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  1. Sold the ASM 238. If anyone is interested I'll sell either of the other two books for $169 each. Free shipping unless out of the US then add an extra $5
  2. Free shipping on all sales unless out of the US. Add only $5.00 for shipping outside US. Paypal, check or M.O. beats PMs Only 3 books on this thread today. ASM 238 W 1st Hobgoblin $325.00 (Hot book) OBO SOLD Batman 180 9.2 $199.99 OBO $169.00 Batman 195 OW 9.2 $199.99 OBO $169.00 PIctures coming shortly.
  3. Preferred payment Paypal. Will take check and MO on request Free shipping unless out of the US, then its $5.00 Here is a copy of Parade of Pleasure by Geoffrey Wagner UK 1st printing. Looks like it used to be a library copy. The condition is beat up, no dust jacket and it looks like its missing a page or two in one section of the photo pages which I have in the photos. Looks like its Missing the Monroe page. See final image. Normally these go for in the hundreds. A very tough book to come by that is the companion publication to Seduction of the Innocent. In fact I would say a tougher book to come by that SOTI. I'll let this one go for $100. Best price you will find!
  4. That's all in the Golden Age thread. I'll be putting up the copy of Paradise of Pleasure in the misc thread tomorrow.
  5. Whiz 84 VG- Top Staple detached bottom corner damage. $35
  6. Our Gang 18 VG $35 some upper damage. (Early Tom and Jerry) Some damage at top like a tape pull. Otherwise very nice eye appeal.
  7. Teena A1 no 12# F/VF $50 Nice looking book! Clean
  8. Diary Secrets 15 G- $125 Both Staples Still attached I'll be putting up a few more books soon.
  9. I have only a few Golden age books left to sell but I'm going to get dinner then add another Baker book (Diary Secrets) and put a copy of Parade of Pleasure on the boards. Will be back in a couple hours.