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  1. https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8508/ Ummmm.............................that was an article from way way back in August of last year and now it's April of 2021. Maybe RHG just wanted some updated stats to compare as in this fast paced and super robust pandemic driven marketplace of ours, that would now almost seem like several lifetimes ago. Especially, as clearly evident by what has taken place over just the past few months alone.
  2. Shhhhh. I (and my wallet) don't want to have to treat the D.C. characters like the Marvel characters. So keep quiet. Well, if you don't want us talking about the D.C. characters, then how about some of the Fox characters because that same story there also mentioned an upcoming Blue Beetle movie is in the works as part of the continuing expansion of the DCEU movie universe. Here's a link to a more detailed story on this: https://www.thewrap.com/angel-manuel-soto-blue-beetle-latino-superhero-dc-warner-bros/ So, I guess boardies like @Straw-Man was ahead of the game when he
  3. Says it will grade high because of its rarity. Makes sense. Maybe he's confusing the CGC Grading Scale with CGC Census Population Report and thinks they are both measuring the same thing.
  4. That's impossible, I've got a bunch of DCs sitting in my house right now. Have you checked lately because they just might no longer be there?
  5. Since we are talking about books that have fallen out of favor, I think nothing can really beat some of these early pre-hero DC books like this beauty here: https://www.comicconnect.com/item/862478 Grrrrrrrr...................go figure that as it looks like somebody took out my high bid. Considering that it's the Edgar Church copy and the single highest graded copy out there, maybe I'll toss in another bid or two for this book. I still remember back in the day when Overstreet's top of guide for these early books like this one here only went as high up as VF condition
  6. This guy gave her a good run. He sent me these pics after he bought my Tec 3 and 4. last pic he just sent me end of last year. Yeah, I believe she beat out Ian for the complete DC Collection which apparently did not make him too happy at all. Wasn't it a minor book like Buzzy 70 or something like that which was the last book he needed to finish off his DC Collection?
  7. yeah me too. Its a special key book that has fallen out of favor.. But could be one of those that just needs a movie or TC series to jolt it back to life. There's various shows being announced using the GA JSA heroes of late, so could be this year's hot sleeper book. I had one that I sold to buy a bigger book long ago, so Im not chasing it, but we have seen this play out before. More Fun 73, Sensation 1 etc I would definitely tend to agree with both of you here as the All-Star title was once a must have in order to be called a serious GA DC collector, then fell out of favor for
  8. That's because you have to type in Master of Kung-Fu. You forgot to include the hyphen. Absolutely hate that!!! Then again, most definitely not as frustrating as the CGC Census Population Report whereby if you are looking for a certain comic book series, you end up with a whole page of crapola with similar names to it, but not the one you are looking for because you forgot a space, a hyphen, you had put in an extra hyphen, you put in Vol 2 #2 instead of V2#2, etc., etc., etc..
  9. Well, being a long time comic book collector, my theory is that it's much better for a book to increase in value over time, as opposed to spiking up due to short term hyped news. Especially since history has shown us time and time again that hyped increases in prices due to short term news are usually followed by big drops in prices after the hype or event is over. As such, I always tend to believe in spending time in the marketplace, as opposed to trying to time the market. Then again, if my low grade beater copy of X-Men 1 that I got back in the day does indeed goes below what
  10. Not sure why it would be hard to navigate their website, but then again, I only use it for their Event Auctions and historical auction archives. Not sure about the other parts of their website though. With their Event Auctions, it's easy to find everything because ALL of the books are simply listed in straight alpha order and I also love the 3-minute extended bidding format because that gives me plenty of time to analyze the situation and determine whether I want to go one bid increment higher or not. With that horrid CL format, it seems like if you really want to win a book, you re
  11. Well, just maybe you might have yourself some company here in terms of the current high bidder and any other potential bidders who's willing to go higher than this on the book. Would you care to join this AS 3 party, as I am sure Vinnie is more than willing to give you a global phone call to personally welcome you if you do. Maybe not Fishler himself, unless you are talking about an Action 1!!!
  12. No problem and not sure why a lot of boardies here seem so upset about the 15% BP on the Kentucky Collection portion of this Event Auction (i.e. only the Thursday & Friday portion) that they are seemingly refusing to participate in this particular auction this time as some form of protest. With how hot and how high the prices have been going lately, makes you almost wonder if there's any auction fatigue here as last time I looked, almost 15% of their lots were still under $10 while a full 55% of their lots have yet to hit triple digits. Besides the uber HG BA and CA books (e.g. Cona
  13. I would tend to agree and I think the possibility of an upgrade via either CPR or through even a simple straight resub is substantially higher for a book with a QES sticker (depending upon the reasons listed for the sticker of course ) than a book without the sticker. A bit harder to differentiate or tell with with one of those CVA stickers from CL because they are simply generic stickers that doesn't list the detailed reasons for the book to warrant having the sticker in the first place.
  14. Decided to give this thread here a long awaited and timely bump in light of the big upcoming CC Event Auction which end next week. Especially if you are a MOKF aficonado, since it looks like they have a near virtual complete run of the entire MOKF title pretty much all in CGC 9.8 graded condition if you are a uber HG collector or label chaser, starting right from this first issue right here: https://www.comicconnect.com/item/897862 Not really so much for me though since I am more of a MOKF fanatic who loves to leaf through the pages with the beautiful artwork insid