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  1. They look legit to me, however they are supposed to look like xerox copies, which they do. If you can get Kevin Eastman's attention about the matter, he has been known to authenticate copies of these books.
  2. Got a Lois Lane 70, about Fn/Vf, for $12 shipped in an auction last year. "Lois" was misspelled "Louis" in the auction title.
  3. Added a few more beautiful pieces to the for sale page today! Some cool City At War art, a Volume 2 page, and more. Early '90s Karai by Jim Lawson: $175 TMNT #16 page 2 by Mark Martin: $175 TMNT #52 page 9 by Jim Lawson - $300 TMNT #60 page 20 by Jim Lawson - $300 First Graphic Novel IV Blue Line (original coloring by Steve Lavigne) - $110 Baxter Stockman as Fly Sketch Cover by Matt Slay - $75 Edit: Sold
  4. Cool! This art was also used for the cover of the direct edition 1990 comic book movie adaptation. It was also used as the box art for the first Gameboy game, "Fall of the Foot Clan" (1989 or 90?).
  5. Awesome choice. Mine has a non-story coupon clipped, but it made it a lot more attainable to me. No regrets.
  6. The only time I've used time payments is when I've used Paypal Credit. That way, the seller gets all the money up front and the buyer owes paypal the money. It also has a "no interest if paid off in 6 months" policy for the buyer. I used it to buy my current computer, and an ASM 3 a few years ago, but generally try to resist from using it for collectibles for more than a few hundred, because it could easily get out of hand.
  7. Heads up, not my listing, but there are some rare iron-ons for sale in this ebay lot: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1984-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Tmnt-T-shirt-Iron-On-Transfers-You-Get-3/193409359178?hash=item2d08189d4a:g:rGcAAOSw6FteiAsT Two '85s and an '84 Leo. I've only seen the '85 Raphael once before. I've also heard speculation that these may have been the first full-color printed tmnt. Anyone know for sure? I think they were first advertised in #1, 2nd printing.
  8. Now we are trying to raise $ for a down payment on a house, so here's another https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerydetail.asp?gcat=105966
  9. Definitely looks like a new signature to me.
  10. Awesome page. Good luck to the bidders! I also see a cool Tick/Cerebus piece there.
  11. Bumping this because I've added some more incredible pieces for sale! I also marked off some of the sold pieces. Here are some of the newly offered pieces by Eastman and Laird, Eric Talbot, Jim Lawson, Mark Bode and Kevin Eastman, and Mark Martin: https://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=194981 TMNT Volume 1 #62 page 14 (City At War finale) by Jim Lawson, Keith Aiken, Eric Talbot $400 TMNT Volume 1 $32 page 9 by Mark Bode and Kevin Eastman (with Kevin Eastman Time Capsule) $325 TMNT Volume 1 #23 Title Page by Mark Martin $225
  12. I've only owned tmnt #1 and albedo 2. The TMNT 1 CGC 8.5 I acquired in early 2014 from these boards and still have it. The Albedo 2 was a $5 box find at a con in the '90s, but sadly I sold it in 2003, never to have another (yet). The only Cerebus 1 I've ever owned was a counterfeit copy. Props to all who own all 3 books!
  13. I've been priced out of most things I'm interested in. Still looking for a few things, but I'll probably sell off a bunch more in 2020. AF 15 and Hulk 1 have been on my wish list forever, and will probably stay there