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  1. Beautiful! I would like something similar. What size is the paper?
  2. It's hard to look at the piece with fresh eyes, now. I wonder what the original commissioner didn't like about the piece. Not dynamic enough? And did he get another commission in it's place?
  3. You can just contact CAF, Bill Cox will let you know. I've asked about this before with other forgeries, and CAF hot auctions are automated. They don't manually choose the auctions.
  4. I love them, they’re often tight and drawn full sized, and cost a fraction of the published art ( 5-15% ) . So that fits my budget Here are are some of my favs
  5. Honestly , this thread and all the posts from the comic art expo left me very jealous Very happy to finally obtain my first inked Mignola sketch
  6. Mike Mignola already confirmed (on facebook) that it's a FAKE. This seller sold another fake Hellboy a week or 2 back.
  7. Seems like most are setup in advance through his agent, or they bring a bunch of predone and you can choose. His quick Batman head sketch runs from 250-500, but occasionally he still sneaks in a free one.
  8. Feel free to share pics in the Mignola art thread
  9. My guess is No. But then it sells off-ebay, from watchers making an offer.
  10. Here’s my only published Mignola, a page from the first Hellboy miniseries. And a couple free sketches Mike was willing to draw.
  11. I second Dave's recommendation, Joe Mendoza has a long history with Image comics, and Chiodo's colors on cardstock are frame worthy. He was working from a full color palette and it really shows in his work.
  12. Maybe the art passed through one of the dealers (Anthony Snyder/Burkey) did you check with them? Also, offering a finder's fee may help uncover the art.
  13. I’ve seen similar results before. Makes you wonder
  14. Do sellers have the ability to withdraw art, if concerned that it won’t sell high? I hope not. Albert had it for 10k, earlier as I recall. Would it have gone that high?