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  1. Pokémon politics brings out the worst in people. I apologize in advance for any stress this thread causes you.
  2. Fun lawsuit brought by our own, Mark Zaid.
  3. Renault is making a live--action car commercial based on the ’80s ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ cartoon! This is so nostalgic but really weird.
  4. Question: when the Night King raised all the fallen soldiers at the end of episode 3, wouldn’t that have meant they would all have turned to dust when the Night King was killed? How were the bodies still around for the funeral scene at the beginning of episode 4?
  5. Hello my friend! Yes, as soon as I get home from C2E2 I will PM you interior pics.
  6. Here is a bump. thread will close at 5:00 pm (EST) today. Anything not sold will be moved to IG.
  7. An even rarer Centaur. An impossible book to find. Star Comics #2 from April 1937. 3.0 $725
  8. Next up is a really rare Centaur. Star Rangers #6 from September 1937. 3.0. $500
  9. 4 Most v2 no.4. Tri-axis leader war cover. 3.0. $250
  10. Menace Cartoons. Very rare book. Published in 1914!! by Menace Publishing. It reprints anti-Catholic cartoons from a KKK related publication, The Menace. A piece of history right here. Only 1 graded copy by CGC. $400