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  1. This MTU issue is one of my favourites...
  2. Side note: this may very well be the final appearance of the Transformoflux. It's locked away for good in the Fortress of Solitude. Don't want to be messing with that gizmo again.
  3. He was at a show in Toronto some years ago. I had about 12-15 books with me that I wanted him to sign. He was sitting alone at a table. When I went up to him, he said he would sign ten books but after that, I'd have to go to the end of the line and wait before he'd sign the next ten. So, after he signed ten, I turned around and there wasn't anyone there. So he insisted on waiting until another person came, but no one ever did. After some awkward silence, he proceeded to sign the rest of my books. The end.
  4. This was the infamous comic that got D**k Giordano upset. Maybe rightly so!
  5. Three comic creators have yelled at me: Carmine Infantino. Asked him to sign a Star Wars comic that he'd drawn. He said he didn't have anything to do with it. I said his signature was printed on the cover. He got really upset and proceeded to rip me a new ***hole. David Spurlock, who was representing him, stood behind him and just motioned to me to let him have his rant. That was fine. It was an honour getting chewed out by a legend. D**k Giordano. Another creator who was on in years. I asked him to sign a Wonder Woman comic he'd drawn. He had all these sharpies with him and I asked him to use gold. After he signed his name, he looked at the cover and freaked out. He said my choice of sharpie ruined the comic. I didn't really care. But he got REALLY upset and started yelling at me to the point where I thought he was going to have a stroke. His wife, who was with him, kept trying to calm him down. Oh boy.... but as with Infantino it was an honour getting chewed out by a legend. Frank Cho. It was a slow Thursday or Friday at a con and I noticed that he was just chilling at his booth. I had a few New Avengers comics with me that were previously signed by Bendis. There were only a few books and I asked him for his signature. He then went into a rant about how scumbags like me were ruining the industry and that I was going to profit from his signature, etc., etc. I said that I was a fan and had no intention of selling them. But he continued. I'm a pretty calm person and I do my best to avoid confrontations but he was no Infantino or Giordano so I wasn't going to take it. Anyway, after a few choice words, he stopped, I walked away, and that was that. Only three times out of the many creators I have met over the years have yelled at me. Only one crossed the line.
  6. I once witnessed that ***hole cut the line when checking into a hotel in Charlotte during Heroes Con. Everyone yelled at him. He had a dumb smirk on his face.
  7. I remember buying most of those Marvel paperbacks in the top two rows as a kid and reading them. It'd be fun to read one of those fine works of literature now.
  8. Ever since tape caught on one of my SA books and damaged it, I vowed to remove tape completely out and away from my collection. I have now been tape-free for over 15 years. The first step is to admit we're powerless over tape—that it has become unmanageable.