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  1. Wow...that is horrible company to keep for comic movies...
  2. Good point. Disney just needs to buy Dark Horse/Legend comics...problem solved
  3. I would guess that a Halloween release would have done exponentially better...but maybe not...the critic slams would have still been there regarding the sloppy storyline and editing.
  4. Saw the movie tonight...not sure what to think...and I’m a HUGE Hellboy fan. I recently read through the books and this one seemed to stay much closer to the source material than the Del Toro movies, but I can certainly see the complaints about the poor editing. The movie jumped to scenes that seemed to come out of nowhere, like the Baba Yaga visit and the Hell on Earth scene...absolutely no setup and *poof*, you’re in a scene that doesn’t make a lot of sense. They really needed to have someone set this stuff up a little better with some storytelling prior to a random scene showing up. I did like the fact that it was darker, and more of a horror film (although not scary)...seemed to fit the feel of the source material better. Some of the lines were pretty cheesy...”stay behind me”. Come on. I wasn’t really feeling the Monaghan character and they botched the Lobster Johnson intro by going off --script and having him show up in the Seed of Destruction line. They really could have done without the whole Hellboy in Mexico intro scenes and used that time to setup more of the backstory for the upcoming scenes...that whole beginning of the movie just seemed to be a gratuitous way to get that one-shot covered in the movie and felt completely unnecessary for the main storyline. I liked the Hellboy vs. the giants scene, the Baba Yaga house scene and the ending 60-days later scene with the awesome Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart song was pretty badass...the only good song I heard in the entire score. Rant over. I’ll be watching it again, but they certainly missed the mark with a movie that had a lot of promise. Bummer.
  5. I haven't seen X-Force #1 in $1 bins for about a year now...good for you. My response was more about overprinted selling for quite a bit more than it should.
  6. Spawn #1, X-Force #1 say hi...those overprinted books have seen an uptick as well. Amazing...
  7. Aliens #1 (1988) CGC 9.6 has 3 of the last 4 sales in GPA at $250+...I think the sale in Feb for $52 was probably a fake.
  8. If we’re going to continue to add cover appearances/magazines/Mignola Interviews then we may as well add Wizard #31 (Mar ‘94) to the set as well. Hellboy on cover and Mignola interview.
  9. Ouch! I was afraid they were trying to cram too much in to a reboot origin movie. Suck...
  10. That's a good buy...I almost pulled the trigger myself. Congrats!
  11. I LOVED this movie...and it's my 11 year old's favorite movie. If you haven't seen Shaolin Soccer, that's a must watch as well...made by the same guys with many of the same actors. Highly recommended as well.
  12. Did you reprint your post? Looks like it's doubled up in the OP...