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  1. Siegel-Shuster Drive is a lonely place. Everything in my booth is now 15% off!
  2. Doh! I'll see if I can knock those off those with my next submission (hopefully sooner than later).
  3. I put up a MCP #110 CGC 9.8 in the VCC earlier today!
  4. Aha! That was too easy! No longer any need to conduct a phone poll.
  5. I've submitted some of these MCP flip books for grading. My question is: when CGC grades a flip book, how do they determine which of the two covers goes at the front of the slab? I've noticed that in all the MCP flip books that I've had graded, CGC has always put the cover with the Wolverine title at the front of the slab. What, is he cooler? However, the 30th anniversary logos are only printed on one of the covers, which I've always considered the true front cover. I was thinking of setting up a phone poll to sort out this matter. Examples:
  6. Still hadn't unpacked my booth from the last VCC so I did a quick setup about an hour ago. Will try to add some new books later on. Good luck everyone!
  7. Wow, this is an achievement. The back stories in putting this set together really shows how difficult it is to complete something like this. And when you're almost there, you never really know if you'll ever finish it. I've been chipping away at my TOD raw set in decent-enough grade for over 15 years and still haven't finished.
  8. Yup, in 2005 I started cataloging and maintaining my collection/hoard in Excel. I know exactly what I have, but I found it didn't help too much when I was at a store or con. I still picked up duplicate issues. I then sorted my spreadsheet and spit out a text file that I kept on my phone. I found that it was a pain to scroll through. Now I use a simple table that lists issues from specific titles/runs that I don't have or want to upgrade and that works best for me. When I get an issue, I just strike it off.
  9. Thank you for the tips @Crops068! Benders was recommended to me once before too so I will have to stop in there next time I'm in VA. And it looks like Atomic Comics will also be on my hit list. I just checked out their Facebook page. If posting a ST #110 for sale and a just-sold ASM #1 in the last 7 days is an indication of what you'd might find in the store, then yes it'll be worth checking out. With Comic Cubicle, you have to ask to see the older Marvel/DC stock. Those boxes are stored in drawers below their common back issue sections. They'll lug it all out for you. Condition varies but you'll have to do some digging to find higher grade books. I've been there 3-4 times and have always been able to find a few gems. I once saw @jimjum12 in the store (celebrity sighting).
  10. Also made attempts to visit Comic Kings in Virginia Beach the last two years. GPS and an address could not get me there (twice), so I just bailed each time after driving around the area in that traffic congestion. Did make it to their "new" store once, in 2014, and bought some Ditko Spideys there. Joey, the owner, is great! If you have other comic shop recommendations in that area, I'd love to know!