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  1. KirbyJack

    Journey Into Mystery #83 Club

    You consistently choose really appealing comics.
  2. KirbyJack

    Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)

    I never picked up a copy of this one because Kirby did no interior work. Is the cover’s issue number hand- written? Ala Two Gun Kid 60?
  3. KirbyJack

    Marvel Westerns (Silver Age)

    I just assembled reading copies, but yep; tough.
  4. Just did 100 silver age, I have 34 of 100. I have owned 91 of them in the past.
  5. KirbyJack

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    My first instinct is to say no; DC keys are more scarce. That has been what we’ve heard for decades. My personal experience is the same; much harder to track down DC keys, especially in higher grades, even though print runs were higher for DC.
  6. KirbyJack

    Thor 167-169: The Origin of Galactus!

    I agree to a point, but he’s been overused. Every Marvel creator wants to tell “their” Galactus story. It’s diminished the character, IMHO.
  7. KirbyJack

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    “It” was a sweetheart; who doesn’t love him?
  8. Nice! That’s just exactly the kind of windmill I would tilt at if time or wife allowed. I joined 1990’s Wild Agents of Marvel. I don’t think I got an equivalent experience.
  9. I have that book, it’s everything you’d hope!
  10. KirbyJack

    Show us your books from 1959 !

    This probably has a lot to do with it. I'd be kiilin' this if I hadn't sold my Pre heroes!
  11. KirbyJack

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Yes it is!
  12. KirbyJack

    X-Men 1, a risky buy?

    I’m not above the occasional flip. One of the benefits of decades of playing with funnybooks is that eventually even I learned a thing or two. If I see an underpriced gem out in the wild I’ll buy it for resale, even if it’s something for which I have no personal affinity. ( like Baker covers, GGA, moderns, or most PCH). I still consider myself a Fantastic Four purist!
  13. KirbyJack

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    I’d call it inclusive, but the reality is that it’s way better than average!
  14. KirbyJack

    Fantastic Four Collecting Thread!

    Welcome to the wonderment of collecting The World’s Greatest Comic Magazine! The only entry requirement is that you really do read ‘em!