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  1. Bumping this because I've added some more incredible pieces for sale! I also marked off some of the sold pieces. Here are some of the newly offered pieces by Eastman and Laird, Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, Mark Bode and Kevin Eastman, and Mark Martin: https://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=194981
  2. I've only owned tmnt #1 and albedo 2. The TMNT 1 CGC 8.5 I acquired in early 2014 from these boards and still have it. The Albedo 2 was a $5 box find at a con in the '90s, but sadly I sold it in 2003, never to have another (yet). The only Cerebus 1 I've ever owned was a counterfeit copy. Props to all who own all 3 books!
  3. I've been priced out of most things I'm interested in. Still looking for a few things, but I'll probably sell off a bunch more in 2020. AF 15 and Hulk 1 have been on my wish list forever, and will probably stay there
  4. This year I had an accident which resulted in lots of medical expenses. I also took a few trips (even more expenses). Therefore, my comic budget was very small. I acquired some keys on my list anyway. Most are restored or lower grade. These are the best ones. This is probably the year I've spent the least on comics since I re-entered the hobby. I've also found it's just as fun to collect when you're doing it on a budget. ASM 2 and 3.. completed my 1-100 run. Finally! Also got an FF12, my favorite book of the run.
  5. Outside of some immediate family, never. I don’t have many people in my life who would Be interested.
  6. I remember buying a Maximum Carnage page from him at a con long ago. Nice guy and cool to talk to. RIP
  7. Wow, that's incredible, congrats on that one! I like how you've matted out the signatures in the bottom margin so there are no distractions from the art itself. Awesome!
  8. Mine is 1-400 right now, but I'm seriously considering cutting it to 1-129 plus a few keys to reduce space.
  9. Here's mine! Nice but unfortunately missing a couple of pages near the end.
  10. The book never ceases to amaze me. It should not be more significant than TMNT #1 1st printing in my opinion..yet the prices say otherwise.
  11. I use 12" x 8" x 5" boxes from Wal-mart, and still give the book a cardboard sandwich with either bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper packing material.
  12. Hulk 2-6, TTA 59-101, IH 102-474 for me. Completed in the early 00s. Never had a Hulk 1 though. Now I have ASM 1-400 with the exception of 129. Always missing just one issue...