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  1. I really am astounded by Horror mags prices these days. Guess I'm hoping they dont keep going up, cause I've got a few more to pick up.🤞
  2. You guys are all very fortunate to find some of these big keys as children. I think my first key was Beetle Bailey trips the sarge.😟
  3. At this time there are zero 1st print Crow #1's on Ebay, that's very telling for a copper age book. As an example there are 5 Cerebus 1's on Ebay, and that's a rare book.
  4. I believe they came out nearly a couple months between each other in 1962
  5. Exactly. I dont mind paying extra for a book from some here, because I know the kind of care I get with shipping. I put their reputations high on my list.
  6. Wow I never would guess that this book would hit these kind of prices when I bought it.
  7. I've been here for twelve years, and think I've contributed a fair amount for this community. I do also think I've earned a certain amount of respect from my peers.
  8. Except that seller IS posting a price. It's up to you whether you want that book at that price or not.