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  1. 732K to a Mil....not a bad investment return Only if it actually gets sold for the $1M figure, since that is only the Asking price at this point in time.
  2. Jim did get back to me and confirmed that my Jumbo Comics #113 is not part of the Allentown pedigree. Have never had any dealings with Payette to this point in time so far. Good to know that he is not only a top notch grader as per these Allentown books, but also provides timely responses to any enquiries sent his way.
  3. I would e-mail Stephen Fishler from Metto or James Payette of Rare Books with pics of the book. Just wondering if you ever got a response back from Payette with respect to you email enquiry on this copy of Jumbo 113?
  4. Unfortunately there will be no third time. Well, still being a relatively young man as compared to some of us old farts on the boards here, you should never say never.
  5. How about trying for a keeper when you go for third time lucky?
  6. I much prefer the Detective 71 cover with the large Joker image over either the 'Tec 62 ballon cover or the 'Tec 69 gun cover. Then again, I also would much rather go for the Batman 11 cover over all 3 of these other Detective covers.
  7. Would NEVER guess a super hero makes his first appearance inside that one! Yes indeed, if this first issue appearance also had any type of Arrow cover on it, this book would be in so much more demand and sought after. And I believe this humor cover is what makes this "hidden gem" such an underappreciated and undervalued book relative to his later Arrow covers. Of course, the price point on it would also be much more prohibitive and well beyond the affordability point which it currently still appears to be at.
  8. Can't wait to see your big one coming Yes, we are all still waiting in anticipation of your big one to come.
  9. Well, maybe it's like the movies where there's an earlier preliminary trial version without any of the facial makeup before he refines it into a much more polished and supposedly scarcier version of the Joker.
  10. Detective 27! Nah...........that one would come after he picks up the Church copy of Action 1 first.
  11. Yes, I need help And yet I believe this is the single overriding mentality that makes us all the true comic book collectors that we are nowadays.
  12. It's not the Joker. It's a figure that looks nothing like the Joker, that happens to be revealed to be the Joker in the story inside...but the visual depiction on the cover is not the Joker, It looks like this has been an ongoing controversy from way back in the day decades ago and also more recently on the boards here: Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but it would appear that Overstreet has already made a clear and definitive determination on this very topic decades ago in his guide with the following description for Detective Comics #40, as I am sure you are fully aware of: "Origin & ist appearance Clayfce (Basil Karlo): 1st Joker cover appearance (6/40); Joker story intended for this issue was used in Batman #1 instead; cover is similar to splash page in 2nd Joker story in Batman #1"
  13. My problem is I keep all the catalogs I get and probably have a 6ft+ stack. Every time I think about getting rid of some I flip through them and say "you know, I might want that." Sounds like you are also a pack rat like me and simply just can't throw anything out. Do you also have all of those old auction catalogs from Sotheby's or what's even worse, all of the old dealer printed catalogs from way back in the days before they ever had auctions or even no internet at all back then?
  14. Details details. It’s the thought that counts. Yes, I guess we really can't complain at all since we receive their aution catalogs gratis anyways.
  15. Figure I'll stick around for a while. Seems to be quite a bit less traffic here these days? Well, welcome back to the boards again after an absence of quite a few years now. Yep, seems pretty much dead here as compared to the good old days when the boards were jumping with tons of action and posts. Maybe all of the old boardies have gone to the same place where you've been for the past few years?