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  1. Bumping this thread! Everything still pictured is still available, outside of the McCollum Leonardo in the first post, which is no longer editable. Also, adding another piece for sale! TMNT volume 1, issue 28 page 5 by Jim Lawson: $150 From the fan-favorite story "Sons of the Silent Age"
  2. I would say Tales of the TMNT volume one #4 and #6, which feature the first appearances of villains Rat King and Leatherhead, who have appeared in almost every Tmnt incarnation in the past 30 years.
  3. I don’t have an image, but it’s on the inside front cover artwork of Leonardo. He has a word bubble with “second printing”, if I remember right.
  4. Pretty low print run plus the first appearance of 3 major characters in April, Baxter Stockman and the Mousers, all of which have appeared in almost every TMNT show/incarnation.
  5. Most of the early print runs are listed in Turtlemania Special. However I don’t have a copy to check. 1st print was 3250 (corrected from 3000 a few years ago) and 2nd print was 6000 but I can’t remember the rest.
  6. That is the softcover version, yes. The hardcover was limited production and signed and numbered. I forget the actual production number. 1,000?
  7. Same here. Most of the printings I showed were $10-20, each, even the 2nd and 3rd prints (bought them in the early ‘90s). I did splurge on the 6th hardcover for $300 (when I went to resell it, it was actually hard to find a buyer and I sold it for slightly less than I paid), but the rest were relatively cheap. My 1st printing was a time payments buy which I paid off in 3 months for a fraction of today’s prices. I would never be able to buy in at today’s prices, and definitely not multiple copies. Just a fun book to collect, nothing nefarious here.
  8. I don't. I stopped collecting all the reprints a couple of years ago. The last one I picked up was the Artisan Edition, a cool hardcover printing which used scans of the original art, and printed in the size of the original art. It's packed away (I'm in the middle of moving), but here's a pic I took at the time.
  9. Since all TMNT #1 printings are welcome here, here's an image of my #1 printings collection from 2015. Unfortunately I've sold a few since. 1st printing wasn't available for the photo 1st row: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th softcover, 6th hardcover, PBBZ printing 2nd row: 2009 color reprint, 2009 color reprint (error), FCBD '09, FCBD '09 signed by Laird, Gamestop reprint, Gamestop reprint still shrink wrapped, Color Classics 1 3rd row: Color Classics 1 variant, SDCC 2014 printing, SDCC 2014 printing variant signed, Ultimate Visual History reprint, SDCC Lego printing, SDCC Lego printing variant cover. Whew!
  10. This is the issue - and exact book, that introduced me to Usagi. I was 11 and saw it on a stand at a local flea market. Already a Turtles fan and curious what the title meant, I picked it up immediately. I would go on to collect most Usagi comics and really appreciate the consistency of the story and art, and also the learning value. I later met Stan at a con where he signed and sketched on the cover. One of the nicest guys I've met.
  11. Hit with a blast to the chest to hit with a blast to the chest
  12. Very cool to get a glimpse of your sewer! Nice to see my old Krang animation cel in the company of such classic art pieces.
  13. Yep. There is apparently only one Raphael page left.