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  1. NewWorldOrder

    Omnibus, Absolute, Deluxe, and HC Thread

    I still can't believe people still buy "new comics." I saw a guy in the comic book talking about how bad he wanted to buy a mid-grade copy of Hulk 181 but said he couldn't afford it. I asked how him how much does he average spending on new comic books per week, and he said $60-80. I did the math and he then apologize for being a dumb for the last 20 years. The best thing I ever did back in 2003 was stop buying new books. I just wait to here if a story line is good and I either buy the trade or wait for new and interesting Omnibuses. You save space and massive amounts of money especially if you buy trades/omnis at conventions. I pick up a new omnibus a couple times per year at a show. Just got FF 1 and 2 for a combined $100 bucks! Most new comics go from newstand to $1.00 boxes anyway after a month or so. Especially Marvel Comics.....amazing movies but most of their new stuff are from talentless hacks. Art is disgraceful and kiddie like. My logic is since the vast majority of the comics from 19833-now is DREK why waste time and storage space on filler books that have no value. Condense to nice organized HC's or Omnibus on only the primo stuff. But hey that is just me.
  2. Great collecting year everyone! 2019 will be over before you know it so look for my thread in Dec! Happy New Year and have a great 2019 collecting year!
  3. Nice stuff everyone! Good 2018 for all!
  4. NewWorldOrder

    What are your comic collecting goals for this year??

    These threads makes me laugh so hard! We are always downsizing till you are dead! When you are young you have more, then when start aging you start cleaning your boxes of comics. Downsizing just means you know the end is closer than you thought before and your youth is gone.
  5. Beautiful books! I think we buy with the same grade in mind on BA books!
  6. You have exactly the X-Men #1 I want in grade for my 2019 big purchase! haha Nice books!
  7. I am seeing some amazing stuff! ASM 300 cover???? thats is a one of kind treasure! TEC 27 I mean that is what makes this annual thread fun, seeing everyone come together and post stuff that amazes us all! You never know what one might see from post to post! With that said though I am seeing some of you posting your acquisitions talking about how your comic/art isn't as good as someones else's. This isn't a competition to see who spend the most or has the better stuff. Whether you acquired a ASM 300 cover or a Spawn #1 CGC 8.5 this thread is showcase of "personal collectibles" that actually means something to the individual. So for those of you who haven't posted yet please do so everyone reading this thread wants to see! Don't shy away! I want 15+ pages of this thread by X-Mas morning.
  8. Nice books so far everyone! I want this thread to have many more pages, so I encourage everyone to post. #MakeCGCBoardsFunAgain!
  9. Hey Gang, My only positive contribution to the CGC boards is this my annual thread. Show the comic board community your Top 3 Comic Book and/or Original Art purchases for your collection for the year ending 2018! (Post only personal acquisitions, and not items you have sold or dealer profit books, etc...) Provide a little background on each item in relation to why they were your top priority in 2018. From my family to yours wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season! John (nWo) #1 Hulk #1 CGC 5.0 OWW Not the best picture but its the best I have for right now. This was on my radar for the last 3 years and I finally got a copy in the grade and eye appeal I wanted. This was from a fellow boardie who was sad to see the book go, but never the less we did a deal for this a couple months back. This just shows why putting a WTB ad here can really pay off for 2 people and how amazing the CGC board community is with high end transactions that usually go very smoothly. #2 Amazing Spider-Man #1 CGC 5.0 OWW Original owner copy! This book literally just walked into a local comic book store with no bag & board just covered in a plastic bag to now a CGC holder! An older gentlemen from LA forgot he had this book from his childhood and found it somehow someway buried away in his house to which he found it 30 years later. He needed money to apparently redo his floors in his house. I think he got his wish after he cashed the check from selling the book. Meanwhile I would ruin my floors instead of selling a comic book! haha #3 Giant-Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.6 WP I have never seen a 9.6 of this book as nice as this one so I just had to buy it from Blazing Bob (HighGradeComics) @Wondercon this year! This book has now started my X-Men 94-143 registry set! Razor sharp corners and a bone white cover (yup thats right I said bone white, wanna fight about it? lol)! So whats in store for 2019 you ask? Looking for a clean X-men #1, and adding more to my collection of ASM 1-75 & X-Men 94-143. With a heavy focus on the ASM villain keys.
  10. NewWorldOrder

    CGC Crossover Results are in!

    I hate this service all this does it put CGC turn around times even more behind. We all know the other two companies are worthless. I just want some of the comic community to keep their books elsewhere so I can get my books get graded faster. What I get graded makes sense, what most people get graded doesn't. Think I am wrong just check ebay?
  11. NewWorldOrder

    Venom Movie

    Why, I say that about people daily? A human life is a great thing to waste! The homeless problem here on the west coast is getting out of hand. Most of these bums are drug using worthless filth that are aggressive and are a danger to other people walking by them . I wish the Life Foundation would continue to take these people off the streets with the same results the movie showed. Am I still out of line? I kid I kid
  12. NewWorldOrder

    Venom Movie

    Since the same critics said SW Last Jedi was a masterpiece we all know that these people should have been aborted at birth. With that said........ VENOM was so much fun! I felt I was reading 90's McFarlane again! Was it a perfect film? No, but Tom Hardy's bond with the Venom symbiote felt like I was a kid again reading the comics! Sony finally didn't give us a turd in the wind! The studio did enough right to fully guarantee a Venom 2 will happen, and they will cut out what didnt work for the sequel. This movie was fun and made me feel like a kid again! What more do you need? WE ARE VENOM!!!!!!!! B+ score. Seeing it again next week!
  13. Hey gang, Anyone have any of these to sell me: Hulk #1 between CGC 4.0-5.0 with no Marvel chipping and min PQ of OW or better or X-men #1 between CGC 4.0-5.5 with no Marvel chipping and min PQ of OW or better Please send me a PM as that will invoke a faster response. Please send me a front and back scan and asking price. Looking to buy right away. thanks John (nWo)
  14. NewWorldOrder

    ASM 1 Club?

    Finally got one to keep! Slight fade on the "S" but it doesn't bother me cause the colors everywhere else on the cover are very bright w/no Marvel chipping.