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  1. E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    That is amazing! What a great set. Big congrats. You chose an excellent title to go after. Well done. So of the lot, do you have a favorite issue? How about your top 3?
  2. Class of....

    😀 you're not so bad yourself. Love this place. Comics are forever my friends!
  3. Class of....

    I'm 2008. 🙂
  4. Rest In Peace, John Verzyl

    No...this is horrible. Simply horrible. What a loss for the hobby. One of the nicest collectors I ever met. RIP John.
  5. Recent Pre-Code Purchases

    Beauties Triston! Well done. That Worlds Of Fear has not been turning up as often as it used to. I've got a soft spot for that Voodoo Annual. The guy looks like his face is made of warm taffy and he's pulling on it...and those other characters in the background....A total Ajax precode circus! Love it.
  6. Is this place deader than ever?

    What a great thread! Some classics in here. I love comics and this place.
  7. [CLOSED] closed

    Outlaw Ribeye Med rare with Blue Cheese Salad
  8. Books and Original art - Korgi and Joker!

    Thread closed! Thanks for looking, the great comments and for picking up some cool original art. -Christian
  9. Books and Original art - Korgi and Joker!

    FOR SALE: Original Art Two Boba Fett paintings. "Close To The Edge" 24in x 36in (large) Acrylic paint on Masonite panel $1400 shipped
  10. Books and Original art - Korgi and Joker!

    "Bounty Hunter Battle 1" (Fett vs IG-88) 16in x 20in Acrylic paint on Board $550 It is not often I sell my original SW original artwork. Almost all of it is in our family archives or in a few private collections.