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  1. EXTREMELY happy with this little purchase! There are some small imperfections, but the white pages and the glossy black cover more than make up for it!
  2. Head on over and follow my page, listing a bunch of key books now!
  3. That will remain to be seen lol, but I think I will.
  4. Actually, the Iron Fist is probably mid-grade. I know, hard to tell from the picture. This showcase though is probably in 8.0, and that Tales to astonish 44 is a good mid-grade 4.0 to 5.0. I am keeping the Showcase in the tales to astonish and probably selling all the rest lol.
  5. So, I did a thing...bought a small but mighty collection. Maybe around 1,200 books, a very small percentage junk and a very large percentage NOT JUNK!
  6. Hello fellow collectors! I want to kind of "re-introduce" myself and tell you a little about my new comic book Facebook page, Tropic Lightning Comics. My name is Tom and I have been a member of the boards for quite a while and find it to be extremely insightful and full of helpful, knowledgeable people! I have used the boards for a little bit of buying and selling (see kudos link) but mainly have used eBay and Facebook Marketplace. I recently created a business page on Facebook, "Tropic Lightning Comics" with the intent to eventually sell my "blue-chip" books when I retire here in a fe
  7. Giant Size X-Men #1, CGC graded 7.0 $2,400 Now $2300. (I have received a couple messages on this, good price but the pages are turning people off. Understood, noted and processed dropped $100) (UPDATE: I will consider trades + cash. Looking for golden-age Sub-Mariner, Marvel silver and bronze-age key books) Case is in perfect shape. Rules: 1. I will accept PayPal goods and services or cash. 2. Shipping is $15 priority USPS in the US and I typically hit the post office on Tuesdays and Fridays. If outside of the US please contact me. 3. No return for CGC graded b
  8. I prefer a raw copy but will consider a slab. Looking for lower grade, 3.0 to 4.5 area. Can't really say what I will pay as there are no real sales history on this book, at least what I could find.
  9. Not sure how this one slipped by me in my all first appearance quest but glad I got it! Thanks Gary Dolgoff if you are on the boards!
  10. I have been selling a lot of my collection the last couple of years to pick up the big major Marvel keys. I have done that so now I'm on to the somewhat smaller keys, and pretty happy with my latest pickup.