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  1. Agreed Mylar may be overkill but for those of us that display them, the CGC bags are too cloudy.
  2. Got this in the mail yesterday. My favorite Dell'Otto cover
  3. Only when they appear to be acting unrelaxed. Murderers are certainly heroes. "Hero" is really just subjective, isn't it? In a war, heroes from one side are certainly not to those on the other side.
  4. No. Reholders should be done in 2 weeks. You should call them.
  5. Honestly, for me, it's to the point where all voldy would need to do is make an improved case and upgrade their customer service to get my business. Never thought I would even consider it.
  6. They made a fix a few weeks ago and added something like, "check true price". Have you found it hasn't been working lately?
  7. 1:500 Two copies available. PM for forums discount!
  8. I could certainly be wrong but my point was, it's nothing new that con books rarely ever hold value. Was anyone shocked these were sellling for $500-$600?
  9. $355 was the last CGC 9.8 that sold. It was selling raw for, $700? More?
  10. This happens every con. The gold peaked at $600 over the weekend. $350 sales, this morning when I checked. A couple lower since and on it's way down. This is nothing new. It will level out at $100-$150 in a month at most.