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  1. I have to say I've been lucky and I've sold a few $500+ collectibles with zero or very low feedback. No problems so far. But its worth taking a couple extra steps as others have thoughtfully mentioned.
  2. OK.... maybe I'll watch this. Hearing good things.
  3. Thats the main problem, pay the money to rush your shipment back, or roll the dice and wait a year to get your cards back where who knows where the markets will be... or the population counts. Unopened sets and boxes may be the better bet here as they are a bit more safe and less subjected to the PSA backlog.
  4. Guilty as charged. Usually I'm not this late to the game. But I figured it was one of my last chances before things get crazy.
  5. There are some parts of what he says that's true and somethings that are completely false. I just listened to him last night. LOL! He really shouldn't be giving detailed advice in the comic related fields and collectibles. But with regards to his "anti-Marvel card argument", yes centering is a problem. But so is centering on countless other sets that get blown up on the PSA census. The Marvel Universe series 1 box breaks seem to be easier to get PSA 10's from then say a box of say Topps Empire Strikes Back cards or Alien, or Battlestar Galactica etc etc. There IS a HUGE HUGE bac
  6. Well got a small batch of Golden Age books on Friday. Almost all True Comics about 40 of those, not worth too much. But did get a Batman 34 (complete with the cover still attached) mixed in.
  7. Really depends on the grade, hard to see but if they are above VF I would start by slabbing the GL 76, 85 Hulk 180, 181, Bats 232, and New Gods 1. But before anything and I would first learn a bit about grading and think about what means more, the money, or the book.
  8. Well I had to get this one. Should of gotten it earlier, but here it is.
  9. Kind of crazy seeing some Walking Dead stuff start to pick up. I actually pulled an auction to wait and figure out what's going on.
  10. Yea this has me now seriously debating about slabbing a copy or two from my run. But I seriously don't understand what's driving the crazy run up here. I believe I have a 9.2 readers copy and a 9.8 candidate.
  11. Well I can't let this thread go so easy... Murphy Anderson Pedigree. I don't see nice copies of this one very often. Another great Nick Cardy cover
  12. Hulk 181, GS X-men 1, I'd think about selling, but slab em first. GL 76 I'd hold that. But it really depends if you need or want the money to buy something else.
  13. Never thought Fear 11 would get caught up into this. It's always been a very tough Marvel book to find in high grade. One of the best Marvel horror covers of the 70's. With VF- range copies getting $150, its scary what a high grade copy 9.6 and above could get now, as its always been one of the tougher Marvel books to come by in grade.