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  1. Such a great cover. Cheetah appearances are surprisingly few and far between in the golden age through to bronze. Find that odd as she's considered the arch-enemy of WW.
  2. Sure, one of the all-time classic Superman covers. However, not too many folks putting together a Superman run from #200-#423 that I can see. Great books, and I love Curt Swan, but definite slow movers these days, especially when you hit issues #300+. It wouldn't take much hunting or funds to put together such a run, if there's any desire. Maybe now's the time to do it.
  3. Maybe I should have put Phantom Stranger in my odd fellow tier.
  4. I’m a run collector of many Marvel and DC mainstream titles. With comic conventions cancelled this year, I’ve really missed digging through the bins. And with many years of doing this under my belt, I can readily see which titles are the slow movers that even I would pass over. Or which titles I am dumbfounded sitting in a bargain bin at a dollar. There are so many titles I would classify as bottom-tier, bargain-bin books that they need to be further classified into separate tiers. And these examples have to be restricted to Marvel and DC bronze to copper-age otherwise I'd be listing thousands of titles. So here goes: TIER I – ABSOLUTE DREK: Titles devoid of collectability. Examples: All-Star Squadron (1981) Arak: Son of Thunder (1981) Phantom Stranger (1969) Warlord (1976) John Carter, Warlord of Mars (1977) Power Man & Iron Fist (1974) Sleepwalker (1991) Wonder Man (1991) X-Factor (1986) TIER II – DREK SOME PEOPLE LOVE: Titles that would be devoid of collectability if it weren’t for some of you odd fellows out there. Amethyst (1983, 1985) Kamandi (1972) Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (1976) Alpha Flight (1983) Cable (1993) Cloak and Dagger (1985, 1990) Darkhawk (1990) TIER III – SO, WHOS ACTUALLY BUYING THESE BOOKS? Titles we assume as collectable but sit unsold in bargain bins. Superman (1939), post-200 issues Marvel Comics Presents (1988) Mighty Thor (1966), post-200 issues World's Finest Comics (1941) TIER IV – THE HARD TRUTH: Titles that are and will be regular run-of-the-mill bargain bin fodder until further notice. New Teen Titans (1980) Avengers (1963), post-200 issues Daredevil (1964) yes, even the Frank Miller issues Defenders (1972) Doctor Strange (1974) Hulk (1968), post-200 issues excluding McFarlane Invaders (1975) Iron Man (1968) Ka-Zar (1974) Marvel Team-Up (1970) Marvel Two-In-One (1972) New Mutants (1983) West Coast Avengers (1985) TIER V – FLICKER OF HOPE: Titles, commonly found in bargain bins, now showing some life or renewed interest. DC Comics Presents (1978) Avengers (1963) Conan the Barbarian (1970) Eternals (1985) Fantastic Four (1961), post-200 issues Marvel Fanfare (1982) Marvel Tales (1964) Master of Kung-Fu (1974) Moon Knight (1980) Namor, the Sub-Mariner (1968) Sensational She-Hulk (1989) Wolverine (1988) TIER VI – IT’S GOLD JERRY, GOLD: Titles that have graduated out of the bargain bin and into the sanctity of collections. The Flash (1959, 1987) late bronze to copper Wonder Woman (1942, 1987) late bronze to copper Amazing Spider-Man (1963) later post-McFarlane issues no longer considered drek. Captain America (1968) Eternals (1976) Ms. Marvel (1977) Uncanny X-Men (1963) post-Byrne to issue 300 Disclaimer: I’m pulling all of this out of my . I have no credibility and write this with my own personal bias. I've also rushed this list so I can get ready for today’s NFL football games.
  5. Tell that to my son. He was a notorious Human Fly collector a few years ago and completed his run in no time.
  6. Absolutely! Especially if you love the omnibus format. For me, the Fleisher-Aparo Spectre run is one of my all-time favs. I've been waiting for a collected volume. Also, it includes other Spectre that I've never read. (Sorry for the slow reply)
  7. Beautiful books! (sleeves look too tight tho).
  8. Yes!!! Just picked this up today! What a great volume!
  9. This has been up long, long time: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CGC-D-C-BRAVE-AND-THE-BOLD-120-NM-MT-9-8-KAMANDI-1975-100-PAGE-GIANT/251005487856?hash=item3a7117caf0:g:KgEAAMXQcWVRER6N
  10. You had to ask, Wonder Man... It's like these panels came out of a Chick tract:
  11. Hit a comic shop yesterday. From the wall: From the bins:
  12. Happy to get this Subby #1. It was high on my 2020 hit list. I've been looking for a copy with good paper quality, without tanning on the front or back cover, that was within my price range. This one fit the bill perfectly. Looks better than many 6.0-7.0 copies I've seen!
  13. I have a lot of multiple copies of issues in my collection, but for different reasons. I've obtained multiple copies with the idea of submitting some to CGC, keeping one, and selling the rest off. So, I could have 2 or 3, or up to a few dozen copies of one book. I don't plan to keep them permanently, maybe just one of them when it's all said and done. For example: Then, there are issues that I've just picked up because I've come across a sharp copy at a good price, I want need to upgrade, or it just means something to me. Especially books that I loved as a kid. Read what you will into that. So, as I've been organizing my books over the past year, especially during COVID, I've grouped together a lot of multiple copies like these ones as a result: