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  1. Sorry can't help you there. You can try emailing the Kubert school, they can probably answer quickly.
  2. Great job Lee, finding comp's for all your art estimates! Heritage is still putting some serious art in these weekly auctions, sheesh
  3. Catwoman_Fan

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    Cool, I had missed the Joe pages he listed (or sold off site). By the time I asked they were long gone.
  4. The signature looks spot on to me. Joe was offering signed / sketched books through his Kubert school for a few years. I don't see any reason to doubt it (there are more valuable things people fake)
  5. Catwoman_Fan

    HA February Auction

    Oh I thought that it was Eric Roberts that passed away. His CAF collection is brilliant. But I couldn't find Ethan on CAF, sounds like an impressive collection too.
  6. Catwoman_Fan

    Where's all the GI Joe art? (#1-50)

    Can you share them?
  7. Catwoman_Fan

    Larry Stroman: Reputable?

    Looks like serendipity hasn’t been on these boards for a year and a half. So they may not be involved with Larry, now... their comments are rather old
  8. Catwoman_Fan

    Taurus Auctions

    Thats Eric Canete’s signature
  9. Unpublished Sean Gordon Murphy - last page from an unpublished Batman / Freeze story. Batman returns Victor to prison, then gives him a personal message
  10. Marshall Rogers prelim to Batman Dark Detective 5 title page Unpublished
  11. Catwoman (Batman Returns version) by Daniel Warren Johnson Unpublished
  12. Wow! Yeah, first appearance in continuity, misidentified I’m sure.
  13. Catwoman_Fan

    Wrightson/Frazetta Artist

    I agree on Kyle Hotz, he is influenced by Frazetta and Wrightson (more so)
  14. Catwoman_Fan

    Black Friday Sales

    How do you find out, what art is on sale? I didn't notice an announcement on the homepage.
  15. Catwoman_Fan

    2019 Collecting Goals Thread

    I get caught up in the sparkly fresh art on ebay/dealer updates. Someone on the board mentioned these keys to collecting, that I'll include here. My Goal for 2019 is to not buy anything just for the sake of buying. Only go after art that gives me goosebumps, and will give me the same enthusiasm a year from now, as the day I purchased it. And continue selling art to finance purchases. Art I'm looking for in 2019 (and beyond) - Kelley Jones Batman page - Kurt Schaffenberger Lois Lane 70-71 page (featuring Catwoman) - David Mazzucchelli Batman sketch - Mark Bagley Venom page