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  1. I had a package arrive in the San Diego area finally after 2 1/2 weeks from North Carolina USPS. Sent from the Charlotte area and traveled to the Greensboro hub as normal. Made it out to Los Angeles in a timely fashion but then did a detour and came all the way back to Jacksonville, Florida where it sat for 6 days. Finally, it headed out west to San Francisco then to LA again, then to San Diego then finally to the customer in Escondido, CA. I went thru half a bottle of Dramamine during the trip.
  2. In retrospect, it's a really odd way of intro'ing the series. TPB format, FCBD issue, then #1 I think we'll see more of this....
  3. Back in the late sixties, the father of a friend of my younger brother used to sell antiques at the Englishtown Flea Market. The market was huge, mostly outside vendors but there were a few cinder block structures where regular dealers & food booths set up businesses. I went down with them a few Saturday mornings during the summer and inside one of the cement block buildings was an older guy who had back issues. If I remember correctly, he'd (or one of his helpers) be behind a counter, like a ticket booth. I'd ask him for an Avengers 16 and he'd move to his right or left or behind and back issues would be organized on the walls in either horizontal slots or stand-up bookshelf style. He'd pick the book and you'd pay him. One Saturday, I was down there with some paper route cash (i was about 12) and gave him a list of a couple dozen comics. He got annoyed because it was going to take too much time to pick the books. I thought that's why here was there every Saturday... ? Anyway, I did get some early Silver Age from him but nothing key. I probably have a few of the books still in my collection. I went down there 10 years later and no store. A couple years later, the father of a friend wanted to go to Peddler's Village which was only 20 minutes from my house. Peddler's was a LOT smaller than Englishtown. Had never been there. I was looking in the little antique shops and spotted a Skyman #3 with an Ogden Whitney cover. The only comic book in the showcase. Maybe the only comic I saw that entire afternoon. It was a nice copy in a Ziplock bag. The older lady wanted $15. I didn't have any cash so I asked my friend's dad for the money and he said 'yes'. I got the book. Took me a couple weeks to pay him back. This was about 1970 or so. I took care of the comic and sent it into CGC and got a 7.0. Still have it and years later found the 1, 2 & 4 to complete the set. I also got a nice Big Shot Comics #1 / 1st appearance Skyman thru Heritage at a nice price over ten years ago. When i started driving, I took a trip back to Peddler's and went into that same shop. The lady was still there. I told her about the Skyman #3 and she remembered the book. She pointed to a box in a corner and there were a bunch of pulps. I didn't much about them. Weird Tales (not the older, big ones) and various horror and science fiction titles. All 30's-40's stuff. Maybe about 50 books. We worked out a deal. I remember paying $235 for the box. They were in decent shape for pulps. A few Robert E. Howard Conan stories including Red Nails. Over the next few years, I sold a small amount of them thru another comic shop and The Buyers Guide. I traveled with the remainder down to a pulp convention (1978-ish?) in Cherry Hill, NJ on a Sunday afternoon. I walked the floor but no one was that interested. I don't think the dealers had a good weekend. Finally, as I was about ready to leave, a dealer came over from Kansas City. We talked for a short while and he offered $440 for everything. I happily accepted and left with the cash. Those were happy days...
  4. I haven't bought much from HA recently but I now have them hold orders over a period of time until I tell them to release all together and that has cut back the shipping charges. They have a Katy Keene page of mine and it's been sitting there for 2 mos.
  5. I watched it tonight. Enjoyed it quite a bit. Thanks for the suggestion!
  6. I bought my #17 CGC 7.5 back August 2017. It cost a pretty penny...
  7. Just to make it even worse...didn't UPS just announce a rate hike recently?
  8. Paying $1-5 per book per short / long boxes.
  9. Zorro by Matt Wagner was excellent!
  10. Looking for short and long boxes of 30s - 70s miscellaneous titles. Very good or better. Doesn't have to be superheroes and/or keys. No pages missing. No covers or centerfolds detached. No water damage. Anybody?