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  1. Here are some of my favorites...including Big Red...
  2. Wow, blast from the past...amazing how quickly that thread went down hill...
  3. Got my criminally undergraded Mignola's back this week. LOVE me some Hellboy! I'm thinking my grader got a ticket on their way in to work the morning they looked at these...
  4. My books were signed at SDCC July 19-21...they were "received" AUGUST 13, the day after I called about them, and are still in RECEIVED status...patience my friend...patience
  5. Maybe they ran out of yellow SS labels... So my Mignola SS books sit mired in "RECEIVED" status...ugh
  6. Good for you. Mine says it was received 8/13/19 and sits in "Received" status now...amazingly slow...
  7. Does anyone have books that were submitted at SDCC in any status other than "Received"?
  8. Just finished Ep1...WOW, this looks freaking good!!! I may be binging this weekend!!!
  9. Just got a bunch of books back...Mark Schultz goodness!! CGC 9.6 is certainly the new CGC 9.8...
  10. I’d like to formally request this this NOT be added to the Xenozoic Tales set! Most of this run of Xenozoic books has 2nd and 3rd printings. Your talking about doubling the set with meaningless printing designations. To the I say nay!! 😉
  11. Shame. No Hellboy movie for another few decades now. Movie was doomed from the start with all of the crappy critic ratings...
  12. I'm going with the confused one...because now we're supposed to censor our own personal conversations until the planet has seen the movie just in case someone is eavesdropping on your conversation?
  13. Just got a copy of Wizard #1, just for kicks and reading these old magazines. Wonder what "Ben Dover" is up to these days??? YEP, they had it right...