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  1. The Crow 1-4 V for Vendetta Hellboy- Seed of Destruction
  2. I dont think we can last that long. I need my Swami fix.
  3. Now I have to find one of these.
  4. It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.
  5. I actually have a plan in place. My wife is to call some board members that I have listed in my trust, and the boys get what they want .my TMNT , and my Batman collection will be my boys. The rest will be sold off with help from those board members.
  6. You can bust on the little punk that's eating the creme brulee I paid for.
  7. Its actually my slabs. I believe it is an X Men 94 8.5, GSX 1 9.0, Werewolf by Night 32 cgc 9.4
  8. Just like robot man I carry mine in a hard briefcase that has velcro straps to hold em down tight.
  9. I certainly am looking forward to issue #5.
  10. IBTL ! It was a fun ride though , you crazy guerrillas.
  11. I wish I was Harley Quinn, with supple booty, and her big "attitude ". Just sayin'