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    I've never understood the rationale for paying crazy money for these $0.30 and $0.35 price variants at all. Since they are in place though, I don't see any reason why foreign pence variants should also be going for higher values relative to its much more common American counterparts, as long as it's not a later reprint.

    Do you really really want to go another round with jaydog on this topic here?
  3. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    +1 Never easy to complete one of these Fox runs and definite congrats are fully deserved when a collector has been able to achieve this task.

    What happens to prices when we remove you from the bidding OMG, it's so dark down there and almost like a bottomless pit since I can't see that far down.

    Gotham could you elobarate for those of us not able to keep up (Like myself) thanks I believe he must be referring to this: I'm sure he negotiated lower, but not 100K lower. When you factor in HA's commission, ouch. Well, somebody got taken to the wood shed and had the living daylights spanked out of him if $250K was anywhere close to the final price on this book here. And I cannot think of a more deserving person to receive this loving massage, except probably for Danny boy himself.

    My question is how much more for a white pages copy in any grade? Best person to answer this question here for you would be jaydog. Why don't you send him a PM since he is the acknowledged expert on the boards here when it comes to relative values for equivalent books with varying levels of PQ.

    Guess not. 95K Definitely no record setting prices on any of these AF 15's in this auction here. I guess it certainly doesn't help when you have a whole slew of them in various condition grades one after the other in the exact same auction. Definitely not the best selling situation for the consignors of these copies here.

    With a CVA sticker to boot!! But how could that be as both copies have been slabbed as 9.0 graded books? I thought all of the CGC fan boys here claim that Voldy almost always overgrades their books by a couple of notches relative to what CGC would grade a book at.
  9. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Totally agree with you here. This "pre-Robin" designation should be reserved for books like Batman 1 which actually has the last solo Batman story (albeit intended for 'Tec 38) with no Robin in there.
  10. I believe I sold that mf 74 in a cc auction a few years ago for almost double what it went for today...yikes! aquaman and ga not so hot any more I guess Unfortunately, in the current type of marketplace which we find ourselves in, it's really all about the keys and classic covers first and foremost. Second appearances don't really tend to mean an awful lot, especially in the case of another typical non-descript DC GA cover. This also brings up the other point which is that auctions are always a bit of a crapshoot and depends if the consignor has luck going for them in terms of the right set of eyeballs on the book. I could easily see this book going for more than double guide if the right 2 bidders had been chasing after this book, instead of going for under condition guide. A steal of a deal for the buyer and definitely no dancing in the streets for the consignor this time with respect to this copy of MF 74 here.
  11. That's actually not a bad strategy to be using, especially if you are talking about the whales with deep pockets that do not know much about the actual comic books themselves. I could definitely see some of these books like the Shadow 1 which does have some degree of name recognition beyond the comic book market itself, being lost and buried if it was mixed in with all of the other "also ran" books.
  12. Yeah, especially being a 9.0. That will take it completely out of consideration for some bidders. Also doesn't help that it's from a 3rd tier publisher like Street & Smith that is not highly collected by the big money collectors. This particular issue of Shadow Comics also doesn't sport a classic cover image which is all the rage in the marketplace nowadays. Yes, a definite shocker of a price for a non-descript cover of a non uber HG copy of this book.
  13. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Relatively strong price on the 'Tec 31 and a scorcher of a price for the 'Tec 33 which had seemingly fell out of favor with collectors for awhile there. Definitely back in the limelight now, as evident by a doubling of prices in comparison to this CGC 8.0 copy that sold back in 2015: https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/detective-comics-33-dc-1939-cgc-vf-80-cream-to-off-white-pages/a/7136-91090.s?ic3=ViewItem-Auction-Archive-PreviousPricesHeritage-081514
  14. The Pre-Robin Tec Club

    Not even close. But let's face it, not the greatest eye appeal on this copy. So, this puts the 'Tec 38 back to the same steady upward trend line that it has been on for the past few years, as it has slowly inched its way up from $6K per point to what is now basically $10K+ per point. I guess the nice looking CGC 3.0 graded copy of 'Tec 38 that sold for just over $54K earlier this March was most likely just an outlier and the lucky consignor must be ecstatic and jumping for joy with the result that they got for the book.
  15. Fan Expo Vancouver, November 10-12, 2017

    Based upon my experience, I don't see a problem with bringing in creators/artists and celebrities to this show. The major problem and a key one at that, is for the show promoters to being in half decent comic book dealers with vintage comic books for collectors to buy. After all, this is supposedly a comic book convention, and I doubt the comic book collectors will continue to pay top dollar to go to a show that has virtually no comic books dealers present.