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  1. I thought it was a 9.4 all along, it just took 3 submissions for cgc to agree. Lol 😂
    1. oakman29


      The man of Oak is on your azz now.:busy:

  2. Guess I better make some guesses on the books, wouldn't want you to get a freebie pass 😂
  3. As mentioned previously, years ago though, I cracked several books out multiple times, no pressing or manipulation after, and had books go from 9.0 to 9.2 to 9.4 each time upgraded... Consistency and time will not be a constant with grades, new /different graders and sliding scale of things...
  4. I'm thinking 8-8... But I could be wrong Obviously if I'm 8-8 I definitely was wrong 😂
  5. Should make it really torturous and close it at 10pm as was and show the books already graded like a first half thing, and leave it riding for the second half(batch) to show... Just saying... might be fun and alleviate a lot of whining 😂
  6. Well I already graded them all for you for free, just ask them to mail them back and use my grades 😂
  7. Hey I hope that everyone here, new and old, have been well.

    I've been dealing with family matters,elderly folks...and haven't been active much in recent times.

    I'm back, and hopefully have time to be a solid part of these boards like in previous times...


  8. Guesses submitted.... I've been out of the comic book game for a year or more....we shall see....