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  1. Now you can assume this is going to top Avatar. Interesting on adding more scenes to re-release.
  2. The fan that keeps going back to see Avengers: Endgame caught the attention of one of the stars now that he is up to 130 viewings. The post has now been deleted. So the Disney overlords must have made a call.
  3. I finally got the chance to see this film, English Language Edition. Although it is heavy on human scenes, it seems to work for this movie as we are dealing with a single protagonist (mankind) versus a single antagonist (Godzilla). Even more when you see how government bureaucracy interferes with addressing such a threat leading to extensive lives lost. And the small details such as department heads undermining one another while leaders are trying to form a course of action definitely forces you to consider the people side of the story. The Godzilla design is kind of odd as the creature goes through transformations that can at times feel strange and rubbery. But in the end it comes to a final threat design that somewhat resembles the old Godzilla. One mistake made with the English Language translation is when in certain scenes they show government documents outlining actions against Godzilla, and they are all in Japanese with no English subtitle to explain what it is you're looking at. Which wouldn't be a big deal if the camera didn't focus on such documents for an extended period to allow the audience to read the document. 8.5/10 overall
  4. I'm very concerned this may take the place of the Worst Movies thread. Every Chris Hemsworth Movie, Ranked This was prior to Endgame.
  5. That's what will be interesting. With the firing of WB Chairman & CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who talked a great game in 2013 how he was going to turn around the WB/DC film properties and then didn't, the road ahead is a little more clear. But how this works into engaging with Walter Hamada as the current head of the DCU films would need to be worked out. I'm sure Abrams made it clear to commit Bad Robot to such a partnership he had to have control of his properties to a certain level. Cough-cough -Superman - cough.
  6. There is industry talk some of the recent WB housecleaning of executives has been clearing the way for this deal. Though no set franchise commitments have been announced yet since the deal has to be finalized.
  7. That's really a limited view on things to fit a narrative. The MCU did not start with billion dollar films. Nor a steady track record. It took many films and Joss Whedon bringing a standardized character approach to start that train moving forward. Post-Avengers (2012) is when the solid financial magic kept happening. But we can always pretend and ignore the data, right?
  8. Somewhat, though your flippant dismissal ignores that. even the death scene where James kills his real father not realizing the man he killed was actually his adopted father is straight-up in the film. Same with Wolverine Vol. 2 #10 with the love between Silver Fox and Logan, with Sabretooth killing her to spite his target victim to antagonize Wolverine. But maybe you are right. At least in your own mind.
  9. It is starting to come out like what occurred with Hellboy (2019) concerning creator fights behind-the-scenes, MIB had a similar situation. THR: Rewrites, Infighting and No "Urgency": Behind Sony's Lackluster 'Men in Black' Relaunch
  10. THAT I see much more nowadays. Comic Book Resources and Screen Rant make it a common practice to post something inflammatory as a headline, which then when you read the article it turns out to be fan rumors or typical hate topics. Or, just misleading to drive clicks. In the case of MIB's recent hard start, it implies only Will Smith could save the franchise versus taking two good actors and plugging them into a solid story. Plus, it ignores the behind-the-scenes creator fights that now are coming out as having disrupted the production and intended story.
  11. I actually enjoy her acting. Just not what was asked of her in Captain Marvel.