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  1. There’s a bit of premium over the standard versions on those issues. Very nice find!
  2. Lunch time trade deal. When it rains, it pours.
  3. I wish. It’s not because I wasn’t trying
  4. Same. Went back to look for it and it’s gone. Weird.
  5. Some have been graded I think. I remember seeing a pic of a 9.4 recently. Update. Can’t see any in the registry
  6. It was a feeble given away at comic shops and it’s believed to have low distribution (I suspect Covid related) Features art from the first issue. Thing is. Book was supposed to be released last week but has been pushed back to late October. They are re-doing the art.
  7. A copy of the Last Ronin Ashcan/Preview sold for 300.00 today.
  8. Man. All those Marvel Tales are going to be worth a fortune. “Marvel Tales 106-Rare first cover appearance of the Punisher”
  9. Sales data and print runs are two different things. They could have printed 3000, but only sold 809. The balance could end up in Walmart packs at one point down the road. Look at Symbiote Spider-Man 4 2nd print
  10. Where does your print run data come from? Is that copies sold, or copies printed? Those are two totally different things.
  11. One week’s unwanted variant could become next week’s must have variant. Look at Invincible Iron Man 9. For a while, no one wanted the variant; now; it’s the must have.