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  1. Hey that ones pretty good, her butt isn't too big. Kidding.......or am I.😉 I am a kav fan 👍🤟
  2. Wrightson isn't someone that can be easily done. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.
  3. I have a cool shadow piece. I really love his artwork.
  4. Exactly. Dont spin me a babe in the woods narrative. You know damn well what those books are worth, go back to ebay.
  5. Yeah! October has some pretty high grade books for sale, what grade is it. Kinda hard to tell.🤔
  6. Yeah the "not for wussies" variant. I thought I had a 9.6, but its actually a 9.4.
  7. Damn good price for a near mint copy though. I think they go for double that if not more raw. I've seen graded ones go for alot more. I have a 9.6 cgc graded but it took me forever to find the variant in that kind of grade for my Crow collection. Congrats to you.
  8. That Dead World #10 looks pretty nice. What would you grade it at? Not an easy task finding them in high grade.
  9. Here's my two boys in front of our graveyard display. We have piping with holes drilled in along the piping, then put wood chips over the pipe. To give that illusion that the fog is coming up through the ground. Its quite cool in the dark.