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  1. Yeah, one of my appeals of collecting TMNT for a long time was that it was niche and even vintage items were pretty affordable. I always felt there was only but a small pool of high-end collectors. That seems to be changing.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t think the interior even has a new, complete story. It’s just a preview of upcoming issues TMNT #8 and Donatello #1. It does have a nifty list of the print runs of various Mirage issues. However, even though not canon, it’s an older variant, and some collectors are completionists. It only takes two people willing to shell out the $ to hit $31k. I’d much rather have the 8 pages of Mirage art for my money.
  3. The main appeal of the book is the 10 production number, for sure. It’s the completionist dream, and higher end collectors will pay what they must to own it. It baffles me too. It also has the sketches on the back, which are cool but I’m sure they’re not driving the price.
  4. I always thought TMNT #1 1st printing was the best TMNT investment collectible but maybe not..! That is just incredible. Totally out of my wheelhouse also. Now if I could just find the few TMNT iron-ons I need while no one else cares...
  5. I would say once a month at least. There is something about seeing them in person rather than a digital image.
  6. Man, awesome pickup dude. I've had my eye on those Raph #1 pages for a long time as well, just haven't been able to pull the trigger. Congrats!!
  7. Meeting artists at cons in the '90s and buying their original art pages for $30-35 a pop. Things sure have changed.
  8. I've never seen a graded book sell that low below GPA. If they were raw and not from China, it's possible they could be legit. But these are obvious scams. Whoever is buying these is betting on the 1/1 million chance that it's real. What a sad development.
  9. Very awesome, congrats on that classic piece! I saw it for sale somewhat recently but didn't have the funds. Glad it went to you dude.
  10. Normally I don't like tape. But if it's a big book at a great price, I can live with it.
  11. I think 38 looks great signed. The white cover sets off the signature. Here’s mine which I had signed in ‘94
  12. I used to read every single comic book I bought, regardless of value. Now I rarely read comics period, but still collect them. Makes no sense I know.
  13. I believe the FF issue from that month also has an identical back cover/inside back cover to AF 15.