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  1. You're method doesn't work most of the time when an offer is involved.
  2. I usually agree with you and this is a cool cover but I can't imagine the buzz lasting more than a few months because of all the color variations we are going to see. I think just one variant will maintain any significant value. I flipped a bunch of each virgin, made my money and I'm done.
  3. Kind of. He had a very short cameo in Clone Wars, which wasn't really him. I'm sure, eventually, he will be fully integrated.
  4. Someone posted this on FB. I was amused. "My kids variant"
  5. I found them amusing for what they were. That scene has to be my favorite part though. It's the ultimate win for a troll to irritate their victim to vomiting.
  6. You silly nerds get so upset about other nerds opinions. It always make me think about this scene.
  7. I don't think it would get much fan negative reaction. There aren't many that can say they were satisfied with all three as a whole.
  8. This. We're going to see more Luke but even more Ahsoka, obviously, with her show coming up. Disney isn't going anywhere near the sequel trilogy, the most divisive 3 movies in the franchise.
  9. I'll let this soak in a couple days but definitely in my top 3 list of worst comic movies of all time.