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  1. First of mine as well. I think they were just slammed with NY CC and Baltimore CC being almost back to back. Plus they had 2 more shows since Baltimore and one right now as we speak in NC.
  2. Thats the new #1 excuse I have heard 3 times this year. Its always their son bid without their knowledge and I respond "sure no problem." I wait two days open up and unpaid case and block them.
  3. I think they must be behind a little bit. I dropped off 125 books on various Modern and Value tiers at Baltimore CC and they still are not under my dealer account. CGC told me via an email on Wednesday actually they are still processing boxes from Baltimore. Usually its about 1.5 weeks from when I drop my invoices off at the booth till they get received under my CGC account, but yea this is a little out of CGC character how long its taking.
  4. Ummm you should have called them in sept. Those should haven been graded weeks and almost 2 months ago soon. 10 Business days, something is wrong. Call them on Monday!
  5. Is any one excited for Episode 9? Not going to lie if the leaks are true its not looking good I must admit.
  6. I am just saying its pretty tough for anyone to not see all dealers booths if you were at the con all weekend long and especially knowing you saw Bob & I at Brian Ketterer's (foolkillers) steak dinner that one night where we all watched the NYY vs Astros. I dont think we have ever met before so I didn't know you were at that dinner.
  7. Closing this thread in the AM. PM me if you have a fair offer on any of the books.
  8. Diagonal from the back of the CGC booth and right across from Albert Moy. Tough to miss, especially over the better part of people who attend the show all weekend long.
  9. 1Cool, How come you didn't take any pictures of Bob's booth? You covered all the other national dealers but not HighGradeComics. Bob had some really good CGC wall books this year!
  10. That is everything! Thank you for taking a look, please send me a PM for any questions or offers on these books! Have a good night, John (nWo Comics)
  11. Strange Tales #169 CGC 9.2 White Pages 1st appearance of Brother Voodoo (best name in Marvel Bronze age history) Your new Marvel Phase movie price: $750.00
  12. Strange Tales #169 CGC 9.4 White Pages 1st appearance of Brother Voodoo (best name in Marvel Bronze age history) Your new Marvel Phase movie price: $1000.00
  13. Tomb of Dracula #10 CGC 6.5 Off-White 1st appearance of Blade the Vampire Slayer Your new Marvel Phase movie price: $700.00