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  1. Well, unfortunately this strategy will definitely work with the common Marvel and DC collectible books. It most probably wouldn't work for the GA collectors, especially the ones who are more interested in some of the 2nd tier publishers like Centaur and Fox where you are lucky to find a copy in any condition at all. If you are fortunate enough to find them, it'll definitely cost you a lot more than $30 as they usually go for huge multiples to condition guide across the board.
  2. Or if you are a Canadian, you probably should have jumped on board some of those MJ weed stocks back in 2017. You can hold those for 20 years and see where you end up with them once the bigger companies finish building themselves out and the rest of the global markets open themselves up. Especially on the CBD side as it goes into the higher margin medicinal products and oils, prescription pills, cosmetic products, let alone your infused beverages (wellness drinks & alcohol) and edibles.
  3. Sounds like a good tactical strategy to sell off you worst and lowest value books first and leave your best and most valuable books for the end as they continue to move up in value. Since you've been on the boards for almost 2 full decades, hopefully some of your "A" books are some of the HTF or classic cover GA books because that can push your proceeds into 6-figures very quickly.
  4. I hope you are right given the large number of high grade Batman's up right now. 30% off Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your point of view), this malaise in prices is generally limited to the 2nd tier DC GA books, with the Adventure run being a classic example where the majority of them tends to sell at only a discount to guide. You also tend to see the same thing with the other 2nd tier runs like Leading, Comic Cavalcade, Worlds's Finest, etc.
  5. Instead of searching for a phone number from way back in 1982, wouldn't it be a lot simpler to call him at his listed number. Especially since he has a full page ad every year in the Overstreet guide with all of his contact information right there. Looks like his number still hasn't changed after all these years since the last time I talked to him.
  6. Did I say that? I thought I said they are gaining control over the slabbing,not actual pricing,though I think if they are slabbing they should set the evaluation on the product they are slabbing. Armani makes suits,dont they make a suggested retail price? Sounds as though you don't have any idea how the collectible comic book market works, and in particular, CGC's role in it. Don't you think CCG's business model already has enough conflicts of interest in it, and now you want to throw in pricing on top of all that?
  7. Why in the world would you bothered to get a book graded and slabbed if you don't plan on selling it yet. As for your second question, it's really more a case of "to each, their own". If I had the Church Action 1 (wishful thinking ), I certainly would have absolutely zero interest in displaying it.
  8. Heck, if the government can't even keep track of real estate property sales as it's kind of all based upon the honor system, how in the world do you expect them to keep track of your comic book purchases and sales? Total incompetence as money launderers were walking away with hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars tax free doing unregistered pre-sale condo flips. Now, they are finally trying to close the barn door after the horses have already left the barn.
  9. Although we often talk about capital gains taxes which we have to pay on the older books, wouldn't a portion of these gains also be offset by capital losses from all of the MA drek which some of the collectors have picked up over the decades and are now virtually worthless and good for recycle only?
  10. True. He probably did that little head sketch a million times. Based upon all of the notorious stories about Kane, he probably got one of his many ghost artists to come up with the original version of this head sketch. He then probably spent countless nights tracing it back and forth so that he could draw it from memory for his paid (no doubt) appearances.
  11. Going from memory on what I read on the boards in the past, I think it was through #23. I would love to see the #23 (and #1, and all the others of course)... Just pop on down to Alexandria and make a dental appointment to see him. Hopefully he'll have them all (or not) in his waiting room for you to take a look at.
  12. Not sure about the #2. We will all be left with reprints at some point Yes, I believe it was the Church run of Action 1 through either Action 22 or 23 which Snyder acted as the go between comic book broker to pick up for him.
  13. Finally nice to see the National 7 getting long awaited respect from the collecting base, as evident by this copy here which sold for $3,120: Surprisingly, this seem to be one of the more under appreciated classic covers by Fine ever since it was banished to the deep freeze about 10+ years ago when the Church copy failed to sell in the Heritage auctions for a few consecutive years there. About time since I absolutely love this cover and consider this to be one of Fine's best work with all the minute details and stunning colors.
  14. Yeah that was the one. My Wings 94 is its perfect counterpart. Absolutely love all of these later Wings covers with the classic GGA covers by Lubbers. It definitely can't get any better than that. I also tried for this copy here, but obviously did not go high enough with my bid. I still consider the Wings 90 to be the best of the group and I have been unsuccessfully trying to upgrade my copy for the longest while. I was also trying to acquire a copy of Wings 94 for my collection since I consider that to possibly be my second favorite cover of the run. Then to my pleasant surprise last year, I found an uber HG copy in my collection mixed in with a bunch of worthless CA books.
  15. Sounds as though you incorrectly assume that all comic books are printed, shipped, and arrived at the stores in "perfect" condition. If you didn't cherry picked through the entire box to look for the best copies or had work done to them prior to grading, you should be happy that you managed to 9.4's on them.