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  1. Published Cover to Razor 50 (anniversary issue) by Brian Monroe & Mike Bair
  2. UnPublished (unused for Evil Ernie Resurrection) Lady Death splash page by Steven Hughes
  3. These 3 were new to me in 2020 Dani Strips (and it killed me to skip her holiday sale) Leomacs. A drawing of June from Basket full of Heads And Mirka Andolfo, who has been around almost 5 yrs (on Harley Quinn, Bombshells, Teen Titans) but I only noticed after creator books Mercy and Unnatural
  4. I had some success with my 2020 goals... Milo Manara - a published strip from Kama Sutra J Scott Campbell - a vintage sketch of Danger Girl David Mazzucchelli - Batman from 2007 These goals are new or carry overs to 2021 Richard Corben Frank Quitely Batman published art Bill Sienkiewicz page or commission with Batman or Joker or Catwoman Alessandro Barbucci Catwoman commission Kelley Jones page or commission with Batman or Catwoman Ditko page (likely from Valiant or another later project) and especially - sell more than I buy - stay focused on my goals, and review goals b
  5. I had one purchase in the Nov signature auction, and was nervous to receive it , because it was oversized (20x30 inch). But it arrived less than 2 weeks after payment, and they didn’t even charge more for shipping. i also was curious about artcurial (after just joining up). Sorry to hear about the troubles.
  6. It was available for a few weeks in September. I was surprised it didn’t sell quicker.
  7. I use Yahoo mail, and the daily CAT emails always showed in my spam folder. Even though I added the address to my contacts, and marked it as "not spam". Then, starting a few weeks ago, yahoo must have started blocking the emails entirely. They didn't even show under my spam folder. So I switched my CAT to use a gmail account, and now the emails arrive perfectly. Just an FYI
  8. There's a color Harley Quinn ending on Heritage soon. The Black Canary sold through CAF recently, was also very nice. I prefer his earlier color pieces, even though they had little to no background.
  9. Same for me. I primarily hit the sources, through the homepage, when I would first visit the site.
  10. Those auction prices seem insanely high, from what Splash page priced at. Is his market really that hot? I’m pretty sure they dropped him as a client. Maybe they just deactivated his gallery, that’s why stuff shows through CAF
  11. Speaking of daredevil, Lee Weeks has gotten better with age. Not that he was poor before (especially with having Williamson inks). Frank Quitely’s art now has a mass appeal, which I didn’t find in his 90’s style. His 2000’s output was insanely good. Adam Hughes has hit another gear, over the last 10 years. Technical advances have benefited many artists, along with doing their own coloring.
  12. Same here. I’d love a panel from the original Click or Butterscotch. But have settled on a Kama Sutra image (1997, quite risqué and but not the detail of his 80s classics)
  13. I love that Batman MotP piece. Used to own it years ago and still regret letting it go
  14. Darwyn Cooke. I couldn't stand his Catwoman redesign, and thought he was a Bruce Timm clone, who couldn't draw sexy girls . Bruce was a god due to BTAS, and Darwyn's art seemed too cartoony without the Timm style (pretty sure certain early editors thought the same). Gene Colan and Jim Aparo. I lump them together because their art seemed very dated (with poor draftsmanship) compared to 90's contemporaries. Later seeing their earlier works under different inkers (Aparo himself) made a world of difference.