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  1. Anyone else who attended have any thoughts on the show?
  2. McFarlane, Van Sciver are examples of artists that hand drew their art using blue pencil. Using blue pencils does not seem to impact the valuation of their art. While harder to erase, blue pencil can be removed if you want.
  3. Mad Love story featuring Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn written by Paul Dini and drawn by Bruce Timm.
  4. I hope to see you and your wife at another show soon Jay. Larry Stroman has been killing it with his commissions at the show. Quick Saturday report: Lines for Perez are still crazy. The fans somehow remain energized and excited throughout nonetheless. Tons of fans from NYC made the trek via public transportation just to see Perez. A few people were upset to learn that Denny O'Neill was only at the show Friday and missed out on getting his signature. This show has been great for anyone looking for raw books, $1 or $2 reading copies, and TPBs. There are plenty of deals to be made if you are willing to look through the bins. I will not be there Sunday so have fun everyone.
  5. Jay I met you and your wife at my friend Nick's booth when you picked up the Kraven page from Creatures on the Loose issue. I had the orange vest on. I mentioned to Nick, I know him from somewhere. Great to meet you in person. Lol. It is a great show. I'm stopping by again on Saturday. See everyone soon. Cheers! N.
  6. Friday report: 1) the "CGC Services" booths were vacant but the generic sign with their name was there. 2) the place was absolutely packed all day as the fans and lines for George Perez were non- stop and insane. He blew away my expectations. When his hand was tired for signing, he took a "break" by appearing on a panel so fans got Perez non-stop. He will sign everything in exchange for a donation to Heroes Initiative. People with VIP tickets still waited about 2 hours to get to George. No sketches whatsoever. Don't bother asking. His list opened up 2 months ago for 15 slots only. That booked up in 5 minutes. He did the head sketches and marker in advance. People picked them up at the show. Healthy lines for Starlin, Lim, Sinnott, O'Neill. 3) a lot of wheeling and dealing for comics and art at the start of the show that probably initiated in the parking lot. Lol. I met up with lots of collectors and it's only day 1. Cheers! N.
  7. Scooby Doo, where are you? If it is a CGC facilitator and not CGC itself, hopefully they got permission to promote themselves as "CGC Services".
  8. East Coast's updated exhibitor list shows CGC Services at the booths I listed.
  9. Read the threads or go visit the website. CGC WILL BE AT THE SHOW. THEY ARE AT BOOTHS 533 AND 535.
  10. A few Exhibitors badges usually pop up but they won't be cheap.
  11. Thanks for taking and sharing the pics Jeff. Sharp and definitely hi- res. I may need to upgrade my phone. Cheers! N.
  12. If you are from the NYC area and want to get in during the late afternoon or early evening, I suggest you wait by the exit and ask people if they are done with their badges for the day. That's what ticket scalpers do. Most people will give the badge away or charge $5. Cheers! N.
  13. Mark will be at the East Coast Comic Con in NJ next week. Cheers! N.
  14. I believe Bechara is the owner / promoter of the LA comic show. Have a great show Glen. Cheers! N.
  15. It looks like CGC will be set up at the show. Booths 533 and 535. My buddy Nick will be set up at booth 627 (NK Collectables) near artist alley with both Original Art and vintage Comics.
  16. Agreed that Gem Mint is a graded baseball card term for graded 10.0 cards. Although different companies are a bit looser with their grading standards. Perfectly aligned centering is key for a gem mint 10.0 baseball card.
  17. Nice! It's a beauty. Hopefully, you will hang it in your daughter's room. Cheers! N.
  18. I would switch to Felix. He's the top marketing guy right now and reps guys that work digitally. (The guys usually draw covers and splashes by hand and the rest digital so they can still earn some $ off their art). Felix will also manage his commissions list to make sure he does not fall behind. Btw - Maleev usually does NY based shows like NYCC in October since he is in the area. Check his social media accounts for announcements. Cheers! N.
  19. I will be there as an attendee. My buddy Nick Katradis will be setting up near artist alley with tons of folders filled with Original Art. He is at booth 625 or 627. I will double check. George Perez and Jim Starlin are the featured guests so you know this will be a great show. Cheers! N.
  20. Aaron I'm glad you had an overall positive experience at the show but it is disappointing to learn that Mignola choose to sell to dealers, (Snyder + Albert), while the fans were all patiently waiting. Zaddick did reach out to Mignola in advance about the issue but ultimately, it is up to the artist. The word on the street is Mignola enjoyed meeting with his fans and would like to return to the show next year if his schedule allows. I will speak with Zaddick so he can relay some of the concerns from the attendees to Mignola. I believe the first person on line was from Montreal and arrived at 7 am. If Mignola was aware of that, perhaps he would have held off selling to dealers first. Hopefully, you will attend the show next year and have an even better experience. All the best. Cheers! N.
  21. It took about 50 minutes to order my tickets today. Hopefully they will arrive safely. Good luck to everyone. Cheers! N.
  22. Nick and I did not set up in NJ. We were only set up in NYC. As such, people who attended the NY show were able to go through over 20 folders of OA. Ankur does a good job taking hi-res photos of wall displays. What you see on the display racks are show pieces and higher priced items. All collectors have different tastes and budgets. Nick and I try to bring a little something for everyone but each collector has to make the effort to attend the shows and look through the folders for the hidden gems. Cheers! N.
  23. Overall, it was a great show. We would like to thank everyone for stopping by our tables. We we're able to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones. Unfortunately, I was under the weather with allergies and ended leaving early. I had a great time while I was there. Cheers! N.
  24. From Ankur's pics 1) Nelson Animated Ink (that's me). 2) Nick Katradis with a few pieces from fellow collector Keif (twice up and golden age art). Unfortunately, our buddy Jason did not show until the end when we were leaving. 3) Glen Brunswick 4) Zaddick 5) Zaddick 6) ? 7) Mignola line? 8) Zaddick 9) Albert 10) Albert 11) Albert 12) Scot Eder Overall, turnout was great. Mignola is certainly bringing in the crowds. It was great catching up with old friends and meeting new collectors. We hope to see you at the next show. Cheers! N.
  25. The show is on Sunday so no pics until then.