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  1. Ryan Kincaid's Persuasion #3 Preview Nathan Szerdy Virgin Covers This is a 12 page preview variant. PM for uncensored Naughty version Chrome Foil Virgin $35 Metal Virgin $40
  2. Hello all This is a pre sale thread for books that will release late May. Shipping should take place early/mid June or sooner. Payment via Paypal. Returns are accepted for any reason within 7 days of receiving. All books with be NM(9.4) or better. Shipping is via USPS priority and is $9.99 in the states, regardless of quantity. International shipping at cost. NO HOS or probation members.
  3. Reholder delivered on 3/16 was marked as "received" today.
  4. Pretty much every copper and modern book that is even a minor key has spiked. Did everyone get 10 stimulus checks except me? It will be interesting to watch what happens the rest of the year.
  5. An update, to be fair. I posted what happened on a large facebook group and it kinda went viral. They ended up reaching out to me to try and make things right. They didn't offer to sell me back my pre order but raw copies. The only thing is, this book was reprinted because of damage from the printer and it originally sold out. So I have to assume these raw copies are from the damaged batch.
  6. Five months is longer than usual, even for a pre order.
  7. I've actually never requested one but with the 180 days approaching, I didn't feel comfortable and probably would have opened a claim on the last day if they didn't respond or said no.
  8. I was really hoping that wasn't the case and the raws are selling for that much. A 9.8 graded would surely sell for more. I only asked to refresh the invoice because I only had two previous, small orders with them. If it was a retailer I've worked with for awhile, I would have just waited.
  9. I purchased five copies of pre sale CGC 9.8 book from these guys back in October that cost $70 each. There was a printing delay and there is still no ETA. No problem. I'm aware CGC ToTs are nuts, so with only 20 days left of my Paypal protection, I sent them an email asking if it was possible to renew the invoice. Refund the original order and create a new invoice so that I'm protected. They promptly cancelled my order and when no new invoice came, I messaged them on Facebook and they said no new order would be created and then blocked me. The kicker is that these books now sell for $200-$300
  10. Looking for CGC 9.8 or raw candidates for #2, 4,5,6 in platinum. Also interested in the golds but priority is to finish platinums first.
  11. Normally, it does work for EX, ME and WT. I can't speak to it if the current receiving situation effects this.
  12. As of yesterday, they are receiving books that were delivered 3/8