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  1. Off topic but just wanted to say nice avatar pic @Jaylam and great tat @MR SigS I saw Chris play the year before on that 2014 tour and saw them live back in the very early 90s. Amazing band and one of my favorites to listen to while drawing. Those album covers inspired me before I even heard the music. Regarding the topic, it’s always good to have a plan for the future and let multiple family members know the best way to sell the collection if it is still around. As people get older I see a decreased hold on many things including physical items so selling off parts or all of a collection as the collector ages is not uncommon.
  2. They must be swamped and business is probably booming. Sooooo many examples of bad teeth in precode horror.
  3. Mister “Hang” variant! Great book Pablo. Congrats.
  4. True Classic. Easily one of the best precode horror stories.
  5. My goodness what a Thread! Looks like I missed out on quite the party. Glad to see a sales thread do so well. These boards are my favorite comic book hangout! Keep posting the precode horror Andy! 🙂
  6. Not sure about that mailman of yours. You sure he’s not a Comic Collector? He could be “reviewing the cargo”. And congrats on the book. I recently discovered the great Lou Cameron did the three covers of this mini run.
  7. Just saw it and thought it was great. That said I’m a pretty big ShymalanaFan. I think most of his work is pretty brilliant. Glass is not perfect but I loved it. Took a bit of time to mull over some parts but it all makes sense.... Nice to see these characters again on the big screen. Gotta go with the Goobers over the Snow Caps as well! 🙂
  8. Nice one! Love the title logo with the ghost looking over the SP. and those gravestones....