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  1. I use 12" x 8" x 5" boxes from Wal-mart, and still give the book a cardboard sandwich with either bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper packing material.
  2. Hulk 2-6, TTA 59-101, IH 102-474 for me. Completed in the early 00s. Never had a Hulk 1 though. Now I have ASM 1-400 with the exception of 129. Always missing just one issue...
  3. One last bump. Some cool big pieces still available
  4. Thank you for the replies and opinions. I really wasn't sure what the top staple meant for the grade.
  5. This book looks pretty nice, but has two issues. An almost-detached triangle shaped piece on the top left of the back cover, and the top staple is funky. Tried to add multiple pics of the top staple. It's detached from the centerfold but creates a "hole" on the rest of the pages while still being attached to them. Thanks!
  6. Sad to give up the signatures/sketches with a recase (I assume they're all on the case), but great book nonetheless. Congrats
  7. Updating this topic because a few great pieces have sold within the past few weeks. Also I've added images of a couple more pieces for sale! Don't hesitate to reach out. Willing to negotiate on prices. Thanks!
  8. Don't remember, as I joined Ebay in 1997. But it was probably a TMNT or ASM book.
  9. I sold my CGC 7.0 2nd printing in 2017 for $320. I don't see any recent sales for a 7.0, but two 8.5s sold recently, both white pages, at $611 (July 14, Auction) and $899.95 (August 15, BIN). Maybe the listing format explains the big price gap.
  10. Good concept. I like the idea of the monster in the box. Some observations: "Pantera" and "Comics" seem to be on different perspectives which is throwing me off. Maybe it's the separate tapering of each word along with the perspective. These days simple is better. I'd nix the drop shadow and the gradient in the red one. The comics, if they could be used, would look better if they were following the perspective of the box. However I would generally stay away from using photos on a logo design. Best to have something that is easily reproduced small and large for tshirts, hats, flyers etc. The lid of the comic box - the back part looks like it's inside the box while the front part is clearly outside the box.
  11. Thread closing tonight. Buy the entirety of what's left (58 items) for $50 with free shipping!
  12. Finally, my 1460 and 1468 arrived today from France. Luckily, the mini story centerfolds are intact!