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  1. Sardo Numspar

    Stolen comics

    The owner of these books is a wonderful guy who is well known to many in this community. He is understandably devestated about this. Please keep your eyes peeled on eBay for vhigh grade Batman’s, including pedigree copies. If you see anything suspect, please message me here and I will put you in touch with the owner. Josh
  2. You could not be more correct here. Keys and quality over quantity.
  3. I liked it overall. I thought the final fight with Black Manta looked like a boss battle scene in an episode of Power Rangers.
  4. Thanks Dan! My faves as well. Goal next year is to track down a few more Capcom cardboard HT’s.
  5. I'm a big supporter and believer in WATA and their product. I was waiting for a company like WATA to emerge because I never felt confident in the VGA product. Here are a few examples of my WATA certified games:
  6. Unused L.B. Cole cover proof. The last item I acquired from my friend, John Verzyl.
  7. Richard, I missed seeing you in NY this year. Maybe ill have to check out the OAF next year.
  8. Sardo Numspar

    A surprise visit from George Tuska at NY Comic Con!

    Definitely his sig! What a great find.
  9. Sam is a really great person. He doesn’t post here much, but he is a tremendous collector. Please help him out in finding this book if you can.
  10. Sardo Numspar

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    Great, here come the “classy” boardies.
  11. Sardo Numspar

    The rise of Instagram sellers

    Thank you!! What is your IG handle?
  12. Sardo Numspar

    The rise of Instagram sellers

    Thanks my man! I’m glad you enjoy some of those items. I try to include a detailed background for most of them.
  13. Sardo Numspar

    Cbcnow Feedback / Kudos Thread

    Isaac, thanks for the smooth traps action and wonderful book. Shipping condition was superb.