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  1. The rarest of the BOTP books IMHO. Never saw one as a kid, took 20 years to find one (pre-internet )
  2. I still have not received my Venom 33 raw unsigned from them yet. I’ll pass
  3. It’s like the Invincible Larry’s edition. It’s listed under the first print listing, and a publication date of 1/2003, but when you look at the indicia, thé copyright says 2004.
  4. None of mine are that high. The #10 had gotten expensive because it’s a flip book with Avengers Unplugged 5. I actually bought issue 3 off the newsstand back in the day.
  5. Yeah, the indicia has both titles mentioned on both the front and back. Given that the price is on thé Untold Tales side, and the title is listed first and the issue number corresponds with Untold, that tells me it’s the newsstand version of Untold Tales. I suspect they added the flip book so it would be at a certain price point for retailers. I’ve been chasing these forever!
  6. Those are actually Untold Tales of Spider-Man newsstands. They should never have been labeled as Fantastic Four Unplugged. The Flip books later became Avengers Unplugged and Uncanny Origins.
  7. The label says 1/2003 but the copyright in the indicia says 2004
  8. My thought exactly, but some people in my circles don’t seem to believe that. They think it’s a variant that came out at the same time.
  9. This debate has surfaced locally, so I did a little research on the Invincible Larry’s Variant. It seems the copyright date is 2004 on the variant, but the original has a date of 2003. Why has CGC been labeling it as a variant of the first print, when it is a reprint?
  10. Flash 275 is one of my faves!
  11. I think this might be the new TMNT Adventures all over again. Let the confusion begin over the printings for newer collectors.
  12. All Star Squadron 47 could be big. Dr. Fate origin and McFarlane art.
  13. Which series are we referring to? Marvel or Sig?