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  1. Mike Mignola is still drawing and painting at a high level. He's temporarily retired a time or two, but he keeps working with con sketches, covers, and the occasional interior work. I second Brian Bolland , and I'm not sure how prolific he's been over the last 5-10 years. What are his recent projects?
  2. Hi, I have 8 pieces on Clink, ending tomorrow evening. CAVEWOMAN COLOR (Not Safe for Work) Budd Root BATMAN / ALIENS PAGE 28 Bernie Wrightson BATMAN: DARK DETECTIVE Marshall Rogers/Austin Title page NEW X-MEN #120 COVER Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely art IRON MAN ILLUSTRATION Mark Brooks CATWOMAN ILLUSTRATION Jim Balent CATWOMAN published page with action, Jim Balent HELLBOY ILLUSTRATION Mike Mignola Happy hunting and thanks for looking! DM me with any questions. Anthony
  3. OH yeah - nice find. You'll have better luck at auctions, than trying to pickup covers directly, in that price range. Maybe this didn't have enough HB for potential buyers? I bet someone lost money on that sale. His HB pages sell for 3k+, so a cover for 5.4 is a good buy. There's a sketchbook cover on for about 5k.
  4. Could you share that 2018 HB cover ? It may have been priced based on what the seller paid, and I think Mike's prices have increased.
  5. If you have patience you’ll find a non Hellboy cover for 4K or so. But anything with Hellboy (not BPRD) will be more. For example, the ones from last month’s show, are what Mike charges
  6. Personally, I haven't checked a live auction since the schedule changed. Of course I could set an alert, but I was so trained to Sunday that it's a big adjustment ( It doesn't enter my mind on Monday evening, as I'm finishing my work day or commuting home ).
  7. Did Joe actually do colored pencil commissions? I’ve seen a lot attributed to him (mostly through Burkey’s website- he had 4 posted at one time)
  8. Just to echo, while I don’t follow Vess or Sandman art, I have an acquaintance interested in Sandman Vess pages, and 15k for a Sandman 75 page (featuring Morpheus) isn’t out of the question. Morpheus pages from 19 go up from there (20k+). Your page has Goldie, the brothers, young Harry Potter, and Phantom Stranger. With some iconic Morpheus shots. 7-9k makes sense, and if it’s a grail, a few thousand might be a hurdle worth tackling. Sometimes when I see “grail” prices, I have to pass and accept it wasn’t a grail for me, but will find a home in someone else’s collection.
  9. Fixed it for you He has nice art, especially art that premieres at shows. Ive found him unlikely to negotiate price, but have no complaints on service. Over 15 years I’ve got art for $30 from him (my first purchase), to several thousand dollars, and his responsiveness was always good.
  10. I am also a regular user, and find it invaluable. All site upgrades and updates are greatly appreciated!
  11. I remember following the drama in real time, and to me the art is infamous. I don't think the commissioner sold it on ebay, maybe that was a third party
  12. What's crazy to me, is that just two years ago, it sold for 22.7. I don't think it would have sold for less, this time around.