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  1. oakman29

    The Frazetta Motherload

    I have GOT to get me one of these.
  2. How about Dead world #10 1st pic. of the Crow.
  3. oakman29

    2018 Holiday Raffle Reveal Thread

    Dang what a plethora of badazz stuff , he was my #1 choice in the raffle.
  4. Did they recover the rest of the books from the scum sucking pig thief?
  5. oakman29

    Cover proofs

    I don't know but I just bought a really cool Sanjulian, one of my favorites.
  6. Wheres the rest of the books? I mean that's great they found 100K worth, but there's still 1.3 million still out there.
  7. Sitting in my work truck now. F with me will ya.
  8. Absolutely, some collections have one book that's worth that these days.
  9. Right! Other than an actual bank safe , where would one be that large.
  10. I am not a fan of safe deposit boxes. If you can get passed my two Shepards, my 9mm , and me you can have my books.🤣 The bank of Oak is the only bank I rely on.
  11. oakman29

    Is it open season for CGC to grade any magazine?

    I do have a second print Eerie 1 , as noted with the blue stripe on the staples. If you want to pursue a copy, get one from someone reputable.
  12. oakman29

    New Years Resolutions

    I don't have resolutions, so I don't disappoint myself when I fail. I just want to do the best I can always.