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  1. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    I can't believe people care so much whether they get an email from CC. Well, these particular emails are the only way you can access past CC auctions as it is really their form of the Heritage archives when you save them in an email sub-directory. Couldn't care less about any of the other junk mail that I receive from CC as I usually don't even both to open them up.
  2. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Never said that it was only the SA and GA markets that are doing well. Will definitely agree with your last statement though, especially in the sense that certain sectors within all of the various comic book ages are performing exceedingly well in today's marketplace.
  3. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    Not really because it validates the fact that a larger proportion of the older books carry much more true investment quality dollar value because of the underlying book itself, regardless of their condition. Not so much with the Modern book whereby it is based more upon an artificial manufactured value (i.e. limited variants as opposed to non-variant books). Or even with most Copper Age books which are really more of a graded collectible as they don't really carry much value unless they are graded, and even if graded needs to be in a relatively high grade to be truly worth anything. But really, to each their own as it's most important to collect what you enjoy, regardless of their value.
  4. Are the Boomers cashing out?

    It would appear that your definition of the current Modern comic book market is limited to only manufactured graded collectibles such as low print runs of uber high grade Modern variants. I don't believe this same strong and healthy market applies to non-variant Modern books off the shelves and most definitely if they are not in nosebleed level grades. This is in sharp contrast to the older Silver and in particular, Golden age market where many books can sell for multiples of guide in all condition levels across the entire spectrum, not only in the nosebleed grades. In fact, some of them even sell for multiples of guide in Restored condition which is something that you would never ever see with a Modern book. Have you not seen some of the continuing record prices being paid for some of these older books in the major auctions? So, I would definitely disagree with your point of view that the market has moved strongly towards the Modern books (and especially non-variant copies) and away from the older books.
  5. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Me, too. That's because you guys must be the big buyers as I still don't have anything at all in my email baskets yet.
  6. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Yes it is strange. But, at least we received them a week or so before auction ends Partially only since we still haven't received anything at all for Sessions 4 and 5 to this point in time. So, I guess it's going to be less than a week now for those last 2 sessions, if at all.
  7. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Yes, but the majority of the prices, especially for the non-key books still appears to at at a fraction of where they will most likely finished up at. I guess we'll just have to wait and see the final results next week and hope for some steals that falls through the cracks.
  8. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Yes, It would appear that's the last one which all of us have received to date. Seems awful strange since CC would normally have all of the various auction sessions emailed out before the actual auction starts up in the past.
  9. ComicConnect Feb 2018 auction

    Just wondering if you guys have still been receiving your Event Auction Session links from ComicConnect this week? It seems like the last one which I received was for Session 3 Parts 1 & 2 and both of these came on this past Monday. Just seems rather strange since they usually email these out at least a week ahead of the actual auction dates. Not sure if they are simply running behind or am I off their mailing list?
  10. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    I just knew the colours would be eye-poppingly blinding and just dripping off the page.
  11. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Sure is a toughie - that's a really nice looking 3.5 (mine is a de-slabbed 6.5 and yours looks just as good!) Yes indeed, the CGC Census Report indicates that besides Berk's former Church copy graded out at a NM 94, the next highest graded copy is only a CGC VF- 7.5 copy. Doesn't appear to be quite as tough as the MM 7, but looks like another that's tough to find in grade. I guess you didn't bother with the Larson copy of MM8 because the Larson List indicates a light stain on the back cover and another one on the front cover at the spine. This would probably detract from the usual eye-popping colors that seems to be a signature of books in your collection.
  12. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Having seen scans of some of your books, I can just imagine the colors must be dripping right off the cover, as though it was fresh off the printing press.
  13. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Well, it looks like it is still the 2nd highest graded copy of the census population report after almost 2 whole decades of grading. So, it looks like you are probably still good to go unless sacentuar decides to get his Larson copy graded. Not sure how far down CGC will knock it down for the clipped coupon, but it might still have an outside chance of giving Berk's former Church copy a run for its money. Especially considering how meticulous he always is when it comes to selecting books for his own personal collection.
  14. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    So true - I have the Larson copy of Mystery Men 7, and while it is bright and beautiful it also has a coupon clipped out of the back cover. Well, if it's got a clipped coupon it's definitely safer to keep it out of the hands of CGC because they apparently apply the sledge hammer to this particular defect, as it's probably one of their no-no's. Don't really understand the purpose of the GLOD in this particular case then since they already include this defect on their label notes and apparently downgrade significantly for it already. I am starting to think the GLOD label would probably be more appropriate for early SA Marvels with Marvel chipping where they don't really take the defect into full account when grading, and yet at the same time, don't include the defect as part of their label notes while encasing it within a blue unrestored slab. Would certainly facilitate a more fully informed transaction between buyer and seller that this particular significant visual defect had not been FULLY taken into account for grading purposes. Knowing your books and how you collect, I am 100% sure that the MM 7 with the clipped coupon must be an absolute beauty of a book with full gloss and color as virtually all of the other books in your collection.
  15. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    Ya that's true but start collecting when you turn 4 ? Didn't Fishler also started when he was just a young tad by flipping collectible comic books to his elementary school teacher? I believe it was said that he had already acquired all of the SA and possibly even the GA keys by the time he was a teenager.