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  1. So, it looks like you are saying Tommy's former copy will have no problems going past $57K, but it might be touch and go in terms of being able to surpass the $66K mark. I guess I would tend to agree with you here. P.S. Since you are the originator of this thread here, maybe you should rename the title of the thread since we seem to be talking about more than just the 'Tec 38 now.
  2. lou_fine

    All books pre- June 1938

    Oh wow, a nicely presenting copy (i.e. relative to grade) of what is acknowledged to be one of the Top 3 rarest DC books of all time and one that you hardly ever see in any type of condition.
  3. I think China limits the number of weeks foreign movies can play - it will play much longer in NA, hence the stronger legs over here. Well, maybe Trump can do something about that in his ongoing seemingly never-ending China / USA trade negotiations.
  4. we'll see - to an extent these things are critic proof and "stock" isn't reacting negatively (still estimating $240-260MM US, China likely won't get that high) In that case, I guess the North American movie market must have stronger legs than the Chinese market with an opening weekend that is already substantially higher than the forecast opening weekend for the NA market.
  5. Well, looks like China will be a much bigger market for Aquaman than all of North America then. Shouldn't really be that surprising, I guess, if you take the huge population of China into account. But still, not bad results for an American made movie in a foreign though once unfriendly market like China.
  6. Peter; Since you seem to be rather knowledgeable with respect to the pre-Robin 'Tec books, do you think this copy of 'Tec 29 has a pretty good chance of beating the $66K that a CGC 3.0 graded copy was able to fetch back in the spring of 2017: L Well, this copy from Tommy's original collection just might do it since it's already sitting at something like $45K. I imagine it should have a better shot at it as compared to this CGC 4.0 graded copy of 'Tec 38 would have of beating the $54K mark reached by a CGC 3.0 graded copy fetched in the same CC auction as the 'Tec 29 back in the spring of 2017: Colours would appear to be pretty strong on this copy here, but still about $28K short as it's currently sitting at something like only $26K.
  7. lou_fine

    'PLANET COMICS' (is deserving of its own thread)

    Well, I assume the comic book portion would have been around $2,000 as he probably had to pay full cover price for all of them. At least that's what the family ask for from Chuck for the entire collection. They probably thought he was some know nothing nutso for agreeing to pay full cover price for what were basically used funny books. And a poor one at that since poor Chuckles didn't even have the two grand to pay for the books and had to go borrow it from Burrell Rowe down in Texas.
  8. +1 You've definitely got no argument from me on this spectacular copy with the stunning colours here: Absolutely love this classic patriotic cover and picked it as one of my Top 5 covers in a CBM survey way back in the mid 90's. Looks like this one here is already in record setting territory as it's already at an astounding $81,000 and might even have a shot at hitting 6-figures at this rate. But then again, I guess it deserves to be up there as it's the single highest graded copy to date out there.
  9. lou_fine

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    Greatly appreciate the link although it doesn't yet sound like a sure thing, considering that they said it's still in the early stages and no filmmaker on board yet. If I was speculating, I would place a higher bet on Shang-Chi MOKF hitting the big screen as opposed to Plastic Man. Either way, Police Comics 1 with the first appearance of Plastic Man and the still as of yet under appreciated Phantom Lady (i.e. prior to Matt Baker's take) would appear to be a good buy going forward.
  10. Depends if you believe that the same book auctioned off on Heritage will be able to pull in the approximate 20% more in order to pay for the additional auction fees. Yes, it looks like there will be a close race this time between quite a few close contenders to see who finished in top spot in terms of final price realized. Although the Cap 1 and the Pep 22 will be definite contenders, I am going to place my chips on Planet 1 as I believe it's going to be pretty tough to beat a Church copy, along with the fact that it's a highest graded copy (or at least tied with another) to boot. Any other opinions here as to who will be top dog in this CC auction here.
  11. lou_fine

    Comiclink 2018 auction - soft prices?

    I just checked and there was 3 Hulk 1s up in one auction so that may have hurt sales a bit. +1 Yes, definitely doesn't help when there are so many copies of the exact same book in the auction at the same time. Besides the 3 copies of Hulk 1in the auction, it looks like there were 5 copies of AF 15 for the potential bidders to pick and choose between.
  12. lou_fine

    Heritage Fall Signature Auction

    First that I have heard of a Plastic Man solo movie. Do you have a link for this announcement? The only one that I have heard about recently is the Shang-Chi MOKF movie that has just been announced as part of the next phase of the Marvel movie universe (i.e. MCU Phase 4). Apparently this is going to be their Asian take to cash in on the ethnic diversity and inclusion theme that proved to be so successful with the Black Panther movie and the more recently released Crazy Rich Asians featuring pretty much an all ethnic cast and director. Not surprisingly, the much under appreciated and long dormant copies of Special Marvel Edition 15 featuring the first appearance of Shang-Chi has now apparently more than doubled in price since this announcement came out last week.
  13. +1 Absolutely loved the Paul Gulacy artwork on MOKF and the main reason why I picked up that early part of the run with the Gulacy interior artwork.
  14. lou_fine

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    But would they without this specific crossover incentive going on right now. if CGC starts mass down grading the books from other companies, the crossover promotion really isn't going to work for its intended purpose. So, from your point of view, what do YOU believe is CGC's REAL intended purpose with this crossover program?
  15. Well, since we don't seem to have a thread dedicated to this week's CC Auction and I am too lazy to start one myself, it looks like the Pep 22 along with some of the other GA books have an interesting back story to them: http://scoop.previewsworld.com/Home/4/1/73/1014?ArticleID=221832 Any guesses as to whether this copy of Pep 22 will be able to hit 6 figures or not: Looks like it's at $74K already, so still got a bit more time to go before it closes on Friday.