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  1. Agree, although I wouldn’t refer to Albedo 2 as a more common book with only 2,000 copies printed originally. Although I would definitely agree with you that it has a substantially lower print run as compared to the mainstream titles from DC and Marvel, there does appear to be an abnormally high proportion of the print run slabbed in HG condition with over 100 Universal copies and a further 20 Signature copies graded at CGC 9.0 or above.
  2. I would generally temd to agree with this comment, especially if you are referring to CGC highest graded copies of books from the more common BA to CA time periods, as CL is the go to auction house of choice for the CGC label chasers.
  3. Maybe with this current pandemic, it's just not the best time for consigning higher dollar value books as per @Mmehdy's rather ominous prognostications on the impact of the pandemic on comic books. Then again, you read other threads and it sounds as though prices are running higher than before with respoect to books at the lower end of the price spectrum, whereby potential bidders are apparently using their stimulus money from the federal government as an unexpected bonus to buy books which they otherwise would not have brought. So, who really knows except that the additional stimulus money definitely wouldn't be enough to buy these higher dollar value GA books.
  4. Actually, I think you should cover all of your bases because there's a third possibility in that it might just sell for the exact same $19,800 that it did on this go round.
  5. you may be falsely assuming someone is spending big bucks on getting the book worked on. It could be owned by the person doing the work. I also think people know a lot of people buy based on the number on the label not the book Well, looks like it came close at the end, but not surprisingly (at least to me), it's still no cigar as it finished up at only $52,800. Not sure how much the consignor had to spend on the "facejob" and any other resto work that might have been performed on the book. So, even if they got the resto work done for free and didn't have to pay for any of the regrading or auction fees ( Steve I. and James H.) , they still would have lost money on this Eldon copy of Cap 3 since they would have had to pay the $55K that it sold for in one of the CC Event Auctions back in 2018. Like I was alluding to earlier, definitely not as easy to play and win at the CPR related games when it comes to easily identifiable GA books which simply don't come around that often. Especially when compared to the later BA or CA books where it's really so much more about that big number on the top left as there's just so many more copies around which then simply makes it a whole lot easier to conveniently "hide" the book with no one being the wiser.
  6. Ended a hair under 20K. My own personal thinking was that this copy of the much in demand Mystery Men 3 would go for north of $20K myself. Might we just see it reappear in another auction during more favorable (i.e. non pandemic) times and then see it go for a stronger price? Reminds me a bit of the CGC 8.0 VF copy of the equally much in demand Wonderworld 7 which some astute buyer picked up for some $16K+ in one of the Heritage Signature Auctions a few years ago and then was able to successfully flipped it for $22K+ in a CC Event Auction several short months later.
  7. Definitely the case, but then as I've said many times before in the past, it's never good for the consignors when an auction house have multiple copies of the same book up for sale in the same auction. Looks like Heritage decided to triple down on it this time by having 3 different copies of All-Star 8 up for sale in this same auction here.
  8. Yes, that's why I struck it out and went with the 5.0 copy of Cap 3. Still a lot of room to go because even restored mid-grade copies of Cap 3 were hitting the $20K's in previous Heritage auctions.
  9. Another book that I just noticed that would be interesting to watch as part of a 3-book race would be this classic cover G/L Solomon Grundy cover here: Absolutely love this classic cover book here and will be interesting to see how all 3 of these books finish up as they all have historically sold for mutiples to condition guide.
  10. Well, being the contrarian again, do you mean with the stock markets either at a record high or near their record highs once again.
  11. Or the contrarian way of viewing it is to wonder if the value of a Cap 3 has dropped down to the level of a Mystery Men 3? Sad for the bidders with the shallow pockets though as I doubt that will definitely not be the case by the time it's all said and done after one more sleep.
  12. Well, that was certainly an ideal book to stock up on. Do you still have all 5 of your Hulk 181 copies or did you slowly sell them off in order to acquire other books over the years?
  13. I still remember way back in the day when both this book here plus Bulletman 5 were seen as 2 of the classic Raboy must have books at the time back then. Sad to say, but they seen to have lost a lot of collector interest over the decades along with pretty much most of the other Fawcett related titles.
  14. I remember being down at one of the SD Con's back in the day and saw a really nice looking CGC 9.0 graded Lost Valley copy of Master Comics 26. Just as I was about to plop down my money for the book, decided to take a walk over to Basement Comics and asked them to borrow a copy of their Lost Valley Catalogue. Noticed that the book was listed in their catalogues as a CGC 8.0 graded copy, so that kind of "seal" the deal for the Lost Valley Master 26 for me.
  15. Come on, you people.................just went through this whole thread here and I still haven't seen anybody post their copies of Action 1 or 'Tec 27 yet.