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  1. lou_fine

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Gene; So, I guess you are saying that this particular CGC 9.9 graded copy was probably over graded during possibly one of their soft grading time periods. Either that or it caught the graders, and most especially the finalizer, in a happy and generous mood that day. I guess that's why our wallet says that we should really be following the mantra of: "Buy the book and not the label". Clearly, if what you are saying is true, then the purchaser followed the other manta which is to: "Buy the label and not the book". All I can say is more power to him then if he was willing to spend something like $140K more just to get that extra 0.1 increment in the CGC label.
  2. lou_fine

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Brian; This was already alluded to on Page 4 of the following thread: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/445718-2019-comiclink-comic-connect-heritage-etcetera-wins/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-10540615 Since this was a rather sizable warehouse find, I imagine there would be a significantly large number of copies of each book in there, including the Hulk 181's.
  3. Reasons to grade a book, or only collect graded books: - More certainty of what you are buying - Ease of selling - Better protection against everyday handling and storing Then, from an OCD point of view, once you start collecting a few slabs, well, then they all have to be in slabs to match. In response to your points above: 1) Those books were brought 30 or 40+ years ago, well before 3rd party grading and slabbing existed; 2) Not sell now, so why slab now; 3) Yes, better protection (hopefully that is), but takes up 3 or 4 times as much storage space and makes it totally impractical to enjoy the comic book; and 4) Already have some slabs and have zero interest in them as they feel and look like a bulky unattractive industrial or commercial product, as opposed to a real comic book feeling that you get when you have them in a much nicer presenting mylar. Much better strategy is to take them out of the slabs so that they can all be in matching beautiful mylars. I guess it's just a case of old school type collecting, as opposed to the new school thinking with the CGC generation of collectors here. Nothing wrong with either, as it's really just a case of to each their own.
  4. Wow, rather surprised they would have the money to do that considering the much bigger money that CCG, CGC, CCS, etc, have behind them. Especially since the restored recreated books which they are trying to sell always seem to draw only bottom of the barrel bids.
  5. Most long time old school collectors like Dave sees absolutely no reason to grade their books unless it comes time to sell them and I would definitely agree with line of thinking. Unlike the CGC generation of collectors who needs to have their books slabbed as the grade in some cases seems more important than the underlying books themselves. Personally, the only possible reason that I can think of for grading a book is for the restoration check. Even here, does it really matter since CGC's definition of restoration seems to change over time? So, why waste money like what some collectors may have done years ago to only have their books sitting in a PLOD, when they would now be sitting in a blue/grey Conserved label if graded today. And even if it is restored, does it really matter anyway if you are not selling it yet, since the book is what it is.
  6. I don't believe there would be thousands of Mile High II copies of Hulk 181's. But I wouldn't be surprised if there were hundreds of copies of them since it was a really large warehouse find after all.
  7. lou_fine

    National Comics collecting thread

    Well, you definitely can't get a better start than going with a National #7: Not sure whatever happened with this Church copy in the end as I distinctly remember Heritage having this copy featured in their auctions about 12 to 15 years ago, with it going unsold a few times as it did not meet reserve. I imagined it must have eventually found a good home in the end as it is an absolutely gorgeous cover and seems to be rather under appreciated as compared to the rest of Fine's more recognized classic covers. Never could figure out why as I think it is one of his best covers out there with the detailed artwork and use of colors.
  8. So, these figures of yours does confirm what some of the other board members are saying here. Specifically, that the overall market appears to be softening a bit and Hulk 181, the MHII in particular, is starting to trend downwards. Or NOT!!!
  9. lou_fine

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    That’s a terrible story. But, and I’m sorry for my ignorance, what is SCS damage? Not sure if it's completely fixable by a good pressing job or not. But I strongly suspect it would never be able to get back into the high side of the 9's again from a grading point of view, no matter how hard they work at it.
  10. lou_fine

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Well, it was probably won by the same person who won the single highest graded CGC 9.9 copy and paid something like $150K for back over a decade ago. Only problem is that it ended up with a severe cases of SCS damage and would be lucky to hit back into the 9's if it was ever regraded again.
  11. lou_fine

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Yes, that's the one. And I remember that it sold for under $500 I didn't bid on the book because I was focused on several others. I hope he hung onto it. I won't mention any names, but I will say that he is known for having... neat stuff. Absolutely no idea who in the world you would be talking about here. I guess I should really get a hold of somebody in the know here like Rickneatstuff if I am ever going to unravel this deep mystery.
  12. lou_fine

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Well, I seem to recall a fellow boardie winning the Edgar Church copy of this book on eBay back in the summer of 2006. Not sure if he still has it. Perhaps this post will catch his eye... All I can say is that I certainly wish I was that fellow boardie who had brought it way back then. I assume that must be the CGC 9.4 graded copy that is showing up in the census then, as the other 2 copies besides these two are much lower graded copies. Do you remember what it sold for back then because I am 100% sure that it would go for multiples of whatever he had paid back then.
  13. The bond should have been a whole lot higher than that, considering the value of the items that were stolen. What an absolute doofus this judge must be not to think that letting him go free just gives the culprit the opportunity to flee and launder the rest of the $1.3M in a more intelligent fashion.
  14. lou_fine

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    Well, since the Cindy 37 is way up there in the stratosphere in terms of pricing and they seem to show up quite frequently in these auctions recently, the one that I would go with would be this one here: Looks like this book here came out several months prior to the Cindy 37 and is definitely much tougher to find since a meagre total of only 4 copies have been slabbed after all this time. Definitely at a much lower price point than the Cindy 37, but the real trick, I imagine, is to find one. Especially since the Heritage archives indicates this is the only slabbed copy plus another low grade raw copy which they have ever sold, while Metro/CC indicates no copies as having ever been sold in their archives.
  15. lou_fine

    Ginger 4 is the new Archie 50

    It has something to do with the way CC is imaging the slabs. I wish they would stop presenting them this way. There's nothing wrong with the slabs themselves. Well, if I was the consignor of all of these slabs that have been improperly imaged, I would be be calling CC up and giving them a piece of my mind then. Especially since scans like these makes the books look defective on the inside or suffering from SCS. Images like these will definitely discourage potential bidders from even bidding or at the minimum, from going as high as they might if the scan of these books had been done properly.