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  1. Well, I guess today's the day you are going to find out the answer to your question here. From Overstreet's Top 50 SA books, it looks like the answer for last year was Action 242 and Tales to Astonish 13, both with a 43% increase. And it looks like the SA winner from the year before that was Brave and Bold 25 with a 40% valuation increase at top of guide. Almost time to open up the envelope.
  2. It does seem odd that those 2 books would not be noted trimmed while the rest were ? Assume they all came from the same volume (or maybe 2 volumes ) ?? Never could understand why the people who bound the books back in those days did not simply bind them with a larger cover so that the trimming of the books themselves would not have been necessary? That would have made a lot more sense to me and also made the job a lot easier and faster to complete.
  3. lou_fine

    World's Finest 2

    I absolutely love the thick squarebound 100-page cardboard cover books ever since I saw a gorgeous copy of New Book of Comics 2 way back in the day. Not sure if there's any truth to the rumour that it's a lot harder to "mess around" with these thick cardboard cover books?
  4. I would have love to get one with a Thanos cover. But somehow, this one just doesn't do it for me as it just seems a bit too simplistic. I would have much prefer one by Ron Lim in the same classic Thanos style like Silver Surfer 44 or even SS 34 (although less so for the SS 34). Surprisingly, I took the Hero Initiative Edition copy last year with the Deadpool cover by Liefeld since the cover artwork reminded me a bit of Gulacy's artwork on Master of Kung Fu which I really loved.
  5. lou_fine

    Heritage BP increasing

    Wow, it's almost unbelievable that Heritage would treat you like this since I thought you was one of their high end customers. Maybe you should try one of the other auction houses like CC whereby I've heard that the consignors can work with them to ensure there are no other copies of that same book in any condition in the same auction. In fact, if it's a truly HTF in-demand title and if you are not in a hurry for your money, you can probably even schedule your book to ensure there are no other books from that entire run in the same auction. That way, there will be more eyeballs and hopefully dollars if your copy is the only one book from that in-demand run in the entire auction. Also interesting to note that Heritage took the safer route for themselves by dropping (or postponing) the 9.0 copy from the same auction, even though it might have been better for you as the 9.4 consignor if they had gone the other way. Especially in this day and age of record setting results in comic book auctions, it's not a bad idea to use other copies (especially slightly inferior copies) to "stage" your copy so that your book will potentially go for even bigger dollars when it does hit the auction block.
  6. Soon after bob storm had a 3.0 go for 36 k I believe. This book is so undervalued still imo it makes my head spin. 3rd most impt bat book imo. Well, maybe old Bob will give it a bigger than usual bump in his price guide this year with these record setting sales that took place last year. I am still waiting for him to put Cap 3 ahead of Cap 2 in terms of valuation. I guess he did make a "bold move" in last year's guide by bumping up the bottom 4 grade condition levels for Cap 3 up to the same values as Cap 2. I guess we have less than a week now to see what he is going to do in term's of this year's price guide.
  7. WOW indeed ! Thx for keeping it front and center Yes, looks like it was able to come along and beat out this 'Tec 38 that sold through CC in the March of 2017 by a few thousand dollars: https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=676931 Now, that one there was a double WOWZA!!!
  8. lou_fine

    The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Way to go Peter!! Absolutely fabulous book, big congrats! +1 Yes, definite congrats here as you can't really beat a pre-Robin 'Tec that's a pedigree with nice white pages to boot.
  9. Well, it definitely can't be for the covers as this looks like another year with just absolutely horrid looking covers from Overstreet. Any opinions here as to which cover version you will be picking up for this year?
  10. lou_fine

    Heritage BP increasing

    Not sure what you are trying to say here as all auction houses generally uses their own standardized bid increments, including both Heritage and CC. It should be obvious to everybody what the final realized price for a book on Heritage is because this price including the BP is shown not only at the end of the auction, but throughout the entire auction process because every single bid on a book also provides the bidder with a calculated total which includes the BP. Since both CC and CL has no Buyer's Premium, there is no additional line where they add in a separate line item for the BP into the final invoice.
  11. lou_fine

    CGC opens UK branch !

