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  1. Claudio


    $250. Maybe $350 on a good/great day.
  2. I'd be willing to bet that there are more people that love the art than worry about the ROI. The more i think about it, the higher my estimate increases. TWD, especially the first 48 issues, was amazing.
  3. I think this is what he is talking about. Personally, I think it is very hard to predict Adlard TWD pricing nowadays. Pricing seemed to collapse for some pages while others have held value.
  4. I had that page from issue 6. I loved it but let it go because of the yellowing. I was looking for my scan but i cant find it. It was definitely yellow but i am unsure about the marker. If i can find a scan tonight, i will upload. I have to have one somewhere...
  5. I am not basing things solely on number of complaints. I am basing them on my experience as well. The fact that he has a lot of volume does factor into my thinking. I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt at the beginning. I dealt with him in 2005 or 2006 and bought my beautiful Doomsday splash from him. I will always be grateful for that. But in 2007ish, I bought a GL page from him. That transaction left me less than satisfied. I didn't buy again from him until 2012. I placed two orders within days of each other. I paid twice for shipping because I knew he was busy and I didn't want to bother him with coordinating the two orders. Besides, one order was before the sale and the other was after. He sent one package and I thanked him. I asked about my second order. He said it was included in the first box. I felt like he was accusing me of trying to rip him off. I was shocked. The missing art amounted to about 150 bucks. The art I received was significantly more valuable. After a couple of days the art arrived. The whole time he couldn't find a record of the package. In his last email, he talked about having a stern conversation with his assistant. That kind of put me off. If he had read my emails, he should have been able to track the package easily. The reason I spoke out after all this time is because I can definitely see how miscommunication occurred. The OP has communication issues. I believe that Spencer does as well. Putting both together is just a recipe for disaster. All that said, I wouldn't completely rule out doing business with him again. I think he is rude and disorganized but I do think he is honest as well.
  6. I am just mentioning how often people have complained on these boards. I had a bad experience but almost everyone I know has not had a bad experience with Spencer. So I will agree with you on that point. i will also agree with you that he is not a dealer. He is a rep. My apologies. But now that I think about it, I do not know of a rep who has a worse track record on these boards than Spencer. Feel free to enlighten me but has anyone other rep been questioned as much as Spencer? I understand that he has another job and he is trying the best he can. He may be hiring more help... but there are still plenty of people who are left unhappy with their experience.
  7. I never questioned his honor. I just pointed out how often people have complained on these boards. Maybe it was lack of communication. Maybe website issues. Maybe inventory issues. But he definitely appears to get more complaints than anyone else other than coollines. Am I wrong? Maybe other people's complains don't mirror your experience but it is hard to deny that many are left dissatisfied after dealing with him.
  8. We do tend to get these threads about Spencer fairly often though. Of the big dealers, he has to have the second worst reputation, right? I had a misunderstanding with him in 2013. Honestly, I feel like it was because of his lack of diligence on his part. However, he came across accusingly and I felt like I had to defend myself. It wasn't a position I liked to be in. So, I just stopped doing business with him.
  9. Hush won't go up in flames... I am not saying it is a surefire investment. But it won't go up in flames.
  10. Probably my favorite piece of the auction. Harley!