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  1. I concur! Also, since we are on the topic, I have often thought about doing the same, but does the lighting affect the comics at all? In other words, any discoloration?
  2. You bet! I just found three of them with that search, good luck!
  3. That's actually what I meant; that's what I have been trying to do (from one of my own already sold listings), no success.
  4. Try a draft (new listing), I would be curious if you have same issue.
  5. 100% agree. Have used my phone for a long time now, so easy. Haven't been able to list since yesterday.
  6. I think they did, although not sure if it's permanent yet; I have a ticket in for it. If that's the case then I am officially done.
  7. Does anyone else list strictly using their mobile device? It appears you can no longer list comic books from the app, you must use a computer...what?! I REALLY hope this is just a glitch and not permanent!
  8. Agreed! I have the hulk and spidey, never ran across the FF in the wild yet.
  9. Bumping before sending to ebay or Heritage. Will work with you on payment method and a little on price.
  10. Rules: 1. First "I'll take it" in the thread wins and trumps all negotiations. 2. No one on any nasty lists please. No trades. 3. For this sale I prefer a fee-free payment method if possible: check, money order, in-person cash, cashiers check. Checks need to clear first before book is sent. 4. Since it is CGC graded, no returns. 5. Shipping in CONUS included in price. 6. My kudos link below. I will also be happy to share my eBay feedback (100%) as well as my Facebook Marketplace profile (5 stars). $15,000
  11. Sharing three more recent acquisitions to my ever growing Sub-Mariner collection. The first is from Georgie123 here on the boards, thanks Georgie!
  12. Just purchased a gorgeous golden age Sub-Mariner #20 CGC 6.5 from Georgie; the shipping was lightning fast, the packaging was superb and he's a great guy to deal with!
  13. Good luck! They are hard to come by for sure.