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  1. Marvelman isn't Miracle Man. Welcome to the boards.
  2. oakman29

    Show us your personal artwork

    You are as talented with your hands , as you are with a lens.
  3. oakman29

    A glimmer of hope for a little superhero...

    Kav , you're a class act too!
  4. oakman29

    My Warren Vampirella

    Thanks brother.
  5. oakman29

    A glimmer of hope for a little superhero...

    What a great gesture Gino. Thank God for people like you and Artboy. I don't know how to ever thank people who give of themselves so selflessly like RN's, Teachers, firemen,our Soldiers,and Police officers. For you guys are the true Superheroes in this world. I can't imagine a world without you.
  6. oakman29

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    Beautiful copies. #42 Creepy is very hard to find in high grade. Eerie #41 Is probably my favorite Eerie cover.
  7. oakman29

    Hey Cal, where are you ?

    Always a fun time when you come by Cal.
  8. oakman29

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    A complete Eerie run too!
  9. oakman29

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    This is an easy question for me. You can't buy my childhood books that I've owned since I was 6.
  10. oakman29

    How do you keep track of run collecting?

    I also document it on a message board journal to keep my old azz from having to thumb through them.