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  1. This week in your Magazine collection.

    Beautiful copy, congrats.
  2. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    Hahahaha! Frank and Sons is a comic book, toy, anything collectible show that is held every week here in the O.C.
  3. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    thank God! Going to Frank and Sons this week. I wanna get something cool.
  4. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    When is the due date?
  5. Collecting Goals for 2018

    I felt so free when I paid off my student loan , it took half my life to pay it off.
  6. Where is Hado

    I didnt even notice you were gone Mike.
  7. Collecting Goals for 2018

    My goal is to complete my run of Warren Creepy , and get halfway done with my Warren Eerie runs.Find a high grade Vampirella#3 , and maybe grab a nice SA or BA key.
  8. I loved the two Hellboy movies. Guess Im not a fan, NOT!
  9. Where is Hado

    Thank God my man! I was worried about you.
  10. Where is Hado

    Hado has always been a very active board member, but he hasn't been seen since October. Worries me a bit. If anyone knows him personally, let him know I have been thinking about him. Hopefully he's okay , and life finds him well.
  11. Favorite Comic Posters

    The Yoda Hulk poster is freeking awesome.
  12. 2017 Official Holiday Raffle thread

    Same here. Will get it together by Sunday.