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  1. Need I remind again before you go blind that you always need to put on your dark dark sunglasses before looking at a Heritage scan, let alone one with a white cover.
  2. Now, that looks totally messed up with Restored books sitting in slabs with blue Universal labels. Last one might be alright though since trimming is considered to be a defect to be taken account in the grading and noted as such on the lable, as opposed to it being considered to be restoration as far as I can remember.
  3. I know how much that hurt to say Well, definitely not as much as it must have hurt Mitch (i.e. Mehdy) as he's always been the biggest promoter for Cap 1 for the longest time.
  4. Ok I perused his posts-wow yes very knowledgeable!!! Unfortunately for all of us here, it would appear that Jon no longer posts or visits here on the boards ever since he sold off his massive collection back in 2017. Hope he's doing alright and this is simply nothing more than just his way of coping with not having his collection anymore.
  5. Whenever I see a book like this that's clearly been overgraded if you factor in the extensive and clearly visible Marvel chipping defects, it seems absolutely ridiculous that they would ignore something so obtrusive. Yet, on the other hand, they would apply a battering ram to the grade of a beautifully presenting perfect looking book that has a tiny near invisible NCB crease that can only be seen by holding the book up at a certain angle to the light.
  6. That would make it a definite plus on a going forward basis, in comparison to GPA.
  7. I'm gonna go with Action 1 on that one. I have always gone with Bat 1 as being the GA book with having the best content by far, as detailed by Overstreet and again by the board member below: Bat 1 also has the last pre-Robin story that was originally intended for 'Tec 38. Yes, Action 1 has the origin and first appearance of Supes (along with Zatara & Lois Lane) which is truly iconic in its own right, but's that just one story out of the entire book.
  8. Yup, it certainly is. +2 I would have to say that this title is a whole lot underappreciated. I imagine it's all to do with those rather lame and comical covers which DC was notorious for with some of their GA titles.
  9. As far as I can remember, the "very small amount of glue" has been deemed acceptable on GA books right from the get go when CGC first opened their doors. Makes me wonder if there's a pedigree copy of More Fun 52 that doesn't have this "glue designation" on it, as it's there on the Church, Larson, and Rockford universal blue copies from what I can see?
  10. Definitely nowhere near as sketchy as CGC attempting to determine an estimated grade range and possible label type (i.e. Universal, Restored, or Conserved, etc.) based upon their pay for a fee "expert review" of eBay scans for customers thinking of purchasing a raw book off eBay.
  11. I believe you've already answered your own question here as I personally think the AA 61 with the origin and first appearance of Solomon Grundy is head and shoulders above the other 3 books you are talking about here. Especially when you add in the classic Solomon Grundy cover for AA 61 which was listed in the Heritage voting poll as one of the top GA covers of all time.
  12. Depends if I am approaching it from a collector's point of view or an investor's point of view. From a pure collector's point of view, I would tend to go with the WF 3 as I've always loved the 100 pager squarebound books with the cardboard covers. As an investor though or buying for eventual resale, I would have to say the 'Tec 73 as the pure Bat books tend to have much more upside and in today's slabbed market, it's also really about the cover. It's also pretty obvious which one of the 2 books here has the much better cover, although I will admit the 'Tec 73 is already priced right up there in the stratosphere.
  13. Throw some dirt on it? Although most of you would tend to see this as nothing more than just a humorous comment, there's probably some degree of truth to it if you really think about it. A grader is supposed to only grade the book that is in front of them, as opposed to conducting historic research on a particular book which we have the luxury and time time to do. As such, would most graders simply make the assumption that the book has not been cleaned if it exhibits some slight, but not too intrusive defects that indicates the book would benefit from a simple and basic clean and press? Especially since nobody would ever clean a book without also having it pressed. If this is the case, would it not be relatively easy for somebody in the know to add in some very insignificant, but visible defects to either "unclean" or "unpress" a book in order to achieve the more desirable Universal label?
  14. Man I love this hobby so freaking much! Tim; Maybe it's not all bad and you could try to bid on this book here since Masterchief didn't include this in his chart: Or are you risk averse and don't want to take the chance since it's all part of the same submission from the same consignor?
  15. Your page (i.e. wrap) count doesn't appear to add up here since this would amount to 29 interior wraps for 58 pages plus the 4 cover pages for a total page count of 62 pages. Based upon a post in the other Suspense 3 thread, the complete book should have 16 wraps before the centerfold and then 12 wraps after that. This would add up to 28 wraps or 56 interior pages plus the 4 exterior pages for a total count of 60 pages. This would then line up with the stats from the GCD which lists a total of 60 pages including only 6 pages for the 83 Days on A Life-Raft story. Does this mean that your copy that "pathetically slinked" its way into your store will receive only a Green Qualified label if graded since it is considered to be Incomplete?