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  1. My review of Keystone: The show was lite overall, there was a lot of open space and not enough comic dealers for my taste. I do not do much with ANYTHING else, so the focus is comics. I did buy from Zapp comics as well as another dealer, I am happy with my little stack of books but only spent about $100.00. CGC was pretty lite as I was only there Friday, I submitted some economy and moderns the Economy all graded where I expected, the Moderns were all higher minus (2) 9.8s that were expected. Honestly, the on site grading makes the show worthwhile. Hopefully this stays the norm as there is a lot of room for improvement as well as a good market out that way. There was still a ton of books in the room, but a lot of dealers trying to sell copper keys 20% over Ebay pricing is just stupid. But the established dealers were all good to buy from, plenty of books available and some deals to be had.
  2. Who is going to be at Keystone this Friday. I will be in the house and would love to catch up with a few fellow board members. Pat
  3. IF you sell a book and they get it graded, you do not have to accept the return as the book has now been tampered with. With that said, I would still take the return. Pat
  4. Alright, closing this one up. PM any offers if you like, but they are being moved on. Thank you, Pat-
  5. Phantom Stranger 1 CGC 9.0 White pages. Sharp copy, great colors! $200.00
  6. Welcome! I am offering a quick sales thread with a few great books for sale here before they get listed in the abyss!! trumps all, PM reasonable offers. Shipping will be $15.00 for a flat rate box in the U.S., International will be cheapest method. Paypal, Check, or Money Order acceptable No probation listers or Hall Of Shame If you don't like it, return it. Shipping to be paid by buyer. Any additional questions, please ask. Thank you! Pat-
  7. We have some auctions ending this Sunday. All books start at a .99 opening bid with no reserve. Will be running auctions for the foreseeable future. https://www.ebay.com/usr/oldfashionpbandj Thank you for looking, Pat-
  8. And you will learn the true meaning of patience
  9. Last time we spoke you had told me about the She Hulk books, congrats Joey