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  1. We are all just curators of our collections then we die. Not rocket science. Flip the books when you can and save the issues that matter the most. Pre-Unity Valiant and Byrne X-Men mean more to me than AF 15's. I will sell all my SA keys before I sell my X-men 141, see what I am getting at?
  2. Actually PSA is worse, go check out their TaT's. Makes CGC look like they grade all their books the same day
  3. This thread made me laugh. Anyone who thinks any major con is happening in 2021 then you are clearly delusional. Maybe............C2E2 at 25-50% capacity with masks. But, Wondercon, SDCC, Baltimore, hahaha zero chance. You think these Mayors and Governors are going to allow 25-200k people just come into their cities once half the population is vaccinated by end of summer? Good luck with that! Until you see movie theaters back open at full capacity, and at least 50% attendance at Lakers games we won't be having no big cons in 2021. I am hoping 2022, but even then with how
  4. Was this by chance an eBay managed payments? I signed up for eBay managed payments in July, so any payment dispute has to go through eBay now going forward. Even though I am sure many people are still paying via PayPal I never know going forward.
  5. I have mailed over 1500 USPS packages this year. Not a single problem besides some late delivery from covid internationally and people not having the common sense to understand that is a 1st world problem and relax. UPS I will say has let me down a little bit on 2 high value packages that had signature delivery where they just left them by my mailbox on the street where anyone can steal them in 2 seconds. Since even before covid I work from home so usually I meet them on route (I have 2 drivers cell numbers) at their trucks but those packages were sub-drivers so I couldnt. Ironica
  6. Good stuff everyone! Hoping to see more boardies come forth and share!
  7. I am really concentrating on my ASM run in HG so I am buying a few per year till its done. Here are the top 3 from 2020! 1. Amazing Spider-Man #13 CGC 8.5 OWW 2. Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 8.5 OWW 3. Amazing Spider-Man #9 CGC 8.5 OWW
  8. Hey Gang, My only positive contribution to the CGC boards is this my annual thread. Show the comic board community your Top 3 Comic Book and/or Original Art purchases for your collection for the year ending 2020! (Post only personal acquisitions, and not items you have sold or dealer profit books, etc...) Provide a little background on each item in relation to why they were your top priority in 2020. From my family to yours wishing everyone a Happy and safe Holiday Season! John (nWo Comics) PS I know this year sucked, but comics have never been more popular,
  9. As a eBay seller that seller is probably lying. It takes me 1 second to refund a buyer. So far my eBay sales during Corona I have to say are some of my best all time, and everything on my end is working better than usual. With that said contact eBay and I sure by the end here you will have your money back in the near future. The last part of your post is why I know this seller is a complete liar. "He says he wont be back for months but left other listings up. " Even on the off chance there are technical porblems I always keep the buyer in the loop so he/she knows I am still with them til
  10. Yes just replied to your message!
  11. Oh yeah the NYC subway needs a month of spraying down thats for sure! LA just announced they are extending lockdown till 5-15-20 and already got the email from Universal Studios both CA/FL parks will be closed till 5/31/20. I am still optimistic corporate America and other non-essential workers can at some point in May go back to work. That is more important to the country than me watching MLB or going to a dive bar. I hope you, and especially your mom stay safe!
  12. Mike, I get what you are saying, but can you admit a lot of journalism has been less that stellar so far? Fear sells.
  13. I think you get what I am trying to say. Many articles are fear mongering and doom and gloom to get ratings. Anyone who thinks you can compare a disease to a human war is unjustified. I will add you to that crowd. Have a good life living in fear. See you for the zombie apocalypse.
  14. Again the real question is at what point will the economic lives be worse than the cost of saving CV lives. Not a fun topic, but still the truth none the less. Either way I hope you, friends, and family are safe. Be well!
  15. I am for sure not a fan of Lee. To be fair NYC has a lot more people and more international travel. I think there are some other factors that come in play I yes I generally agree with you. I am not saying he is handling this bad, I am still frustrated that an amazing city like SF has gone so downhill. Talking pre corona now.