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  1. If the above numbers were recalculated without the buyers' premium and assuming that the seller was not charged the 10% commission, the results would be very different. Could also run another scenario, but with with a seller commission of 10%. The results might be interesting. A big congratulations to the new owners who bought those books at pedigree at prices lower than HA - it would be great to know who they are. I was on pedigree site, put 3 bids. Those that were below HA's prices were instantly outbid. The one I won was one which I bid till it exceeded HA's price. I think my experiment co
  2. As I am an international buyer, I would like to share my experience over the last 12+ years buying from the Boards. I offer references, either from past sellers or friends who familiar board members. Alternatively, I provide my office reference for them to call to validate (this would only be useful it the firm is a global firm and well established). Paypal F&F is not an option which is available in many countries in Asia (where I am based) due to banking regulations. I usually top up to cover the pp transaction fees. For big purchases and only with reputable sellers, bank transfers are
  3. What is frightening about this, is how infectious it is and the speed that it spreads. Italy was only 21 cases on Feb 21 - 28 days later, it is 41k, indicating that it approximately doubles every 2.8 to 3 days. See the chart below (source: https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus) ;What this means that a healthcare system which is coping at, say 25% capacity, will within a week be overwhelmed by the sheer number of new infections (assuming that it doubles every 3 days). And the mortality rate is around 10%. It doesn't help that the incubation period is 14 days which mean an undetected carrier ca
  4. This one is going to be very different from the recessions of the past 50 years. It is unusual as economic activities are accelerating to a standstill due to the flurry of stay at home directives across Europe and US (with NY and California initiating this). Without work, demand will disappear. With interest rates close to zero, oil prices below US30, this may turn into a deflation which would adversely affect asset prices. Businesses are going to find it extremely challenging to cope with the disappearance of business activities and subsequently getting business back to normal levels - all th
  5. Failed coup - forced trade deal - face palm .... economies today are all interconnected - if europe and asia are badly affected, rest assured, US will also be similarly impacted.
  6. It is early days. Just wait out. No reason to hurry. My thoughts: What is frightening about this, is the speed of how this spread and the mortality rate. It must be pretty bad if China needed to shut down a major province on the eve of Chinese New Year - they should have done it earlier, nevertheless it helped to stem (or delay) the tide. If you look at Taiwan, despite their proximity to China, Korea and Japan, the number of cases there is extremely low - I suspect the years of drilling and getting ready for war with China had imbued the population with discipline. COVID 19 at this junctu
  7. I am primary a buyer. Have been buying on the forums since 2008 and i am based overseas - I wish more stuff could be sold on CGC boards, thus removing the middleman and thus giving greater savings for both buyers and sellers. That said, I am also a frequent customer of CC, Clink and HA. HA has the best selection of books as well as excellent reach via their catalogs. Clink and CC for me as the buyer, have lower transaction costs. For CC, the main drawback is the long long auction period. Main thing on buying on these boards, the seller must be reputable as my payments are generally via wire tr
  8. Looking to add to some of neglected runs in my collection: Fables & Sandman, looking for 9.8 or higher Fantastic Four: 1-102, 9.4 or higher, 232 to 294 (Byrne's run): 9.8 Avengers, Daredevil, Spider-Man : SA 9.4 or higher, BA: 9.8 Defenders: 9.8 or higher References can be provided upon request. Will cover shipping and associated transaction costs
  9. Looking to move up the registry for Spider-Man, Avengers, Daredevil, Flash, JLA and Showcase. Looking for 9.6 and above. Preferably white pages and nicely centered but can overlook these if the book overall looks good. But no cream pages and no signatures. Lastly no restored books. For my X-Men run from 1 to 66 now 68% completed, always looking for 9.8 but will consider 9.6s to fill in or to upgrade existing 9.4s. Batman and Detective SA, for low census, 9.2 and above. Based in Malaysia, will cover all transaction costs including shipping as well as seller's charges. Refere
  10. Speaking to my kids who are now 19 and 16, drove home your above observations. Although they are surrounded by books, comics and comic related stuff, they have zero interest in comics. None of my friends are into comics and neither are their children. We are a dying breed.
  11. very well said and illustrated !!! Will use this for future reference with fellow OA collectors
  12. Nothing goes up forever. Collectors have limited funds (unfortunately). Pieces which go for record highs in auctions may end up with the winners' curse. 2008 may not be a good starting point as this is when credit became relatively easier to obtain due to the quantitative easing measures taken by central banks. Record low interest rates helped push up prices. Production prices in China have also increased as quality of life improved resulting in higher prices asked for new pieces (statues and toys). In the past 10 years, there has not been a major recession or downturn - it will be intere
  13. Aware of the Comicconnect auctions but those would be pretty expensive as these are unrestored. He already has a restored Batman 1, AF15 and ASC 8, both of which are blue 4.0s. I think those would eventually be obtained but at more affordable prices. He is going for quantity not quality.
  14. My friend is not too concerned about grades - he is just focused on first appearances. Of course, if it is restored, these would be more affordable, he would buy more. In terms of first appearances, this can be anything so long as it is a first appearance of a character or even item. He collects first appearances.
  15. Hi A friend of mine looking to acquire first appearances (minor and major key characters) in Golden Age comics - DC. Raws and slabs. If you have any, please shoot me a PM with what you have - shipping is to Malaysia - will cover these if a deal is concluded. Thanks.