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  1. I agree with Scrooge , it’s cruel and near impossible to pick just one.... it’s like saying which one of your kids do you love the most. My favorite FH book changes all the time. Its a day by day thing, so here is my favorite today. v
  2. Just for clarification about my list. There are 14 books listed (2 per range). I am in no way saying these are the 14 most difficult Planets to locate/acquire. A list of the top most difficult Planets would be vastly different. I chose to make a list in a different way since I find that people collect Planets in an endless variety of ways. Some people collect parts of runs.... just rivers, Whitman covers, a long doolin cover run, and some complete their run with goals to complete a ten book spread (for example 50-60. Lots of ways to chip away at the 73 book monster or collect sub sets of the run. Rick is right, like he said for 50-59 none extremely hard to find. I simply broke down in my opinion the two most difficult within the range specified.
  3. This has been discussed before, but always fun to re-visit. As collectors, our opinions/perceptions of book difficulty are based on many factors .... amount of time collecting a run, amount of cons/comic shows attended, amount of $$ in pocket at particular times, relationships with dealers, time spent delving into the various auction houses offerings, and a little thing called luck. I have collected Planets since 2006 and I mostly chase 8.0 or higher, but make note of any Planet I see in private hands or for sale / auction. To answer your question about which books are super tough, I broke the run down into 7 groups 1-9, 10-19, etc and have listed below the two most difficult books in that group of books that I have found in my time collected Planets. Now for clarification, this is most difficult not most expensive. Sometimes these two do not go hand in hand. You may agree, you may disagree, but it should be fun “discussing” if anyone wants to share any opinions. 1-9 Issues 6,8 10-19 Obviusly all are difficult and yes 13,14,and 15 are all equally tough so between the rest of the issues in this group it would be 10,19 20-29 Issues 20,24 30-39 Issues 30,38 40-49 Issues 40,47 50-59 Issues 51,54 60-73 Issues 61,72
  4. I am a big fan of 20. You don’t see this issue very often. The Dino/Pterodactyl is so cool. It is another great Zolnerowich cover in a long line of masterpieces
  5. Quite a great group of books for your first Planet post. 14 and 15 are as tough as they come. Welcome and looking forward to more posts from you in the thread
  6. Nice stack of books. Jungle 71 is so cool