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  1. Couldn't you just not specify a label and then after it's signed, tell CGC you want the Deadpool one? Are they going to tell you no?
  2. I was told it would have no effect on the book. Correct. Just the regular thickness books had it. They better step up their game with the new cases voldy has out now.
  3. I was just assured by a trusted source at CGC that it's just the inner well. Never noticed it before.
  4. I think I discovered how CGC eliminated/greatly reduced Newton rings. I just got 55 books back and on the back, about 30 of them have this "footprint" and its mostly the thinner books.
  5. I only have a few metal covers. It's on the plastic but hard to tell if it's the inner well or inside of the case.
  6. Maybe it's just a bad batch of plastic. About half of them have it but this was the worst.