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  1. ....never thought I could feel so free-he-eeeee....
  2. I enjoyed it a lot. I say a very happy 85%. Not in the top tear of Superhero movies, but no where near the worst either. Very much liked the Black Panther and the Killmonger. I liked the art direction. I liked the positive messages without feeling preachy. On the downside, had some bad humor, some really bad Road Runner type crash/explosions (driver still holding steering wheel but car was totally destroyed) and an above average amount of bad CGC/Compositing.
  3. Armond White's review. For those prone to getting angry upon reading reviews, take a deep breath and a few shots of something strong. He has a long history of getting under peoples skin.
  4. Biggest Regret or Score in the last decade?

    In the last 10 years. Biggest Scores a small run of All Stars including the 8 in 2.0 and an X-men 1 in 8.0 for a fraction of GPA. Plus finding 2 Collections 1 all Golden age and 1 Gold-to modern filled with big books. Biggest regret selling some of the GA books so fast, and some unfinished Golden Age deals.
  5. Team book: Cover Alex Ross, Perez interior Horror book: Frazetta Cover, Wrightson interior Good Girl Book: Artgerm Cover, Matt Baker interior War Book: Schomberg Cover, Everett interior
  6. The prequels were uneven, but filled with amazing moments and action sequences. TFA was a lot more tame, didn't hate it at all, but was way too even-keel with few stand out moments.
  7. Paul Inglis Art Director added. Very happy about this.
  8. I had no idea people were going to trash this thing on IMDB as much as they are now. I see a title wave coming for RT as well. I knew it was going to bring out some crazies, but wow.
  9. It most certainly had an impact TLJ. With the SJW / alt right wing backlash. Although clearly not as much as Black Panther. I've seen nothing that shows TLJ more divided on the fan sites than TPM, and I would say its less based on polling. (Although if you look at IMDB, RT and Metacritic, then yes of course) While there are very debatable parts, I wouldn't say the movie overall is a bad one. The largest poll I've seen so far at the fan sites was they had 86% give it an 6-10 score, 62% was 8-10 with over 5,500 votes. If there's any other larger scale ones I'd be happy to see them. (aside from the many smaller ones here and there) No one is saying there is aren't angry fans, but the polling time and time again shows its now where near as bad as something like RT.
  10. Its not bad. It's same as Spider-man Homecoming, better than many Marvel movies and tied with Wonder Woman. The 2nd Cap movie is only 7.7. Its been 7.5 for weeks after some 1 star bombing. Its no secret its made a small group of hardcore fans angry. But I guess we'll see in 6 months. Also there are many other review polls to choose from with far better results.
  11. The first one is questionable. The 2nd one I have no problem with.
  12. Some parts I liked, but you are best skipping to the final fight scene.
  13. OK challenge accepted. Im going to look for this