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  1. Looks like it’s available from these guys, but at a hefty markup.
  2. They’re inverting the black and white for the 1:50 variant
  3. Found this guy yesterday. Not in great shape, but a neat find.
  4. Got these from a shop, but find them everywhere.
  5. Oddly enough, picked these up yesterday. Overstreet mistakenly refers to the 75 cent versions as Whitman variants. They are just regular newsstand. I know, that’s where I bought mine as a kid.
  6. It’s priced at 1.49, so the going rate for comics in Canada at the time. Funny thing is, three packs were selling for 1.59 and 1.69 in the States.
  7. Found these yesterday along with some marvel prepacks from the 1980’s
  8. Found this today. Reinforces my opinion that Marvel bagged comics aren’t Whitmans, but direct market.
  9. Spotted this in my inbox this morning. Can’t find the sale on EBay but it’s quite impressive. I think this is the rarest of the Whitmans. You really don’t see it very often. That price might change that. (On a side note, it drives me crazy that they say the Whitman version of the book. It was only published by Whitman)
  10. Here’s something fun I discovered (with fellow Whitman collectors) over the years of collecting the Whitman books. There are some error price variants from the Jan 1981 issues that made it out into the wild. Not sure if they changed the plates to 50 cents (from 40 cents) mid-run when they realized the mistake, or they just decided to print more of those issues at a later date. Here are some examples, sealed and loose. Issues found to have these variants (so far) are as follows: Bugs Bunny 223 Donald Duck 225 Huey,Dewey and Louie 67 Little Lulu 262 Pink Panthe
  11. I think it related to everyone afraid of leaving some money on the table. Collectors these days seem to care more about profit, than the actual book. They all want their book to be the next DCCP 22. It’s frustrating but I find patience to be my best friend when it comes to these books. I’ve made offers on certain books repeatedly for years (like the same book, from the same seller, who never budges on price) They are way out to lunch on pricing but what can I do? I try to make my case using completed sales, etc... and hope for the best. If it doesn’t happen, so be it. On a s