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  1. Anything I sell over $500 I get a signature. Plus if an item is worth over $500.01 just add insurance to it because you automatically get a signature required, etc.
  2. Yes anything over $750 someone can commit fraud with no signature even if tracking says "delivered." Basically someone can do it once and get away with it, 2nd time eBay then questions it.
  3. Not sure if you know this, but from your wording it can be perceived as wrong information for anyone reading your quote. 82 business days is now factoring in receiving time. So its 82 business days from the date CGC gets your package delivered from the mail carrier now. Not the date they opened the package up and entered it into the CGC system.
  4. Again I dont mean leave the buyer high and dry but when it comes to tracking even if I wanted to believe them insurance wouldn't pay out unless the buyer then lies and says the item was damaged etc As much as we complain about buyers and sellers on eBay the vast majority of people on eBay are great and easy to deal with! Where on the west coast are you?
  5. Not the seller's problem. Buyer would have to prove to the PO that they are at fault. More often than not the buyer is in fact lying. Pretty sure most sellers wouldn't just blindly believe any buyer where tracking show delivered, especially signed and delivered. Since 1999 I probably have done 15,000+ auction sales on eBay. Only can think of 3 times were this happened. eBay sided with me every-time with confirmed tracking and or signed tracking. 1. eBay buyer moved and didn't inform me or eBay= not my problem 2. eBay buyer said someone stole the package off his pr
  6. It's on file with USPS. From your earlier posts......If I sent you a $1000 book and the USPS tracking says it was "delivered-left with individual," how is the seller at fault? What do you want me to do about it? Fraud or no fraud seller its done from my end. Only scam that is left is the buyer opens up a "item not as "described" and return an empty box then eBay will have to side with someone.
  7. Yes that now includes opening your package hence why it jumped so much over night. They wrote a formal announcement on the CGC website. So if someone wants to submit lets say 25 moderns for slow-track pressing and Modern slow-track CGC grading you are talking 9-10 months now door to door. I wish some of you good-luck.
  8. Yes I just leave it blank, you don't have to select anything.
  9. In case anyone is having a problem with this a eBay CS called me and said they know about this issue and are working on it. The "professional grader" won't populate/stick if you click on it. She told me this..... To get it to work in the meantime till eBay fixes the glitch do this: 1. List the item 2. Revise it immediately 3. Then go to the "professional grader" dropdown, select the grading company. It will now populate and work 4. Click Revise and start drinking!
  10. hmmm yeah I will have to figure this out. Listing 10 more CGC after I get back from my errands. Will shoot you a PM on what I do.
  11. I am noticing though when I click on "Auction" this does not appear anymore. When I click on "All Listings" or "BIN" that side bar is there.
  12. I don understand, you have to wait for your books whether they charge your account or not. Once I see my invoices uploaded to my dealer account I am fine.