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  1. comicstock

    Lehigh Valley Comic Convention February 9, 2018

    Raphe-how was the show? Anything of interest there? Much of a turnout?
  2. comicstock

    Would You Donate to Help a Failing Business?

    My hot water heater went out last Saturday. I put it on the charge but just before the billing cycle ended. The bill is due Jan. 10. I accept Paypal.
  3. comicstock

    Charlotte ComicCon, Sunday Dec 16th 2018

    I will be there in the afternoon.
  4. comicstock

    So What's Selling?

    Hey, Donut! Are you still doing regular eBay listings and if so, what is your name over there?
  5. comicstock

    Retail Spike in Q4 for comics?

    My eBay Store sales do not really increase during the holidays.
  6. comicstock

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    In an early appearance of Paste Pot Pete, he does mention his wife Poxey and his son, Elmer.
  7. When i grade, a detached centerfold will get no better than a 3.5. One detached staple no better than a 4.5.
  8. comicstock

    Comic legend Marie Severin Passes away

    My favorite Hulk artist of all time and my favorite SA issue of all time, Tales to Astonish #100
  9. COMICSTOCK Daredevil Comics #26 Price includes USPS shipping / insurance Paypal, money order, check accepted immediate winner over everything else..! $275 $250
  10. comicstock

    Bet on BIRO!!!

    My Art teacher back in the early seventies did some work for or with him and he pronounced it "Beerow".