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  1. spracknetch23

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Ok, I do have a nice lookin' 6....
  2. spracknetch23

    What was your first purchase on these boards?

    My first purchase here was from cloudofwit in 2012. ASM 3 CGC 1.0, and raw 13, 20, and 238
  3. spracknetch23

    What ever happened to the Coloring Contests

    I enjoyed them too. I participated in '13 and '14. That Mark Shultz one was especially fun. I haven't seen @Speedy-D post in a while!
  4. spracknetch23

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Best day of the month!
  5. spracknetch23

    Feedback thread for Jason (cbbcomics)

    Jason is a great guy to deal with. He purchased a decent sized Hulk lot from me and was very communicative and friendly. I learned a few things from him too. Would deal with him again.
  6. spracknetch23

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    My 27 looks halfway decent:
  7. spracknetch23


  8. spracknetch23

    Santas Bag of Bronze Keys

    Lois Lane 70 71 Good $35 for both Giant Superheroes 1 $5 (copy A please) at 10 percent off
  9. Saw it yesterday and loved every minute. No dull moments, great animation and humor. The post-credits scene was perfectly hilarious.
  10. Congrats, probably was a good deal for the buyer with the 15% off coupon yesterday.
  11. WOW, my jaw drops every year when I see this thread. Incredible pickups everyone. Here are my best 3 of the year: FINALLY, I was able to acquire my first copy of Amazing Spider-man 1. I've been collecting the run for over 20 years so this was a big deal to me! (sorry, no "slab" scanner). And also picked up my first copy of Daredevil 1, another nice presenting low grade. It's a really good feeling to pick up keys like this for the first time after collecting for so long. On the original art front, I was able to strike a deal for this 1985 Eastman and Laird page from the Michelangelo Micro Series issue. I used to be a huge TMNT collector, and have now focused my collection to only the early art and merchandise, so this was another huge pickup for me:
  12. spracknetch23

    Why is ASM1 so expensive relative to it's peers?

    I had a collection up to Brand New Day, then realized I wasn’t interested in all the variants, and the stories after that. I then realized the last book I really cared about was 400, the “death” of Aunt May. So I cut the collection down to 1-400. All I need to complete it (outside of upgrades) is number 2 and 3. What’s your reasoning for 1-400?
  13. spracknetch23

    Why is ASM1 so expensive relative to it's peers?

    I acquired my first ASM 1 this year, and I actually wanted it more than AF 15 because A. It helps complete my 1-400 run, and B. It was more in reach for me price-wise.
  14. spracknetch23

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Pretty happy with my 4. For what it's worth, the issue isn't my favorite either, but I do like the cover quite a bit.
  15. spracknetch23


    Offers welcome!