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  1. Planet Comics are just as popular as ever, just not too many nice CGC examples have hit the market in the last 6 months. IMO
  2. I’ve always loved this issue with the Volta men, bubble helmet lady, and Statue of Liberty in background. Trifecta cover!!! And it looks like you are the winner since you own one
  3. Rarest is a word with a variety of definitions to different people. I would definitely say it is the rarest Rangers book, and rare in any grade. Jumbo 31 is another rare FH book in any grade. *Controversy alert* Planet 15 is super tough, not as rare as the two aforementioned FH books but it has seemingly more street cred. It is more rare depending on your grade requirements. Many books from .5 to 3.5. I’ve had the ability to purchase/bid on 10-15 Planet 15’s in the last 10 years. Jumbo 31 maybe 5, Rangers 2 I have only seen 3 including one I sold to Comiccav and the one Miami bought. Trust me
  4. Notice the number on the sticker. That was book #1, the first book in the Marathon Planet collection.
  5. Hi Jeff 👋🏻 It is currently on Metropolis/ComicConnect for sale
  6. Planet 13 is one of my favorites too. Super Tough book to locate, yours looks great !!
  7. I wondered who won this copy. Very colorful and bold. This issue and 20 are the most difficult issues to find in the 20’s.
  8. Thank you Take Bot. In true classic Takebot form he has posted the on the last two books of the thread, dropped the mic and walked out...... Thank you all for the sales, but just as important thank you for the conversations generated from these books and Because of this thread I now have several new friends on the boards. This thread is now closed
  9. Hi Jeff 👋🏻, Great to see you on the boards !!!! I don’t have any of the gems you posted, but I do own this one that you sold me long ago Still love it and appreciate that it came from your collection.
  10. Books that are not claimed and still for sale Jungle 75 now $ 385 Blonde Phantom now a rock bottom $ 450 Georgie 19 now $ 125 Tessie 14 $ 950 Open to offers