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  1. Not sure how this one slipped by me in my all first appearance quest but glad I got it! Thanks Gary Dolgoff if you are on the boards!
  2. I have been selling a lot of my collection the last couple of years to pick up the big major Marvel keys. I have done that so now I'm on to the somewhat smaller keys, and pretty happy with my latest pickup.
  3. I am not looking to sell this, but I have always been curious what this would grade at considering there is some ink overspray. Not sure if that affects the great or not. The covers have excellent gloss and colors, and the pages are off white. The corners appear to be pretty sharp, the lower right corner he has a little bit of wear that I tried to take a picture of.
  4. Technically not hung on the wall yet, but stone cold cool! Kirby prints from 1972!
  5. And a few more items from the same collection.
  6. Very happy to have run across these, and very unexpected! Jack Kirby "Gods" prints from 1972. They are getting framed and going on my wall! The last image is what I believe the cardboard box that these originally shipped in.
  7. It's too bad about the spine ticks, would be an otherwise nice book, but still pretty happy with it.
  8. Awesome, thank you. I guess they will make great readers! And Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 and New Gods #1 was part of that collection lol.
  9. I know that tape on comic books is usually a death sentence, but I am very curious about something like this. The original owner decided to (very neatly and well done) put tape along all the spines of his comic books. He did this not to fix a flaw or a bad spine, but rather to preserve an already nice spine. As you you can see, the spine is very nice indeed. So my question is, this is an otherwise very nice comic book; great color and gloss, pages are off white, etc. How does this tape affect the grade?
  10. Good morning all! Hoping someone has some insight as to the general value of this book? I have scoured Ebay and the interwebs and cannot find any current or sold listings. I know this black suit appearance predates ASM 252, but only as "promo appearance". Someone through a group on Facebook offered a nice price but I want to do my due diligence before accepting.
  11. Love it, and i totally agree! Once I get it framed and hanging I will post a pic.
  12. What do you think, to display or not to display, that us the question. Obvious water damage, not the best condition but rare and COOL!