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  1. The Canadian newsstands I bought at the time, had the tattoos.
  2. I think they might have been sold at an auction house on 184 street back in the day. They were broken up and split into lots with copies of every issue scattered throughout. I've seen large numbers of these issues pop up at various locations since then. Wee Book has had a bunch, as well as Tony at Ultimate. I must have at least 40 copies of the WW 98.
  3. Just picked these guys up. I think the Wonder Woman and Superman issues were packaged together.
  4. Garage sale for the first two picks and a used book store for the DCU books
  5. You might be right on the water stain, that's what I get for looking at the image on my phone.
  6. 8.0-8.5. Not sure how to grade with that small tear on the front cover.
  7. 8.0 because of the corners. Beautiful copy of a really rare book
  8. Thanks! All those Archie issues are early Blossom appearances and Canadian Price variants to boot. Saw a Betty and Veronica 322 sold on Heritage this week for 340.00 in NM. That's a big jump from previous sales. Going to take them all in to Tony for a little press. (as well as my other copies of 320,321,322