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  1. Where is the most important picture from usual recap? Buffalo Wings and beers?
  2. How many do you want I prob still have 50 copies of each?
  3. I don't understand your point. You just agreed that dealers asking price is out of whack. I still would you use ASM 362 363 as packing material. Its absolute garbage.
  4. That show looked like a smaller version of Wizard World Philadelphia. Car Insurance and quotes for shingles on for your house The ASM 361 if it was in NM condition is a fair price especially if since you could have prob gotten it for $80-85 cash, but the 362 and 363, good lord that is junk. I used to use those issues to pack up eBay CGC orders with. Come to think of it actually, I think I still do. $32.50-40.00 bucks is very steep for such a one day looking hotel show with no real vendors in the room.
  5. I never understand threads like this where people who are older complain, "back in 1992 I could have gotten this book." Well guess what you didnt, so either ante up or move on to something else. Yes we are all sorry a AF 15 you could have bought in 1992 for 30k in VF/NM is now out of your price range. It's called valuable items usually go up the older they get when demand and relevance remains high. I think that is in the 1st grade instruction manual of supply/demand economics in a capitalist society. The same books that were major comic book keys before 2000 are still the heavy hitters today. Just now with all these movies they are more expensive because of how the movie and other forms of multimedia have helped these characters popularity spread like a California Wild Fire. Most knowledgable (assuming most of you here) comic collectors realize most of the post-1990 stuff is junk/drek. So let the dumb speculators keep buying the virgin, foil, 1:25, 1:50 or whatever variant garbage while you keep buying the real books. I highly doubt if you buy a Hulk 181, AF 15, FF 1 (you get my point) or a X-men 1 today at market value you regret it in the future. Sell the modern variant drek and keep the Vintage!
  6. I think she is older than that. i think a lot of years have past since book 1. She is prob closer to 30 than 20 that is how it appears to me.
  7. If the newly graded modern comic book would sell for less than the actual grading cost of the book comes to my mind first. I am not singling you out but let say a person subs a Spawn 1 and it comes back a CGC 6.5, what sense does that make? Not much. I get it your money your books, but just like everyone has the right to submit whatever books they desire I have the right to voice my opinion on how dumb most modern subs to CGC are. Here are some recent examples of the countless hundreds you can find where even if the seller got these comics for FREE they still lost money. Also to answer your point I dont think most books that are this new are bought and slabbed for personal collection in mind. These sellers can write a book on how to lose money.
  8. Modern TaT jumped today Now 39 business days for Slow and 20 for FT. The real problem.... Not enough graders? Nope Then John what is the real problem? Most people submit too much garbage that clogs up the real books. Yes I am 100% saying most of what people submit you should be embarrassed, especially in the modern section. Then these dopes auction them on eBay and loss money. Do your self a favor and check out CGC 9.8 completed auctions on eBay to see that vast abundance of these 1st grade business intelligent people who lose money. #MakeCGCTaTNormalAgain Happy Friday
  9. Marvel never lost their way. They don't care about the comics anymore. They have 50+ years of comic book -script stories they can make into films. In 2008 Marvel officially left the comic book industry to be in the movie business. Marvel comic books are now the same as their trading cards, toys, T-shirts, and video games etc. Just a smaller part of the over all machine that is now the MCU. The talent that is still left doing Marvel's comic book art and stories are mostly the bottom of the barrel garbage. Zero talent and mostly hacks. The real talent is making it in the MCU now. Actually most of the talent doing the comic books are loser soy boys who are beta male cucks.
  10. Speculators are the best! They keep buying all my comic garbage!
  11. I still can't believe people still buy "new comics." I saw a guy in the comic book talking about how bad he wanted to buy a mid-grade copy of Hulk 181 but said he couldn't afford it. I asked how him how much does he average spending on new comic books per week, and he said $60-80. I did the math and he then apologize for being a dumb for the last 20 years. The best thing I ever did back in 2003 was stop buying new books. I just wait to here if a story line is good and I either buy the trade or wait for new and interesting Omnibuses. You save space and massive amounts of money especially if you buy trades/omnis at conventions. I pick up a new omnibus a couple times per year at a show. Just got FF 1 and 2 for a combined $100 bucks! Most new comics go from newstand to $1.00 boxes anyway after a month or so. Especially Marvel Comics.....amazing movies but most of their new stuff are from talentless hacks. Art is disgraceful and kiddie like. My logic is since the vast majority of the comics from 19833-now is DREK why waste time and storage space on filler books that have no value. Condense to nice organized HC's or Omnibus on only the primo stuff. But hey that is just me.
  12. Great collecting year everyone! 2019 will be over before you know it so look for my thread in Dec! Happy New Year and have a great 2019 collecting year!