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  1. A powerball win ! Are people really still paying silly money for the label as opposed to the book itself in this day and age where grading inconsistency is apparently so prevalent and rampant out there?
  2. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Greatly appreciate the link to the sale. Hope the sign represents a confirmed sale on the Forum Selling Boards here. If so, that's actually a much more amazing price than what you had to pay for your copy, considering that it was a copy with a fully split front cover and brittle corners and yet was still able to fetch $1,799 pretty well immediately upon being listed. Good for both the buyer and the seller in the end though. Makes me wonder what the CGC 2.5 G+ copy of MM 3 that CC has in their Event Auction starting next week will end up going for since it is considered to be one of the go to books in the entire MM run?
  3. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    They usually are. +1 Of course they are since he's very highly compensated to write this type of financial investment analysis. Especially in terms of his last paragraph whereby he probably just pulled up one of his old investment analysis reports and simply did a Find and Replace with AF 15 for whatever investment vehicle he was writing about at the time.
  4. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    Yes, diamonds are valuable, but unlike AF 15's, they are so common that they have actually dropped down significantly in value over the past few decades. I remembered being in an jewelry store with my wife and sister-in-law who's so much more into diamonds. She was interested in one that the owner told her was worth $240K which my sister-in-law insisted would be a good investment. I kept asking the owner how much this particular diamond would have sold for back in the 80's and she kept trying to avoid the question. She finally relented and said that it would have sold for something much closer to $500K back then, but that diamonds was always a good "emotional" investment. Needless to say, my ill-informed sister-in-law was totally , but it was good to see that the owner was honest since I already knew the severe downward trend for diamond valuations.
  5. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Do you have a link to this sale as these boards are not the best for conducting searches? Of course, I am also lazy when it comes to doing searches when somebody else can hopefully sent send me the link.
  6. From the serial number, it would appear that this copy of Avengers 4 was graded back in June of 2017 while the JIM 83 was graded back in April of 2017. I believe they had tightened up, at least from a GA point of view, back around the middle of 2016. Then I saw some rather less tightly graded non-GA books graded at the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. So, maybe it's just more of an inconsistency issue or different grading teams being used to grade the different time periods. After all, as they clearly state in their CGC Comics Guarantee, the assigned grade represents only their subjective opinion and is not guaranteed, and as we all know, grading is really more of an art as opposed to an exact science.
  7. HA has a MUCH larger bidding pool, more marketing, more reach etc. Also, less suspicion of shill bidding (given priors) if his stuff is listed elsewhere than in-house. Then you are in agreement with me since your first sentence confirms that you should not use Pedigree to auction off your books since they have a MUCH smaller bidding pool, less marketing, and less reach. Your second sentence is a reason why many potential bidders do not bother bidding on his site because of suspicions, whether warranted or not, that he conducts shill bidding on some of his auctions.
  8. Perfect reason then why potential sellers should never consign their books to Pedigree for auction. When it comes to his own books, he shows absolute zero confidence in his own auction house to do the job, and instead consigns them to Heritage like what he did several years ago.
  9. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Not sure if you was around in the mid-90's during the last big GA bull market run when the heat finally settled in on the Fox books. It must have been quite hot because even old slow Bob hiked his top of guide price for Mystery Men 1 from $2,100 in his '95 price guide up to $8,500 the next year for an unprecedented 305% increase in just one year. I personally believed that unprecedented hike virtually cooled off the heat on all of the Fox books almost overnight as purchasers and investors always like to buy things that are perceived to be undervalued, as opposed to buying items that are viewed as being relatively fully valued or possibly even being overvalued with more downside risk to them.

    You should not post things like that on the world wide web since the IRS might be watching and taking notes. Looks like a typo since I am not what that last character is. I believe you really meant $60K, did you not?
  11. Those "plentiful" key issues...

    I'm pretty sure I had A's in both those, and more. It was basically all bullsh*t. +1 Got straight A's in both my macro and micro econ courses as they were basically nothing more than just simple common sense once you thought about it.
  12. Looks like they've also got a TOS 39 in 9.6 grade, an Avengers 1 in 9.4 grade, and a Dr. Strange 110 in 9.2 grade.
  13. Well, here's the one for the CGC 7.5 graded copy of Archie 50: https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/humor/archie-comics-50-archie-1951-cgc-vf-75-off-white-pages/p/7169-34002.s?ic3=ViewItem-Auction-Preview-ThisAuction-120115 Can't seem to find the one for the VF 8.0 graded copy though.

    Well, now that's what I call putting all your eggs in one basket, although they would definitely appear to be the right type of eggs. Hopefully, you've got more than just AF 15's in your collection though.
  15. Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    What a great looking copy! +1 I must say that no other collector's eyes are as such as Steve's when it comes to finding books with absolute color dripping covers.