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  1. And thanks for trying! I have issue #2, can get #1 on ebay but I never see the last issue.
  2. Excellent, thanks. I know this sounds dumb, what if I dont use Instagram lol? Any other way to get in touch with him?
  3. Hi Dale! I checked your site, you don't currently have any. but do you ever run across Namora from 1948?
  4. Probably never happen, but my goal is to find Namora #3!
  5. Golden age Namora #3, 1948. Looking for preferably a raw copy in the 2.0 - 4.0 range. I cannot say what I am willing to spend because honestly I have no idea on the sales history as these rarely come up. I am PayPal ready though. I know this might be a tough one, but thanks all the same!
  6. Purchased a long sought after golden-age Namora #2 from Pablo and I love it! The book is great, just as he described, but he is also very easy and pleasant to deal with. I thank you sir!
  7. Setting up to link to my profile. Have dealt with a lot of great people here lately, buying and selling.
  8. Kudos to David for a)extremely easy, pleasant transaction! Easy to talk to and negotiate with, it was a pleasure doing business! (Sold TOD #1 CGC 9.0)
  9. Hello, quite possibly interested! Would you mind PM'ing me a back cover scan please? You wouldn't happen to have issues 1 and 3 also would you?
  10. Selling a few Batman keys: If you compare the prices for the exact grades on Ebay you will see these are very fairly priced, even a little lower. Batman 171, 1st Riddler. $450 Batman 181, 1st Poison Ivy. $425 Batman 232, 1st Ra's Al Ghul. $530 Detective Comics 359, 1st Batgirl. $530 First "I'll take it" gets them. PayPal goods and services only please. No HOS or probation members. Prices do not include shipping. $14.00 Priority shipping anywhere in the U.S., will ship within 1 day of payment. If outside the country please contact me for a quote. No returns on CGC graded books.
  11. PM me, I may have a lot of what you are looking for without looking too specifically at your list. I have a lot of Essentials, GN's, Masterworks and trade paperbacks most of which are unread.