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  1. Nice grab!!! Book in higher grade is skyrocketing and less copies available
  2. +AF15 there's a few needed. 1 by 1. Nothing high grade i just want each .
  3. All i can say is that its mine now to go along with these other misfits 😂
  4. YUOOOOP!!! Did an awesome deal of keys and rare books.SOLID GUY
  5. Have we gotten to #'s 1-10 yet? Been following for days now
  6. I have multiple Spawn 1's in that grade range from the 1700 books i bought. I slabbed 3, a 9.0 9.6 and 9.8. The others are all 9.0 +/- area. I think i have 4 or 5 more Raw still. Along with Spawn 2-50 multiple copies if you are looking for any. MESSAGE me. THANKS
  7. Missing a page will be a .5 or back cover. Its very possible
  8. I have his number i'll PM it to you. I text him he about doing so,he said cool.
  9. Contact Eric at CLOAK-COM Comics on Ebay. Message him. I've been buying books from him off ebay. Dude has a lot of stuff, high grade and stashed away. Let him know Scott in Cocoa Beach sent you his direction...i'll give you his personal # once you make contact with him, he wont likely be able to give it to you via ebay. Let me know
  10. Random question but if you find one, do you have an under copy to move along? I'm looking for one too, but more in the 4.0-7.0ish area...
  11. I've been looking everywhere. Missed a few here or there, bad timing. Just figure also 1 will show up soon or eventually. Figure also someone here has one sitting, not in a run ect, disposable book per say. It will turn up im sure.