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  1. I remember listing to a story from an old time comic dealer who did acquire warehouse copies back in the 1980's, although not quoting the exact year. He remembers cutting bundle straps on copies of Fantastic Four 48, than sifting out the damaged copies on the top and bottom. Than pulling the pristine copies tucked away in the middle of the stack which avoiding the edge curls and creasing. They set aside the perfect copies in the office, but it was only a matter of months before a collector hustled them out of the pristine copies. The books trickled away as sales, as a dealer it was there job to sell the books at a price point where you could retail and wholesale copies. The books just blew away in the wind, so to speak.
  2. It seemed like when I listed a raw copy of Spidy 238 or 300 that seller was buying my copies. So they likely buy to resell directly from Ebay for at least a portion of there inventories.
  3. The post office absolutely will deny an insurance claim if you are unable to provide a paid receipt. 6-7 years ago I sent a box registered mail of around 100 books to cgc and paid for an insured value around $17,000.00. It was lost at the Atlanta airport and they denied the the claim unless I could provide itemized paid receipts for each individual book. They wanted 100 receipts. My collectibles insurance was going to pay the claim in full based on collectible value at the three month point. The box was eventually found in Atlanta. I have never paid for insurance to any usps mail since as it’s a scam. I use collectible insurance as a safety net. Knock, I’ve never made a claim since than either.
  4. One of the challenges with recording Ebay sales is that Ebay does not verify that the money exchanged hands making it a real transaction. There are outlier sales on the high side, I call them thrill bidding with no intent to pay. Also stolen image scams that are too good to be true prices, often 10-20% below current value, just close enough to appear to be a real sale. Book never changes hands and buyer fights with Ebay and Paypal to get there money back. I have had my own books images stolen and sold on Ebay, I was the one who followed up and notified GPA to get them removed as real sales. I've also been victim of buying books where the seller never shipped to good to be true prices, I got scammed. I also was the one who notified GPA that the transaction was fake. Silver to Modern books can absorb some of these outlier sales as books trade hands frequently enough to blend them in. If one goes to Goldenage where books exchange hands infrequently, things could get dicy with false thrill bid sales showing up as legitimate transactions.
  5. I feel it's an advantage to make more money off of the consignor. If someone wanted to settle there fathers comic book estate and Heritage says we can lower our seller fee from 15% to 10%. That sounds like a fair deal to someone not familiar with contracts or auctions house premiums. Your consignment agreement that you sign, will include the buyers premium in fine print. Its possible for someone to sign the agreement without reading and comprehending every single line in the statement. When they send you your check the invoice has the final hammer price, minus your seller commission rate. It does not say anywhere on your Consignor Prices Realized statement about a buyers premium.
  6. If your interested in buying a restored book for $4,000. You need to evaluate how you could invest $10.00 in grader note information to evaluate the purchase. I'm not willing to give you any advice if your not willing to buy the notes.
  7. Graders notes do constantly identify flaws that are causing the book to be downgraded, some flaws like small writing are there to just identify the book has not been tapered and the holder is original. Not sure if a press and clean could get a grade bump as we do not have images of the entire book. The question of signing over the writing, I do not see that as a way to mask the writing.
  8. If the cover is becoming fragile where touching it causes it to break and split. Even adding archival tape to hold it together, I do not envision the tape ever being removed as the cover is brittle.
  9. Yes I have seen corners get bent after being graded similar to your pictures, where the book slid in the holder.
  10. I could see it being downgraded to an 8.5, regardless of it being overspray or some type of production ink leakage.
  11. Yes the Rushmore state. Since we do not have an international air port its going to take time as people move around before it gets established in our state, I'm sure the metro areas on the coasts will send us there ventilators as you will be on the downhill side when it escalates here. Our governor pushed the responsibility to cities and counties to create ordinances to lock down locally, most of the counties with more than a few thousand people have stepped forward and closed everything up. The summer tourism is basically going to be a total loss.
  12. My sales during the past six weeks are actually close to on par with sales from this time during 2019. Being a vintage comic dealer almost everything I sell is a unique skew so comparing one year to the next has variables, but comics online are still selling up to this point. The middle of March was a little slower than the past week, so some uptick in online activity. I recently made some rounds via car to some shops and spent some funds with those who are open. They tried to hide the anxiety of lower sales, at that moment in time I made some purchases to give them some optimism at least for that week. Now on to local news, our governor has just moved our peak from late May, now its July. We have a shut down all dine in restaurants, hair salons, bars, fitness facilities, playground equipment in parks, non essential medical and dental. All schools public buildings and events have been postponed or canceled. All public board meetings and gatherings have been canceled or moved to zoom participation. Comic stores are still open with limited customers and social distancing between customers. Walmart just started a person count and arrows on the isles to make rows one way. Banks and food are drive through only.
  13. After reviewing the past few days I’m realistic that the next convention center con will be C2E2 next spring with some smaller hotel shows starting this fall. People still enjoy the thrill of collecting and accumulating piles of books to read and stash into boxes. But the overall money flow across the country and world has just started its worst flip by sending 10-30% of newly unemployed into a shuttered shock. So the pool of collectors will be shrinking, disposable income will be shrinking, which is going to be felt in ripples of lower sales across the industry. Books will continue to sell and the auction houses will have chart busters to wave around to draw in collections. The popular silver and bronze keys started pulling back 10-20% during the second half of 2019 anyways, so it’s not like a slowdown in higher end books wasn’t in motion last year.
  14. We are only about 5-10% of what it will take to get through this pandemic. There will be more and more non essential things being shut down. Non essential shipping could definitely be on the chopping block if postal and delivery services start to go down with infected employees. What’s in the box, comic books, they will point at the door to leave. Shutting down eBay stores because your merchandise is unshippable in this environment. If the New York show is still on this fall, hopefully we can see the other side at that time.
  15. Recent sale on Heritage of a 9.2 goes for $6,000.00.