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  1. I found a link on YouTube to build a cabinet around it and use as a coffee table with legs as suggested earlier. I am going to strategically put led rope lighting behind the colored discs to make it pop.
  2. Because it seems quite a few of you were interested, I thought I would share my progress on the Incredible Hulk pinball machine. First, I disassembled as much as I could. Took all the hardware off and cleaned it with CLR. Took the graphics off and just cleaned with soap and water. I even took apart the two bumpers and cleaned them! Next, I had to take off all the old electronics on the back in order to get to the colored discs that would normally light up. Dirt, grime and possibly mice droppings galore in those! I used dust off to blow that out, then windex to clean the discs. Last, I sprayed several coats of Krylon to try to preserve what little paint there is left. Of the side by side pics, the one on the left is the finished product, the one on the right when I received the piece. The last pic is what it will look like all lit up from behind. Pros: the colors popped from the several coats of Krylon; the graphics came out very nice; the colored discs cleaned up extremely well. Cons: the paint continues to chip, and the rust is too deep, will not come off.
  3. Well, it all started with the smaller numbers ones and first appearances; Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Iron Man. ASM 129, 55, etc. Then it graduated to some slightly higher number ones, X-men 1, Avengers 1, etc. From there first appearance Thor, Iron Man. Then this and AF 15. Mostly all lower grades, but still, happy to have them!
  4. This week (actually today) in my collection. My last major Marvel key book.
  5. Well, I got the top piece off. After taking the bracket off that was on that piece, there's hope in restoring some of the color.
  6. Awesome, thank you! I feel honored you signed up just to comment on this thread lol. I will get to the rust here in a sec, but first: 1. I agree with what some said here, and that is I will not touch the paint. Its starting to flake I certainly dont want to make it worse. 2. I'm taking off the hardware,maybe soak it in some CLR while I clean the plastic graphics; i would like to keep it as much original as i can. 3. Thank you for addressing the rust, and I agree with you. I would like to get "some" off, at least to keep it from spreading. The good news? Those panels at the top and bottom will come off, they're just held on by screws, so I wont risk damaging the rest of the piece. 4. I'm not even close to considering the electronics; for now I just want to focus on getting it somewhat presentable.
  7. Here is an example of what just some light cleaning with water will do...the first obviously still on the board untouched. The second is lightly cleaned.
  8. True, but I would like to see at least a little of it gone. I want the ol greenskin to pop more!
  9. Thank you sir. I agree, definitely not touching the paint; its starting to flake, so I certainly do not want to further damage it. But to clean it and get those colors to pop will make a world of difference. I have to say, I cannot wait to get started!
  10. An electrician I am not, lol. I would probably electrocute myself. But yeah, that would be very cool.
  11. Well, I got it home. First thing is to to slowly take it apart and get it cleaned. Hardware, the plastic painted pieces, etc. I would like to get some of the rust off too, but obviously don't want to take off any paint. Cleaning ideas and advice more than welcome! Here is the before pic, I will definitely post the "after" when completed! $60 and a 5 mile drive...I'll take it!
  12. Yeah, I think it's very cool too. I have not considered a shadow box, good idea.
  13. Curious if anyone has ever seen this before? Apparently it's an Incredible Hulk playing field from a vintage pinball machine. Thinking about adding it to my comic room, but not sure on how to display. Any ideas?