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  1. Those auction prices seem insanely high, from what Splash page priced at. Is his market really that hot? I’m pretty sure they dropped him as a client. Maybe they just deactivated his gallery, that’s why stuff shows through CAF
  2. Speaking of daredevil, Lee Weeks has gotten better with age. Not that he was poor before (especially with having Williamson inks). Frank Quitely’s art now has a mass appeal, which I didn’t find in his 90’s style. His 2000’s output was insanely good. Adam Hughes has hit another gear, over the last 10 years. Technical advances have benefited many artists, along with doing their own coloring.
  3. Same here. I’d love a panel from the original Click or Butterscotch. But have settled on a Kama Sutra image (1997, quite risqué and but not the detail of his 80s classics)
  4. I love that Batman MotP piece. Used to own it years ago and still regret letting it go
  5. Darwyn Cooke. I couldn't stand his Catwoman redesign, and thought he was a Bruce Timm clone, who couldn't draw sexy girls . Bruce was a god due to BTAS, and Darwyn's art seemed too cartoony without the Timm style (pretty sure certain early editors thought the same). Gene Colan and Jim Aparo. I lump them together because their art seemed very dated (with poor draftsmanship) compared to 90's contemporaries. Later seeing their earlier works under different inkers (Aparo himself) made a world of difference.
  6. Same. I’ve always loved this cover. Hope you tracked it down
  7. Looks like he lowered the asking price to $1,600 or best offer!
  8. Take 15% off listed prices - for CGC board members! Hope all in the US are having a relaxing holiday! And happy weekend to all!
  9. Thanks, I try to keep prices reasonable. I am a collector and only sell when I have to.
  10. I posted several pieces for sale on CAF with art by John Byrne Mark Buckingham Budd Root Graham Nowlan Shane Glines and more... Please take a browse:
  11. He's also cross promoting it on CAF. Just trying to get the most eyes... but once you signed up with Clink, I thought they had exclusive rights to the sale (so , no ebay)
  12. Glad it was resolved and sorry to hear about your experience. Buyers beware! There are tons of artists that have similar reputations, where they have trouble (to say the least) with shipping out finished artwork. My friend successfully ordered predone pieces from Larry through facebook (against my recommendation). But they arrived promptly (ish) without heartache. Now my friend just has a few artists left that he's been waiting 4-7 years on. I had only 1 issue with a commission/shipping , and that involved Bill Sienkiewicz. After 3-4 months I started (internally) freaking out. This was over a decade ago, and in hindsight I wish I had been more patient because all I did was cause myself aggravation. 3-4 months is nothing, artists are flighty and unless they completely disappear off social media (this was pre-facebook) there is always a chance to get your art (...eventually). When i make purchases through ebay, I much have higher standards.
  13. Check out the seller's closed auctions. Firstly, can it be proven that they are vintage? That is my main concern. I'm not jealous, but am more concerned that a dealer will pass them off as Bob Kane sketches - without any proof. Its a shame that Shelly Moldoff or Lew Schwartz aren't around to chime in. Assuming they are old, the set is such an oddity, to me it makes the most sense that someone at DC created them (as, who else would have had access to all the comics?) as a reference for Finger or other writers/artists. So they could reuse characters, or not unintentionally repeat names. my . take it for what it's worth.
  14. What is the consensus, are they authentic vintage art? If the seller was just offering the "main" villains, I would have been more likely to suspect they were all fakes. But who spends the time to draw dozens of random Golden age thugs? Very impressive final numbers. Well over $1,000 on several of them. Were the winners bidding crazy, hoping they were by Bob? Or does it not matter, because they are just cool really-early fan art? I just couldn't pull the trigger on any.
  15. One of Jim Steranko's $150 Fury Icon sketches, on comic board. Jim brings these to every show, as an affordable option for fans. They typically sell for $150-300 on ebay (depending on how many auctions are running). Seeing the $1,200 price tag was jaw dropping. Am I missing something?