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  1. It's the nature of the beast today. The disconnect between the story and the cover art derives from the need to have the cover art completed for the Previews catalog 3-4 months prior to the release of the comic book. The cover art (and brand-name writers and artists) is all retailers have to go by when pre-ordering so far in advance.
  2. Received a prize package of sweet vintage DC comics - and stamps - from @skypinkblu today! I can't thank Sharon enough for her generosity and am very happy with her bonus choices. Check out that ad and backup story in Adventure #274. I'll be diving into that tonight.
  3. Sold for $501?!! I've never used this emoji before, but now's the right time...
  4. As long as you stick to safe search, the only worry is getting inundated with the latest news about Brexit.
  5. These reports of stolen goods are getting more and more frequent, and it depresses me. Is there a centralized place for this type of information in the comic book community? Does http://stolencomic.com/ meet this need? We should consider having a category on the forums dedicated to reporting stolen comics (with an optional e-mail alert?).
  6. Thank you for all your work @DeadOne! The instructions were very helpful as a first-time participant (as a seller).
  7. Will be absent from my booth part of the early afternoon. Taking the kids to see Shazam! Keep an eye on my books @thehumantorch?
  8. Still setting up my booth. Yes, I am THAT guy. There was a log jam at the convention centre loading dock.
  9. The stars have never aligned for me in the past. But if I can get my s**t together tonight, I'd love to participate in the VCC this weekend!
  10. This reminds me of a FedEx joke... but I don't think any of you would ever get it.
  11. Thank you Sharon! Oh no, @greggy has gotten to you too!