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  1. Yeah, his recent cover to Berserker 1 (not Hellboy or BPRD) sold for less than $2,000, on ebay. These two also come to mind Marshall Rogers Detective Comics > Dr Strange > Silver Surfer Kelley Jones Sandman (though he didn't do the covers) > Batman > Magneto (random marvel comic)
  2. Which Ditko pieces came from the family, just the 2011 complete story?
  3. I agree that is not a comp. A small example is that Heritage sold the Joker/Batman interiors from the above Power Records story, for 2-4 thousand (even i was able to afford one with Joker ). As for 251, even pages with little to no Batman sell for 4x that.
  4. Hi This week I have multiple auctions starting at $10, including early Darwyn Cooke and later Darwyn Cooke early Milo Manara plus Sean Murphy Batman artwork for sale All are listed here:
  5. Love that angular art and monotone Harley. What size and medium did Bruce use ?
  6. Hi Mike brought some published and unpublished 11x17 art to sell last month, at the Lightbox expo. If anyone happened to get prices and pics, I’d love to know what he had available at the show Thanks in advance! (...feel free to PM if you prefer)
  7. I missed the boat, didn’t realize that the JSC art was simultaneously for sale online, when the gallery opened last night Did anyone happen to capture all of the 120 pieces that were available? Also does anyone have photos from the Gallery reception, held Friday night?
  8. Not much Cooke art appears on ebay , great find and nice display!
  9. But Kane prelims are full size, while Bolland prelims are quite small, not even 8.5 x 11 inch.
  10. I have the following pages listed On eBay , through Sunday Thanks, Anthony CAF link
  11. Back when Adam Hughes did sketch cards, I believe the rate was practically the same
  12. At the time (before reading NF) I would have said that Batman should have been more prominent. But now, I just love it! Is it published?
  13. Hi, Can you explain what makes their creative processes so unique?