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  1. Thanks my friend Vampirella 23 is in my sights. Be gentle people.😉
  2. Way too many awesome covers to post, so here is my Journal to peruse.😊
  3. I was curious because if it was CGC didnt notate the error on the label. I have two error books. I know what I'm looking for, but thank you for the information.
  4. Naked chicks who eat human flesh? I'm all in! 😂
  5. Anyone that collects magazines knows how hard it is to find books with black covers in this pristine condition. Just amazing. 😊
  6. Makmorn really has amazing books, and I'm just happy that he allowed me to buy these beauties.🥰
  7. Okay , got a few Pedigree points here. All three are Manitoba collection with the Eerie 5 signed by Al Williamson . Books are impeccable.
  8. That's what I thought too! I guess the whole keep comics out of a storage space doesn't apply for Chuckie.
  9. The Mile High motto is what's killing his business.