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  1. How did you find these scans ? I can’t find on HA site 🤔
  2. In the picture of his draft, the man and woman are clearly in the same positions as the cover. The woman in the draft was clearly drawn with much more “womanly” form. In my opinion he just missed on his final submitted for print. If the cover was more like the draft, I think 46 would be coveted much more than the one that went to print.
  3. I also heard talk of the man and woman being reversed for the cover and my opinion completely switched once this was brought to my attention. In the book pictured below, it has a section on the art of Joe Doolin. It has several “drafts/sketches” on a some covers he did for fiction house.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s a miscut or a miswrap , but Planet 42 is notoriously “off kilter”. On most copies on left side it shows ‘lave of the hydra’ and most of her fingers are in the spine area and wrap to the back cover. If your copy says ‘slave of the hydra’ in plain view from front then you have a unicorn. Some even have a unprinted area to top right. Both items I mentioned are in this scan. Even the 9.4 on census is printed this way. Full disclosure on pic: Not my book and graded 8.0
  5. I used to own the 9.2 and sold to Cheetah and now Flex has it. I agree with Flex, neither scan do the book justice. It is a beautiful book. Here is my 23
  6. I’m in the no 21 club too. Never owned a 21 or 22. I’ve tried before on both, the 21 Is the first issue where Lost World begins, and I agree the cover has quite a color splash. 22 has a cool alien thing going on and another Zolnerowich classic with a black background.
  7. In late 2010 I sold 18 Planets and kept 4. I guess you could say these were my core four as no matter what I bought and sold over the years, these four were never considered anything but keepers. Three of the books I kept were 25,30, and 33. I sold those 3 in the last 12 months. I still have the fourth book and it is this 20.
  8. I sold Cheetah (Jeff) his copy. I decided sometime after I really wanted another 19. When Jeff sold his run I did not bid on it at auction. It came up again about 2 years later. Another bidder and I kept going back and forth in I think $200 increments for over $2000 until I gave in. I only had X to spend and the next bid would have gone over X. I lost the book. Since that auction, I don’t think I came across another 19 for sale until the Mile High came available years later. I was fortunate enough to have more resources at this time to go for this book. I was very determined to win it, honest
  9. That would be me. It is a nice book. I got it from Flex, So if you are scoring this one from home...... EBay to Flex to Kelholt to Rick to ??
  10. Great 16’s by all. I’ve always liked 16. This issue is the only cover appearance of Mars God of War which is hard to believe as he was a stable story in Planet for a long time. I like a majority of the Mars internal stories which are usually drawn well. I agree that a really bold colored 16 would be fantastic to see as it would look like Mars is literally jumping out of the page.
  11. Nice 14’s by all. I’ve had this debate here before, what do you all think.....More difficult Planet 14 or Planet 15 🤔 Here is my 14, previous owner Mr. Berk
  12. Planet 13 is definitely one of my favorites. On my set registry, this is part of what I wrote about Planet 13 : Every comic has stories inside, and to collectors every special comic has a story about its acquisition. This book is a special one. Ever since I first saw #13 in the Gerber Journal, I knew that this was one cool book. What I did not know is that this issue is one of the top 5 hardest Planet Comics to find (IMHO). I searched dealer inventories, eBay, major auctions, etc. for #13 for years without even a sniff. I always looked wherever I could. One afternoon I was finishing up a