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  1. I believe I heard somewhere that the OA for the #4 2nd print cover still resides in Mr. Laird's personal collection. I'm sure if it surfaced, it would hit some TMNT OA highs.
  2. Looks to me like it's the reprint edition which was released as an add-on to the "Ultimate Visual History" TMNT book about 5 years ago. That book has the second printing marking and I believe, the Gobbledygook ad.
  3. I was one who had a mint MOC Scratch, and sold it during that $300 period. One of my regrets for sure. I no longer collect figures, but it was a blast when I did. One of the things that first drew me to TMNT in general was that original "bursting through a brick wall" packaging artwork. The sight of the wall of those cool packaged figures in the toy aisle was amazing as a kid.
  4. So glad I'm not a completist anymore...
  5. I think the art of the Turtle in the first panel is iconic, being featured in some early ads and whatnot. It was one of my first exposures to Eastman and Laird's art, being prominently featured in ads in Archie's TMNT Adventures comics. I was offered that page for $1k a number of years ago...ah, hindsight! Also, that splash page that went for $18k was a grail of mine for a long time. Even when Eastman had it listed at $15k on his site, it was too much for me though
  6. Thanks! It's changed my views on a lot of things for sure. I've left comics before (left my ASM run hanging for 10 or so years), then came back in 2012 to finish it off. I'm having those same thoughts of selling things right now, plus I'm working overtime to save up money because I'll definitely be taking some time off of work (and sleep). I'm sure I'll get back to comics in the future! You can't just quit for good.
  7. This is shaping up to be the first year since 2012 (when I re-entered the hobby) that I haven't spent a single cent on comics, OA or collectibles. I did buy a house and our first child is on the way. That stuff is more exciting to me now, and my collection sits in boxes in the closet. I still love it, but it doesn't consume hours of my thoughts each day like it used to. I also don't stay up late at night trying to find deals on ebay like I used to. It's freeing in a way, to switch priorities. Another reason I feel this way is that I've found 90% of the stuff I've wanted, and the other 10% has
  8. Good morning! Updating this thread with these original pieces depicting TMNT side characters. I'm currently listing them on sale at $40 each: 1. Leatherhead by Ryan Brown (creator of Leatherhead and artist of most '80s TMNT licensing art) 2. Leatherhead by Matt Roach, signed by Ryan Brown as well 3. Fugitoid by Michael Dooney (6 1/2" x 3 1/2")
  9. Finally got the email. Not a fan of how they need your SSN and bank account info. Considering stopping selling on Ebay altogether..but there is really no equal alternative, even after 20 years. In all my years on Ebay, I've never come close to the $20k threshold, and now they need your SSN even for small sellers?
  10. Comicfest '93 Philly was my first "real" con (outside of occasional Holiday Inn shows). At age 15, a friend and I held garage sales and did odd jobs all summer to save up the money to go for the full weekend (13 hour round trip). We brought duffel bags full of our comics to lug around the con floor for autographs. Met everyone from Todd McFarlane to Mr. T, and attended the first Wizard Fan Awards, where Todd dressed in some...interesting...costumes. Good times. And...I still have my Jim Shooter-personalized exclusive copy of Defiant: Genesis.
  11. One bump and then on to other venues! Thanks for looking, and feel free to PM with questions and offers.
  12. Here's an extra bonus book. No adult content here: The Technician $40 by Mike Kirby Illustrations by Peter Laird 1981, softcover I may add extra books later if I can dig up some more. Thanks for looking!
  13. Upchuckle, 1984 $30 -front cover: Clay Geerdes -"Killing Fleas on Fido" 1-page comic: D. Miller -"Dishes" 1-page comic: Kevin Eastman -two 1-page comics: John Howard -"Peter Nasty" 1-page story: CAD -"Man Sets Teddy Bear on Fire" 1-page story: ? -"Talking Hydrant Being Used" 1-page comic (back cover): ?
  14. Sweet Cheeks #5, 1983 $60 -wraparound cover: Kevin Eastman -"Leave it to Mrs. Cleaver's Beaver" 6-page story: Karrowski
  15. Sweet Cheeks #4, March 1983 $65 -front cover: Kevin Eastman -"Woman Accused in Son's Death Sues" 1-page story: D. Miller -1-page story: Jim Thompson -"Little Spot" featuring Little Dot and Richie Rich 1-page story: CAD and Par Holman -Peter Parker 1-page story: CAD -1-page story: ? -"-inine Decision" 1-page story: Taylor -back cover artwork: Clint Tourus