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  1. does anyone know if he is doing commissions and about how to get in contact with him? thanks for your help guenter
  2. done by giordano (pencil and ink) price is incl. shipping 3.660.- PayPal is great using friends & family
  3. hi, i put 3 covers up for sale....prices are to a certain point negotiable. thanks for looking best, guenter
  4. i am offering here the detective cover # 492...price is 13.500 or best offer + shipping batmans head is original thanks guenter
  5. since nobody was really interested i put it on the is the link: thanks for looking (and eventually bidding :-) )
  6. mitch just told me that he doesn't rep him.....
  7. does anyone who is representing him? thanks guenter
  8. yes...the gammill was unfotunately to "healthy" for me...:-)