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  1. From a true vintage comic book collector's point of view, what you are saying here makes absolutely no sense at all. Especially when the reasons to leave a book in its raw condition until it comes time to sell it far outnumbers the reasons to have it graded and slabbed if it's only going to be sitting in your safety deposit box at the bank or even in your closet at home. Then again, I imagine it's really a case of to each, their own; although the majority of GA collectors which I am aware of would leave their books unslabbed and stored raw in beautiful see through mylars.
  2. I seriously doubt there are close to 2000 in existence that’s like saying there would be close to 3000 first print copies of Tmnt #1 and 2000 still in raw state because collectors like them raw Since you are claiming there is no more than 300 copies remaining in existence and Ryan claims that it is closer to the full 2,000 print run, then the mid-point of these 2 numbers would be 1,150 copies. Since this is the case, I would most definitely be leaning Ryan's way since there the chance of more than 1,150 copies still left in existence is clearly a lot higher than the chance of less than 1,150 copies left in existence. Especially since this book was distributed exclusively to comic shops only which is definitely the type of customer base that would hold onto their books, as opposed to simply reading and then trashing them. As for comic book collectors, they would definitely like their books in raw condition until it comes time to sell them. Now, for the CGC generation of speculators, flippers, and label collectors, they would clearly go for the slabbed copies, but this makes up such a tiny fraction of the true comic book collecting marketplace.
  3. Yes, Usagi has cooled off since the announcement so I've been quietly buying more Usagi 1, Space Usagi 1s and other cheaper keys... once the show appears.... everything will boost significantly Hate to break the news to all of the speculators here, but as history has clearly shown us time and time again..............virtually all movie and TV or other media hype related book tends to blow up with the initial announcement and by the time they hit the theatres or your TV screen, they are already well on the way back down.
  4. I believe everybody here already knows the exact reason why. CL is interested in only allowing selective auction results to be included in GPA and also the right to exclude auction results which does not "paint" the right picture. As we all know, this would most definitely result in very biased and skewed information which would give users a misleading picture of what is actually happening in the marketplace.
  5. NO, no ugly mug shots in that picture there. Yes, I was on another one of my *ahem* "re-education vacations" for 2 fun weeks courtesy of the Thought Police squad as mentioned in the CC thread if you hit the arrow in this link here:
  6. Yeah, tell me about it Peter........................you are nothing but a real trouble maker here. After all, you was the one that started it all by constantly repeating one of the countless much dreaded words which we are not allowed to post on the boards here. All I did was to quote you and warn you that the Thought Police squad here would not take too kindly to it and that we would all be partaking in this following activity going forward if you did not cease and desist: Looks like they decided to delete all of the related posts and you and @batman_fan definitely got the soft touch when it came time for your beating and whipping: Happily looking forward for the same soft touch, but instead I was rewarded with 5 warning points and then taken behind the woodshed for 2 weeks for my beating and whipping: Go figure that!!!
  7. Any bets that this collection is now being marketed as the Quick Draw Collection in a special Wild West auction on CC scheduled to start on November 2: https://scoop.previewsworld.com/Home/4/1/73/1014?ArticleID=246784 The little write-up from Scoop says that the original owner was a geniune cowboy who was a quick draw specialist and the consignor wants to remain anonymous.
  8. I believe this was from the CBM dinner at one of the SD Cons in the mid-90's to honor the early GA DC creators from the 30's and 40's. I remember they did up one of the CBM issues with a special all-white cover which many of the fams got the creators to sign as this sadly turn out to be the last time so many of them were all together in one event. What made the whole evening even more special for me was that I got to sit down right next to Joe Smejkal who delighted me with some of his collecting stories and even showed me a few of his HG HTF Hawkeye pedigree books.
  9. I remember starting up with issue #2 and then calling up Gary to sign up for an subscription to his CBM mag. Told him that I started my GA collecting with some pre-herio DC books a few years earlier after reading and rereading his DC Before Superman article over the years from one of the Overstreet guides back in the early 80's. Needless to say, I was totally ecstatic when I received a complimentary copy of the HTF CBM #1 in my mailbox from him a couple weeks later, especially when he had told me that the first issue was already a complete sell-out and no longer available anywhere that he was aware of. I definitely remember checking my mailbox every day back then for the latest issue to arrive and once it did, I would read it from cover to cover as it was definitely the go to fan mag for true comic collectors back then when it first started up.
  10. Internet had nothing to do with the demise of this magazine. It was entirely editorial. Most definitely and the best issues by far were the very early ones done by Gary and Lisa Carter before they fell under the Diamond umbrella. The best issue by far in the post CBM 20 run after Diamond took it over was issue #32 which was the Pedigree issue and pretty much as close as collectors will get to ever seeing the long awaited Pedigree book.
  11. Try telling that to the Hunt Brothers who tried to corner the Silver market back at the turn of the 80's. It most definitely didn't turned out very well for the brothers once Silver Thursday hit them.
  12. Well, with the way that this wole Covid-19 is playing out and the shuttering of most of the movie theatres, I strongly believe that the impact of movies is going to be far less significant going forward once the economy does open back up in whatever version it does.
  13. Yes, that was pretty much the case until some lucky consignor managed to time the auction perfectly and sold this undergraded looking copy for just over $54K or at 4.5X condition guide back in the spring of 2017 when there was only 1 other nice pre-Robin 'Tec book in that particular CC Auction: https://www.comicconnect.com/item/676931
  14. Are you trying to imply that comic book speculators are rather dense and don't have much commoin sense? I believe most collectors would know that Newsstand copies are far tougher to find in grade as they are generally just shoved haphazardly onto those 2-sizes too small comic book racks for younger purchasers to read and enjoy. The Direct copies, on the other hand, are placed neatly onto the shelves of the LCS's to be carefully cherry picked by the OCD collectors who places them right into a mylar bag with backing board without even daring to open up the comic book to read.
  15. I think both will hit 100k but the 31 will win the race Not necessarily so in the case of the 'Tec 29 at least. Especially since this superior looking copy and slightly higher CGC 5.5 graded copy here managed to fetch only $102K just a short month ago at HA: https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/superhero/detective-comics-29-dc-1939-cgc-fn-55-cream-to-off-white-pages/a/7234-91038.s?ic16=ViewItem-BrowseTabs-Inventory-BuyNowFromOwner-ThisAuction-120115