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  1. comicgrinder

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    my glow in the dark comic room paintings im doing. only 2 are done the superman and the AF15 but the rest are coming along
  2. comicgrinder

    Show us your personal artwork

    group pic still only 2 of the 10 are done but the rest are coming along.
  3. posted two paintings in the OA marketplace hand painted glow in the dark 13x19 wood
  4. he gifted this to me at the baltimore con 11x17
  5. comicgrinder


    just finished an AF15 glow in the dark painting 13x19 wood. available in the OA forum its a one of a kind glow 2-3 hours and 9 ounces of the best paints available. its as close as ill get to one
  6. comicgrinder

    Show us your personal artwork

    poured the clear coat yesterday and AF15 is done now ....only 8 more paintings to go. (also in the OA marketplace) 13x19 hand painted glows in the dark for 2-3 hours
  7. comicgrinder


    added the AF 15 to the sale.
  8. comicgrinder

    Show us your personal artwork

    the superman is in the art marketplace gonna pour the clear coat on AF15 today so it should be in the marketplace in a couple days then back to work on batman still a ways to go on it. thanks ev1
  9. Superman hand painted using the best glow in the dark paints . This painting has an incredible 14 ounces of paint to ensure the longest glow time possible. Fully charged will glow for 2-3 hours. Would look great in any comic room or any room lol. The AF15 has 11 ounces of paint on it and both have clear coats poured to protect the colors. both measure 13x19 are are wood and come with wall hanging mounts Superman AF15 CLOSED PM IF INTERESTED Thanks for looking. makes a great night light too ONLY THE SUPERMAN AND AF15 ARE DONE REST ARE STILL IN PROGRESS
  10. comicgrinder

    Show us your personal artwork

    these 2 are done
  11. comicgrinder

    2019 California Comic Con - Post your Photos

    ya when u coming out this way
  12. comicgrinder

    Show us your personal artwork