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  1. Completely agree with this! IF I wanted some strangers narration I'd watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000...
  2. Wiki has a good table that I followed when reading them online... WIKI - I also used this to order my books and labeled the # on the outside of the bag/board
  3. I think people that are selling on CLINK are leaving money on the table...the e-Bay audience seems to be much, much larger and likely represent a more accurate "market value" instead of the smaller, uber collectors that frequent CLINK...
  4. I read 1-50 here... you need to look up what order to read them in as they’re not numbered.
  5. I really enjoyed the show. A lot of nostalgia and some great background on the formation of Image Comics. Good stuff
  6. show'em! There's also another thread that was posted recently...
  7. Haven't seen this beautiful Dave Stevens back cover posted yet...
  8. Nice sale... DEATH RATTLE #8 CGC 9.8 SALE
  9. Loved this movie and all of the BTAS's time I add this one to my collection. Batman: Mask of Phantasm - The Animated Movie (1994), No. nn
  10. Was reading up on some of the Black Widow updates today and Taskmaster's 1st appearance on the silver me thinking...who else are we expecting to see make their 1st silver screen appearance soon (announced and speculated)? MARVEL: Taskmaster (Black Widow – May ’20 – confirmed) Red Hulk (Black Widow – May ’20 – speculated, possibly She-Hulk?) Morbius (Morbius – July ’20 – confirmed – duh) Carnage (Venom 2 – as Carnage, not Hamish from Hunger Games) Mandarin (Shang-Chi – Feb ’21 – confirmed) Jane Foster as Thor (Thor: Love and Thunder
  11. Here are some of my favorites...including Big Red...
  12. Wow, blast from the past...amazing how quickly that thread went down hill...