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  1. For me: Star Trek: Discovery Season One Pircard Season One Star Trek: Discovery Season Two Gabriel Lorca is a hard act to top easily.
  2. Jurassic World 3 Star Sam Neill Speaks Out on Delay After Coronavirus Shutdown
  3. It was great, and further enhanced the Ultimate Cut experience. Jimmy Olson was truly Jimmy: Snyder wanted to make it clear this was a dangerous world When Doomsday is standing in Hero's Park and he looks from the statue to Superman, he is realizing what Earth sees as a god is just a man with superpowers Wonder Woman's photo was actually going to be a painting from the Crimean War (1856) Batman's waterside house is purposefully minimalist-like yet the Batcave so extensive to convey the Batman side had consumed him more, while detaching from his real life Superman is very much in touch with his wholesome younger experiences, and just wants to do good, always: why when he looks around at all the bodies from the Congressional explosion he is so emotional because with all his powers he is helpless yet trying to assist Lex Luthor was the abused son from the comics, who always chess plays everything he does: including when he receives Zod's body and looks over at Mercy it is because he realizes she has to die as he has let her know too much of his plans He was dropping in details throughout like that. Someone recorded and posted the entire thing on Youtube. Check it out.
  4. Zack Snyder: 'As Superman is dying once he destroys Doomsday, his scream wakes up the sleeping Mother Boxes' I'd never heard that detail before now.
  5. @ADAMANTIUM @Mr.TawkyTawny Thanks for asking, folks. Even with certain supply shortages and purchase limitations locally, everyone is doing super. Glad to hear you both are doing super too. Be well, fam.