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  1. So, I assume the seller is now more willing to sell it and toss the dice to see what it will truly go for, or is there a Reserve price set on this book here?
  2. Ummm...............nothing to see here as isn't this what happens to 99% of the movie or TV related over hyped books after they hit either the big or small screens?
  3. Whoa , this part I did not know ; that the seller is paying an additional "Seller's Premium" as well . That is just insane to me . Surprised you were not aware of this as all auction houses charges the consignor a Seller's Premium. The good thing is that depending upon the quality and quanitity (i.e. total estimated dollar value, I would assume) of your consignment, this fee can apparently be given or negotiated down much closer to the 10% fee that is charged by both CC and CL.
  4. From reading this article, it would seem that he's probably got a lot of books heading Heritage's way with a total of 40,000 books in his collection: When I did a quick internet search and discovered Heritage Auctions as their website seemed most interesting to me. I have a 40k comic book collection and Heritage is going to help me with that problem. Heritage Auctions has helped me every step of the way and I am truly thankful. It was Heritage’s idea to get my father’s books CGC graded to include Batman #1 and I fully obliged. If you ask me, I certainly don't feel sorry for h
  5. Not sure why there's any confusion here at all, as this has already been explained many times here before. With Heritage, there is no surprise buyer's premium added in at the end as all bidders should be well aware of the 20% BP and should have built this into their bid already. If they haven't, it's really their own fault as Heritage clearly shows you what you will end up paying inclusive of this 20% BP if you hit the Bid button. By the way, it's really the consignor who ends up paying both ends of the fees if we assume no special deals negotiated which is usally not the case by
  6. right.. I got my marketing fables wrong. Adams used the cedar chest story, right? and someone else went with the attic. Plus the proverbial stashed inside a wall tale! Not sure why they would run with only one when they could cover all bases by going with all three of them. My story would be found stored in a cedar chest inside the wall of an attic room. That way, it'll be sure to get more money as it's going to surely pull at the heart strings of a much wider sentimental audience.
  7. From the facial features, looks more like a man wearing a long blonde hairpiece dressed up in woman's clothing.
  8. Maybe. A lot of people think he will be big in the Marvel Universe and it seems like Disney is really going to play him up. Will it hold its value? I think it will. After seeing this stratosprheric $14,400 auction result, you think that a hundred or more equivalent CGC 9.8 graded copies of this MA Spidey book being tossed into the marketplace is only going to push the prices up even further. If that's the case, then I assume if there were 100 copies of Batman 1 slabbed in CGC 9.4, the price of this Batman 1 would have gone for even a lot more than the $2.22M price point i
  9. not neccessarily. heritage is allowed by texas law to shill bid its own stuff. final hammer only required one person to bid that amount. Not necessarily as sometimes it might take none if the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. You never know, they might have made a mistake and unknowingly told 2 different employees to shill the book and they both ended up bidding like mad since they didn't want to disappoint their respective bosses. I am sure this must have been what happen here as this apparently 1 out of 138 equivalent graded copy managed to fetch a measly
  10. Well, obviously still not as much as Recil Macon when there were apparently sometimes more than a dozen of his signatures throughout some of his GA books.
  11. It's clearly worth over $14K. Didn't you see that it's 9 years old and there are only 137 copies in 9.8? Yes, what's wrong with all of you old fogies on the GA boards here who don't seem to understand what true rarity is nowadays. After all, there's only a meagre 157 copies (including Signature copies) in this equivalent CGC 9.8 graded condition to date so far, plus only another 228 in CGC 9.6 condition lining up in front of the pressing machine. It's not like there were a thousand already slabbed copies in this grade which might possibly take it out of the Rare bucket at tha
  12. Not as crazy as this OA strip which just sold for something like $3.8M and I am sure HA wish they had it in their auction: https://news.artnet.com/market/tintin-drawing-sets-comic-art-auction-record-1937240
  13. Well, that's probably because you have to ignore that number at the top left hand corner of the slab here: Looks like CGC simply took the lazy and easy way out here by simply slapping a 0.5 incomplete grade to this book because it's missing the back cover. From the front cover and assigned PQ, this book would certainly present a lot nicer than your standard CGC 0.5 Poor graded book and should have really been slabbed with a Green Qualified with a proper grade in order to present potential bidders with a more informative condition grade.
  14. +1 Yes, what's the big deal with Batman and Catman anyways as they tend to show up in almost every single auction nowadays, especially the former. The real and only man to pay attention to in this hobby is Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer. Especially since I have a File Copy set of this whole run and it should deservely go for 100X top of guide when I go to sell it in this red hot marketplace:
  15. Yeah I mean just pour a little Clorox on there and will clean it right off 👌. Ummm..........you better be careful here as this is starting to touch on the political side here. I said pretty much the same thing in another thread here on these boards, but made the mistake of using another 5-letter product name that started with "L" and ended in "sol" with a "y" in the middle and was promptly sent to the CGC sin bin by the overly sensitive Mod1 for a whole week to drive these evil and sinful thoughts out of my mind. My thinking is that if your Clorox suggestion doesn't wor