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  1. 3 FT books received from CCS 4/18 still @"received"
  2. The tec 1000s were made very well. I expect to see many above 9.8.
  3. Thanks! There is a recycled art being used as a cover soon by Dell'Otto. They may be tweaking it because it's a "Fallen One" cover:
  4. Sure have been a lot of these popping up over the last 6 months.
  5. All books are now in! Actual scans have been added above. The two buyers thus far may take an additional 15% off anything left. Adding one more book below and will close this down tomorrow. Thanks! Vampirella Valentine's Day Special Red Virgin LTD 150 CGC SS 9.8 $150.
  6. Only six are an unacceptable amount.
  7. Just got a batch of 28. Newtons are back.
  8. I would imagine the seller could contact ebay, since it was an obvious usps mix up. I agree though that it's a slippery slope.
  9. It's absolutely the seller's responsibility until the buyer receives the item. I had a similar thing happen to me but luckily the tracking clearly showed it was delivered to a business and not a residential location. Seller just responded, "Not my fault. It's delivered." Now, he didn't do anything wrong but it IS the cost of doing business. I filed an ebay claim and won. I wonder though, if the tracking showed it was delivered to a residential area, would ebay/paypal still side with the buyer?
  10. There isn't a verified status any longer. It went right to SFG on 4/9.