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  1. No. I saw the cels inside the Disney World theme park in Orlando. The Little Mermaid movie came out in 1989 (?) so the early 1990's sounds about right.
  2. I wasn't looking to stir the pot as the info was out there. (See OA Cabal Newsletter issue #4). Asking if Mike was able to preview the galleries seemed logical and reasonable. Bill has always been straight forward and I appreciate him taking the time to address the situation. Apologies for hijacking the thread and apologies to Bill since I put him in an unintentional uncomfortable situation. Just to clarify, there were no nude or topless pics. Lizzo was wearing a red, white and blue bikini and the bikini model was wearing a tan bikini. If someone was browsing quickly, I suppose the tan could have looked flesh tone and mistaken for nude. It's a moot point since the files were deleted as requested. Since I was planning to delete pics before the lockdown, I didn't think a reply was necessary. I didn't reply to Malvin's PM either. It wasn't necessary. Since I was using my cellphone and there was no move / transfer function, I ended up downloading images from my own CAF gallery and reloading it back to my CAL booth. I re-typed the different fields. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  3. Fyi - Burkey bought a large stake in CAF. I wonder if he previewed the for sale galleries before they went live. I know Bill did because he asked me to take down 2 photos I had as placeholders while I was trying to figure out functionality. This was my first time trying to set up. I was using my phone so did not have access to my art pics from my computer files and was just testing. I complied but this was on Friday and the photos were nothing outrageous. One was of Lizzo, the other a bikini model. I had downloaded the pics from the NY Post onto my phone before loading onto CAF. Lol. Again, I complied, so not a big deal.
  4. Early 1990's? The cels with Ariel as the Mermaid commanded top $. Cels with her as a "human with feet" commanded less $. Same with secondary characters. Maybe $2K if I recall correctly. Most adults probably had no idea what they were and gagged at the prices. Disney did not have a separate gallery. I saw them hanging on the walls closer to the back in their stores with prices on them.
  5. Probably a fake since it doesn't look like Romita or Byrne to me. Ask Burkey.
  6. As long as you and your kids like it, that's all that matters.
  7. Although the cels were trimmed, Courvoisier was the first to market the cels in a presentable fashion and sell them as art. Most acetate cels at that time were expensive so they were often cleaned and reused. This added to the rarity of earlier production cels. In the modern era, Disney did a better job at marketing their cels as matted and framed art with the COA on the cel itself. Disney controlled the supply by releasing them incrementally at their theme park stores. I remember decent cels from the "Little Mermaid" featuring Ariel, going for about $3500. Warner Brothers attempted to follow the Disney model by selling cels at their WB stores. While Disney was selling cels from animated movies, WB was selling cels from television show cartoons. The downfall was when AOL bought out Time-Warner. AOL didn't know or appreciate what they had and essentially liquidated their animation cels. They flooded the market and discounted the prices. Eventually, Clampett Studios bought out the remaining inventory of WB animation cels and restored inventory control. Prices of cels stabilized at that point. While animation cels are no longer as popular as one of a kind original comic art, they are still collectible. For one, the color makes the art pop. From a nostalgia perspective, you can't beat cartoons. Pair an oversized horizontal pan piece animation cel with a matching original background art and you have your version of high end art.
  8. I would recommend that you pick up a copy of the comic and compare page 1 to the art as a starting point. The comic can't be that expensive or hard to find. See if the art looks similar in style to your page. If it does, it could be a rejected Steve Butler page. Try contacting Steve via social media. Randy Emberlin is an inker. There are no inks so you can rule out Randy as the artist.
  9. While I agree there are always going to be shill bids on any auction platform, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why people bid high early on. - If you are on a limited total budget to spend, you have to prioritize where your $ is going. You would rather be blown out early on an item so you know just how much $ you have left to spend. Then you can go all out after pieces you really want. - Sometimes you forget to bid. I have a busy schedule. If I get blown out early, at least I got my bids in.
  10. During open police investigations, they usually withhold information from the public. This lets them follow up on leads without tipping off the perpetrator. It doesn't matter if comic fans want more information about the crime. The police are going to tell the family to keep quiet about the details. The most important information to the general public are the pictures of the stolen art.
  11. Sad to hear. Hopefully, the publicity will scare off any potential buyers. I'm sure the recent ebay sale brought on unwanted attention. With the internet, it's not hard to track someone down. It looks like they knew what they were after.
  12. It's called a layout. Lol. To manage expectations at conventions, artists or their reps, often show samples of what to expect at what price point. Ask before you lay out, (pun intended), the money.
  13. I have 2 pieces by Neal Adams that I bought many moons ago that have COAs. One is a Deadman painting, the other is a Conan in color. I bought both through an art gallery that he consigned directly to in NYC which is why the COAs were issued a week later by Neal's studio. Given how many drawings he now sells directly at conventions, I doubt if they issue COAs anymore.
  14. B - b - back in the day, you couldn't buy original art because the publishers kept the art. If they were lucky, the artists got a coffee mug during the holidays. My first comic swap meet I ever attended, I had to walk 10 miles ..... each way ...... in the snow ...... in my bare feet .... life was not easy back then. I had to drink water out of the faucet. There was no such thing as bottled water. The horror !!!
  15. So the marketplace has already had McFarlane Spidey covers exceed and match prices of John Byrne Uncanny X-Men covers. By all pre-auction estimates, the Jim Lee X-Men 268 cover is about to do the same. The generational shift is here. Even with an evolving artistic style, Jim remains as popular as ever. Being a DC executive clearly has its advantages since Jim can probably dictate what projects he wants to work on and with whichever creative team he wants. Byrne had power and influence in his day but not like what Jim has had at DC.
  16. Go to the EVENTS section of the cgc boards and you will see the GREAT Grape Ape's quick write up and pics.
  17. So only the 3 dealers? Glen, Becharra, Rich? Tom Kraft helps Becharra with his website sales but runs the Kirby scan project.
  18. Shatterstar's Deadpool 2 movie appearance gives him a bump. The optimal time to sell was right before the movie release. He is an "alien" so maybe hundreds of teeth are normal for his species? Glen - c'mon admit it, you still have 1000 copies of X-Force # 1 polybagged at home.
  19. Scott was the largest modern era dealer at the time. I do recall the coin flip stories. I also recall him repping Bolland and bringing over all those Animal Man covers to SDCC. I was familiar with Bolland's work on Judge Dredd but Animal Man was not a title I followed. IIRC Prices were between US$500 - US$1000. Unheard of at the time. When Scott left for Wildstorm, that opened the door for Albert, (and others), to expand exponentially.
  20. Who is the artist for the abstract Gulden's Mustard painting on the wall?
  21. Scott This cover is almost as bad as the #268. No one would blame you if you sold it. I will take this drek off your hands. How about $650 plus whatever it costs for shipping? Cheers ! N.
  22. It's time for the rest of the 1990's art to pick up the pace.
  23. This is a first ... Albert actually springing for a mylar. Pic by N.K. before the show started. Albert should use this pic on his website. Cheers ! N.