    This really shouldn't be that much of a shock since this was already posted and talked about on the boards here back on February 1st: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/428211-cgc-will-open-an-office-in-london-in-april/ What's even less of a shock is that the office is probably still not open even though its original target date was for April 2018. I was actually there a couple of weeks ago and spoke to a real nice young gentleman there. He said that the office was not yet opened, but that CGC was hoping to have it opened by the end of the month (highly doubtful from my point of view). Although he seem to know about banknotes and autographs, he was really curious and fascinated as to why there would be an interest to grade comic books. Spinks seems like one of those old crusty high brow places for the well to do from the appearance of their offices, and probably more so considering that they've been around and doing business since 1666. Although I mentioned to him about some of the key books from the GA and the recent increased interest of the comic books due to the movies and TV shows, I only realized afterwards that he probably did have a point. Especially in light of the fact, that probably well over 95% of the books graded by CGC are MA books fresh off the newsstand and really doesn't have any true collectible value on their own, except for the fact that they've been graded.
  12. lou_fine

    Heritage BP increasing

    My take on the situation for what it's worth is that unlike most of the boardie's here, Jon was one of the early true collectors who was passionate about the comic books themselves and never really got into it for the money. Well, in those days nobody would ever dream that the books would be going for what they are going for in today's red hot marketplace. Heck, although I always used to look at the Overstreet guide to rationalize to myself (and later to my better half) all those decades ago that my books would actually be worth money one day, I never really actually believe it. Guess I must have been lucky to fall passionately in love with this hobby because look at where we are today. Remember that Jon is probably one of the most passionate collectors out there in this hobby as evident from reading so many of his articles in the pages of CBM back in the day. From his recent interviews about selling his collection, I got the impression that he had reached a point where he was at peace in his mind with disposing of his collection and passing the books onto the next generation of collectors. Like taking off a bandage, I think he probably found it much easier to do it in one quick shot as opposed to prolonging the agony and spreading it out over a few years, even though that would have made the most sense from a strict financial point of view. All I know for sure is that we as collectors should all thank Jon for being such an excellent caretaker and safeguarding these books over the decades and then giving us the opportunity to obtain some of them for our own personal collections.
  13. lou_fine

    Heritage BP increasing

    I'm not sure if I'm following you here, but Heritage is happy to spread a consignment out over multiple auctions, with all books consigned getting the same terms however many auctions it may take before they're sold. Again, though, it may depend on the books and the negotiating skills of the consignor.  Hate to break the bad news to both of you, but the majority of us here (at least I do) do not have collections that are even anywhere close to the same ball park as Jon Berk's or John Veryzl's collections. Without a doubt, those guys can call the shots on when and how they would want their collection to be auctioned off. Although I may have a small handful of books that might hopefully be Signature Auction worthy if I am lucky, the large majority of my collection would most probably be relegated to the back pages of the Heritage catalogue or be pushed off to one of their lower profile Sunday auctions. Strongly doubt that I would be calling the shots and having much say here when it comes to Heritage.
  14. +1 Same here although the info that I get right on these boards here makes all of the market reports dated and rather irrelevant. These market reports used to be probably my favorite part of the guide back in the day and the summary report by Overstreet used to be the first thing I turned to. Definitely not so much anymore as I finally managed to trudge my way through to the last report from the boys at Metro just last week. Figured I better finished them before this year's edition of the guide comes out in about 10 days from now.
  15. I was rather surprised that they have been jacking up the prices the past 2 years for some of the HTF books by a much bigger percentage in the lower grades than they have in the higher grades. Looks like Overstreet is on the right path for these HTF books that fetches huge dollars in low grades and even in entry level grades as they simply never show up in the marketplace in anything close to high grade.