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  1. Updated E-bay over the past few days, added more books. If you are a member let me know and I'll offer a discount. High grade Hulks, ToA, ToS, 1st Scarecrow and other books Make me an offer!
  2. Matt Damon and Brad Pitt were both in Deadpool 2. So those guys are out. Jeff Bridges was in Iron Man so he's out.
  3. Same, IMDB has more voters, its been around longer/most established, and it's not as easy to quickly vote. I was saying the same thing with Last Jedi and most any other brigaded movie.
  4. “She said she was a monster because she was an assassin,” he wrote. “Being rendered infertile made her feel unnatural, made her feel cut off from the natural world. But it was her actions that defined her. Her murdery actions. That’s what ‘monster’ meant.”
  5. I can understand why she's supposed to be a bit flat due to her background. But I'm hoping they'll make her a bit more fleshed out and likable. Seems like Captain Marvel has fallen into the Comicgate realm of discussion so most every conversation pro or con goes off the rails.
  6. I think we have gone backwards in some ways. Pull out your old Sotheby's from the 90's. We have a industry that seems to be built far more on a fragile distinction between various copies and having the best/better copy. Like coins and cards, grade - value matters more so we have more distinctions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I simply don't see people saying "Look here I got a Near Mint 9.4 copy of Audubon's Birds of America. Better than your VF/NM copy." and then paying a large sum more. (Yes I know I'm being a little over the top with this example)
  7. Try grading a fresh box of Alien cards from 1979 and make sure your subs stay in the 9 & 10 range. Tell me how easy it is.
  8. Sounds good now we have a more accurate grade.
  9. Why not give them better more accurate tools to make grades with? It was done before, it can be done again. Will it ever be perfect? No.
  10. It's very possible. Just like cards & coins. In fact the current 9.8, 9.9 10 system could have been done more accurately in the first place but CGC choose not to. Before CGC, the 100 point system(s) out there had a more accurate upper grading system rather than the Willy Wonka-ish gift grade system we have today for 9.9's and 10.0's Think about how many undergraded 9.8's are out there because you didn't win the census lottery.
  11. Avengers 4 CGC 9.8 $143,000 CGC 9.6 $23,500 Time to think about in-between grades
  12. I remember that was one of the first questions I had for SB back in the day. Another thing long overdue. I'm with ya 3000!
  13. I said heavy hitters not heavy quitters!
  14. Now we just have to convince the powers that be. I'd be curious to hear what some of the heavy hitters would say.
  15. Uh oh.... I'm having flash backs......