashes and pin-ups. If you like the original so much but can't obtain it, ( i.e., non-existent, too expensive, owner won't sell, etc.), just buy a poster of it and put it in a frame. Better yet, buy a high grade CGC copy of it and frame it. Many moons ago, I bought an original Spidey vs Green Goblin piece from the late Jim Mooney that he used for a poster to sell at conventions. It was so popular, people started asking about the original art. Instead of creating a new original with a different design and layout, Jim decided to do several recreations of the same piece. At last count, there are 5 known recreations. Even though, I bought the original, it no longer feels special or "one of a kind". Glen B just discussed his purchase of an ASM #350 recreation by inker Randy Emberlin. Erik Larsen pencilled the original, Randy did the inks. The original cover was destroyed in the infamous fire at Erik's home. Someone passed it off as the original. Glen got screwed. Too many recreations are not clearly identified as recreations. Artists should have some integrity and ethics. When doing a recreation, maybe sign it as "Emberlin after Erik" along with the year the recreation was done. Mark it as "Recreation" on the reverse. If it was an inks over blueline digital scan, DO NOT sign the penciller's name. If there are no pencils underneath, you are just creating a forgery of the original artist. Just sign your name if you worked on the recreation. I don't need to see another "variant" Jack Kirby or David Finch cover out there. If you really feel a need to get a "recreation", I like Michael Finn's concept of "One Minute Later" where the artist depicts the action as if the heroes / villians are moving in action and captured 1 minute later. It pays homage to the original but has a new original design and layout. In addition, it is drawn it the natural style of the artist that Michael hires. My 2 cents. Cheers! N.
  5. Yup. Cancelled. This is what happens when people don't wear face masks during a pandemic and the State re-opens too early. News 9 - Tampa Comic Con Cancelled
  6. As a premium member, I did not participate in the event. Like Ted, going to the post office or FedEx in NYC would require me to wear a Haz-Mat suit. I'm glad it went well and look forward to future events. To encourage more premium membership, I would also suggest: 1) Day 1 shopping should be exclusively for premium members only. Surely, paid membership is worth more than 2 hours. This would be similar to conventions having Preview Night. Everyone else can shop on Day 2. 2) Only allow Premium members the ability to contact other members / send messages. The ability to network with other collectors is reason enough to pay for a membership. Cheers! Nelson
  7. 1) Google is your friend. A person can't escape their universal bad reputation in this very small community of ours. 2) Just because they are members of CGC, it doesn't preclude them from being dirtbags and shysters. You've seen threads here before. Even before the pandemic, there are certain individuals I wouldn't go near. 3) References from people you already know and trust certainly helps vouching for them. 4) Having a large public CAF collection does help. I always get suspicious when I receive emails from anonymous lurkers. 5) there are specific countries that are known for fraud that I simply will not ship to under any circumstances. No need to name them all here. Good luck Marc. Cheers! N.
  8. Public Service Announcement: Tampa Comic Con 2020 scheduled for July is confirmed to be ON !!! So stop crying and start planning. I suppose a Deadpool costume qualifies as wearing a facemask. I wonder how they will manage social distancing though? I will not be there but Good Luck to anyone attending.
  9. I know nothing about laundering. I was only referring to getting rid of germs and viruses off of cash during this pandemic. I personally use a garment steamer to steam my cash. I let it dry. My pizza guy appreciates that I clean my $ before tipping him in cash. Using steam gives your lungs a break from all the chemical aerosol sprays. You have a better chance of Albert giving you a discount than finding a can of Lysol in NYC. Lol.
  10. Ask the seller directly on eBay. It's their auction. Let them clarify.
  11. Everyone accepts cash. You just have steam or spray the $ with Lysol to disinfect it. It's called cleaning the $, as opposed to laundering your $.
  12. Everyone knows inkers just trace over the pencils anyway. Why they bother to credit the inker is beyond me. Thankfully, Kirby's art still shines through.
  13. M Try the real estate website Trulia, (which got bought out by Zillow but still operating independently). When you look up a house, it gives you a map of the neighborhood. You can then select schools and crime to evaluate the area. Schools are ranked 1 - 10. Crime is color coded based on police reports. When I say color coded, I mean green, red, etc. so you can get a visual of the neighborhood. Lol. All the best. Cheers! N.