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  1. Added a new Zolnerowich Jungle, ow/w
  2. My favorite is Lost World. Mars, god of war might always have the same ending but is entertaining and well drawn on most. Gale Allen is full of 40’s appropriate jargon so I find them fun and worth the read. Mysta of the moon origin in issue 35 is one of my favorites. All the others seem to be hit or miss IMO.
  3. I will list one book that I think is undervalued. All FH collectors seem to chase bold colored covers and usually there is a premium paid for them when they come up. The predominant color to that boldness is Red. I think that Planet 23 is undervalued because I think it should be more coveted due to it being the only Planet cover that has true RED as a base color to the background and therefore you have a greater chance for the red to be bold therefore making the entire book POP. I have seen a few “washed” out 23’s but even washed ones don’t quite approach being fiction house orange instead of red. The green alien on the cover is super cool and very detailed, plus the cover drawn by Zolnerowich. Official submission to the Planet Undervalued List: Planet 23
  4. I think 28 holds its own, the recent 9.2 that sold went for about $1400 more than last time the exact book auctioned. I’ve always thought 19 was a prominent Planet, it seems to always do well no matter condition when it comes up. Just look at that spider on the cover !!! 🕷 I think Rick has a good list posed too. 13 should definitely be on it. I would add these to the short list 10 and 53. As for the undervalued, I might post a list after I acquire a few of them 😜😜😜😜😜
  5. Last year Rick had the Lost Valley Pedigree of this book for sale and I regretted not picking it up. The Lost Valley and this one are the only Jungle Comics 71 I have seen with this bold coloring. I think this copy is a little more red than the LV, but I might be biased
  6. Great idea for a thread. Here is my 14 OW/W.
  7. Recent addition to my FH pile. One of my favorite non-Zolnerowich Jungle covers. Nice colors on this one compared to what I have seen 👍🏻
  8. Black background cover + white pages =
  9. From what I have been told “none were held out of the auction”.
  10. When Fishler initially bought all the Church Planets, I was told that 65 was not in the group. It could have been sold before this but I doubt it. With all the awesome Planet books why would just 65 and a handful of others be cherry picked out and leaving all the other great ones. It does not exist or at least where it could be proven except if coded IMHO.
  11. Love to see what you got..... Also beyond your list, you have a mid to upper grade 53 ?
  12. Sorry about that, I made you pay a little more. You have yourself a very sweet book there