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  1. Beckett tends to be popular on some modern series. I use PSA for my top graded Alien 1979 set.
  2. Two actions ending tonight. Two cool books Ending today Coverless and incomplete Funny Pages #v4#1 Arrow App. & USA Comics 4 Tell me you are a CGC board member and I'll give you free shipping!
  3. A lot of anger with Diamond. I'm not shocked. Not sure if this is the end.... or the beginning. I'm thinking the second.
  4. Wow sorry been a way for a while didn't know this thread came back. I've only been on the boards briefly lately. A couple transactions didn't finish and I see a few more here. I'm back and if these is anyone elsea who did not complete a transaction let me know. I'll be sending out new recent transactions Friday and Saturday.
  5. They actually improve on her. Her Dark Saber arc was done quite well.
  6. I agree with most of this. Everyone who watched this SHOULD watch Rebels! Although for me, I still liked Clone Wars better. Loved the Maul arc in Rebels. Loved the World between Worlds.
  7. A tearful ending to some of the greatest Star Wars content ever made. The production value/quality of animation are off the charts for these last 4 episodes. Take note of the opening sequence with the old Lucasfilm style opening.
  8. Super cool! Very interested to see how well she pulls this off!