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  1. The Marvel b&w magazine series was pretty good.
  2. I have the Zorro hardcover and I'm good. I had the same problem five years ago thru my LCS/Diamond. Got the replacement.
  3. Looking for CGC 7.5 or better-Daredevil Comics #37, 39, 40, 42, 43, 47-51, 53 - also high grade raw issues wanted of #46, 52, 54.
  4. COMICSTOCK SHIPPED USPS FREE FREIGHT / insured - UNITED STATES ONLY Paypal, money order, check or cash accepted ALL SALES FINAL-NO RETURNS ! *** NO HALL-OF-SHAMERS ! *** ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************** DAREDEVIL #8 CGC 4.5 ow/white - Great Charles Biro WWII cover - - $450 DAREDEVIL #26 CGC 7.0 ow/white - - $250 DAREDEVIL COMICS #36 VG/FINE (5.0) raw - - $125
  5. I bought #1 thru the mail for $5.00 when it first came out. The white one. I didn't buy #2-5 for some reason but purchased them all since. Still have 'em.
  6. All Golden Age Daredevils: Silver Streak #6-17 (all slabbed), Daredevil Comics #1-134 (first 3 dozen or so slabbed and many later issues) & Slugger #1 (slabbed) Traded for DD #74 back in 1968 at the age of twelve and a few years later started buying thru mail order (Passaic Book Center, Donald Puff and others...). When I got my drivers license, I traveled and picked up more from comic stores in the region. Mostly mid/later issues. Great times! Started going to NYC & Philly shows and accumulated early issues. All during pre-CGC days. Ebay and websites finally completed the collection. The final issue needed was a Silver Streak #16 CGC (6.0) which i veered into one evening on eBay. Book was listed for more than triple guide but i didn't bat an eyelash when I pulled the 'Buy It Now' trigger. Today, I upgrade whenever possible. The mid/later issues rarely become available in 8.0 or nicer, which is what i want. I still think these books are undervalued.
  7. Probably my favorite cover of all. I still have the original comic. Bought it from Marvel Sweet Shop on Long Beach Island in New Jersey at the end of a vacation back in 1964. They were the one store on the island that had a decent selection of comics. I was 7 years old and remember picking it off the rack. We didn't get started to head for home until dark and I wasn't allowed to turn the inside light on in the car during the 2-hour trip. Two hours of kid torture. The future, Magnus, robots and Russ Manning art...great stuff !
  8. Raphe-how was the show? Anything of interest there? Much of a turnout?
  9. My hot water heater went out last Saturday. I put it on the charge but just before the billing cycle ended. The bill is due Jan. 10. I accept Paypal.