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  1. I saw ROS of Skywalker last week it was better than I expected but that is not saying much. 1. My favorite part was just knowing Anakin Skywalker was and still the original chosen one! Hayden Christensen as Anakin says, "Bring balance to the force just as I did." Was enough to make sure the cannon of Anakin was safe and secure! 2. Visually (which hasn't been a negative of this trilogy) the movie is the probably the best ever! 3. My prediction came true that Rey was Palpatine's granddaughter was correct and IMO the logical choice. Palpatine took a Skywalker to the darkside so the balance is Rey Palpatine goes to the lightside with Skywalker help makes sense to me. However for me she is not a skywalker. Their lineage is now over as of current events that have transpired. 4. Not sure why people are upset that Palpatine has a kid/family. The dude ruled the galaxy he prob had many women when ever he wanted. Absolute power comes with as many mates as you want usually. He might has had more but she was the only one that was the most powerful. For all we know he killed more family then what was shown in the move like GoT style. 5. What I didn't like was no force ghosts from Vader or Ben. I think they missed a real opportunity there in a movie filled with massive fan service. 6. I feel the Emperor Palpatine really did die at the end of ROTJ and Anakin Skywalker has and always will be the true balancer of the force with the help from Luke who is the greatest Hero of the SW saga. Him coming back was nothing more than life support story arc like Voldy from Harry Potter. His loyal Sith followers trying to resurrect him with magic. You can tell he is more like a zombie than a real person in this movie. 7. Site confirmed by Star Wars writers at Disney that Anakin Skywalker was not created by the Emperor. 8. Now some questions I have are: A. Was Snoke just one of many clones that the Emperor used as a way to shield his being some what still around from being noticed around the First Order (which he obviously created as well) and or the rest of the galaxy? Was Snoke a Sith? B. Where all those Sith followers in the Sith Temple alive or ghosts? C. Why was Kathleen Kennedy not fired already? D. Lastly when will that hack Jar Jar Abrams admit he cant write good stories that are original? 9. I give this movie a 6 out of 10 with some feel good moments but many crammed plot lines that I guess ended this new trilogy in a good way but no way ended the whole SW saga correctly.
  2. What a shock everyone is praising the movie. Why? So Disney doesnt ban them for their next world premiere event! haha Sorry but when I see reactions, "a lot to process," and "overwhelmed so I need to see it again." That all means its not very good! TLJ had the same reactions and look how well most of us regard that disgrace. He loved the TLJ but didnt like this so maybe that is a good thing.
  3. Also selling books to dealers you have a good relationship with can also be mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Its worth leaving meat on the bone for a dealer to make money on certain books. Its nice having a check in your hands in 2 seconds!
  4. I will say I do much better with my auctions on eBay for post 1975, but that doesnt mean vintage doesnt sell well on eBay. For me selling bigger books with auction houses like C-Link or C-Connect is mainly for risk avoidance. My threshold for eBay is about 2k and under. 2K and higher I let the big boys handle them with taking care of the marketing and shipping of the item. Makes my life easier.
  5. Nicest 5.0 I have ever seen! Even Greggy can't talk smack at me on this one!
  6. Last Jedi reactions were so positive and had me fooled and then we all saw the movie. This might the first time years I dont look at a review before I see the movie. In my last hope this movie will surprise me in a good way! #GiveMeForceGhostAnakin or we riot haha
  7. ........and I have the opposite feeling. My childhood will have the final stomping on by Kathleen "the force is female," Kennedy, and Jar jar Abrams.
  8. Even though its pretty obvious Rey is going to defeat Palpatine, I am just nervous the way they are going to do it will ruin the journey of Vader & Luke. The SJW aspect of Hollywood for me is killing the industry. My bet all along was that Rey is a Palpatine because it would be the opposite of what the other sagas were. Now the Skywalkers get to take one away from the Palpatine bloodline to their side. This new trilogy in terms of story feel more like a bad Darkhorse non-cannon storyline than a multi million dollar franchise as of right now to me unfortunately.
  9. If the leaked spoilers are true this saga will come to end with many people being upset. Same sources that leaked GoT final season that were written off as fake came true and we know how most fans feel about that debacle. I hope the leaks are not true so I am going into the movie with a open mind however in the back of my mind I have a bad feeling this film could ruin many Star Wars fans Christmas! BTW I am not trying to be negative because even though I absolutely hated the last Jedi I want this movie to restore my faith that this trilogy was worth it.
  10. I always love that saying until the end. Lamentations sounded to me like a breast feeding term when I was young.
  11. Greggy are you sending that Solar 10 back to CGC for the real grade? haha I am assuming you are not happy with those misses on those Eternals grades? I kid I kid
  12. Find more cons with better buffalo wings than the garbage San Diego and LA have to offer!
  13. Did you talk to a CGC manager or just CGC Customer Service rep? I know they are swamped right now so either way it would be super easy to fall in the the mix and just get re-graded. Just curious did you have insurance on the package? I wonder how the PO would handle the claim if you filed it.