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  1. Great find by you, a Pedigree is always a plus. About as nice a 4.5 as you would see or hope for. Buy the book not the number
  2. Very nice pickup. I definitely agree, 10 is in the top 5 or 6. So much going on within the awesome black cover
  3. It does look just as good in hand. It is difficult to take a picture without glare, but here it is next to my #60 which has a similar yellow background. The yellow even looks more fresh and bright on the Church book. The red stands out along with the green ship and blue accent parts on her dress and the Volta’s uniform.
  4. #61 This is one of my later favorites in the middle late run. The fact that it is a remake of 9 is cool to me along with the bonus of New York and the Statue of Liberty on the cover. Bright yellows make the green ship, blue uniformed Volta men, and her red dress pop off the page. I thought this issue was one of the best “colored” books in the Church run and in hand my thoughts are confirmed.
  5. #23 I mentioned above the the 19 was the book I missed second most, this one is the first. I used to own Flex’s current copy of 23, he got it from HA/ Jeff. Flex’s copy is one of the best copies condition/color wise I have ever seen in hand of any Planet issue. This one is right there. The colors with the red background make this one a visual winner drawn by the talented Zolnerowich, and the fact that it is a 9.6 doesn’t hurt either.
  6. #19 One of my first 5 Planets was #19. I owned the Lost Valley 9.2 copy. Loved it. Then life happened and I had to sell it along with 18 other Planets. Out of the group I sold I missed this one second most. Jeff owned the Lost Valley after me and it moved to a 9.4. I tried to buy it when he sold it on HA, but just didn’t have the dough. Then whoever owned it auctioned it again about a 18 months later, and again I was the underbidder. This one was not going to get away. 19 and 13 are very similar in composition and they are both tops on my rivets list.
  7. First book #6 Overstreet says 5 and 6 are rare. You don’t have to be a planet collector long to realize this is true. There are only 21 cgc copies of 5 and a mere 17 of 6. This 9.0 is the best 6 I have ever seen (and yes I see the chip in the bottom right. Beautiful colors and a great spine. I think this was one of the bargains of the auction, especially being a Rivet.
  8. I have to agree with your assessment, multiple books made it very difficult and challenging to say the least. It was as challenging an auction I have ever participated in due to the group of books I was chasing ending so close. After the auction ended, I was going through my email and deleted 59 outbid emails timestamped from auction start time to auction end. As some of you know, I do not post auction wins or discuss auction wins until I have the books in hand. Well, the wins are in hand and I am one happy And lucky guy
  9. kelholt

    Fiction house anyone?

    I saw that on the bay and stared at it for a minute, hit watch and it said “invalid”. I hit watch again, it said “invalid. I hit refresh, then it said “sorry you missed this item, it is sold”. I was too slow. Nice pick up. 1st Seniorita rio
  10. Merry Christmas to all.....
  11. kelholt

    YEAR IN REVIEW: What's New In Your Collection...

    Fun looking through this thread. Congrats to all as it is full of great books and finds. Majority of my collecting year was selling, but managed to pick up a couple “keepers”. 34 is tough to find for sale, tougher in upper condition, and even harder to find with true red. Check, check, and check with this one. 14 is the toughest Planet, even more so than the painfully tough 15 IMO. Love the purple tones on this copy. Glad to get this one from our buddy Jon Berk. Lastly, my favorite Raw book of the year is a Zolnerowich Jungle masterpiece.
  12. kelholt

    Fiction house anyone?

    Lost Valley
  13. kelholt

    Teen Humor--Anything but Archie

    Received this one earlier in the week. I missed out in the last HA auction on the Mile high and the D copy of this book offered then, both representing highest and second highest graded respectively. I was thrilled when Mr. Lady Luck has this beauty for sale in the bst. I have always loved this tough black cover. The composition is so cool with the facial expressions to the depth of the girl line in the background. In hand, the colors are just brilliant.