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  1. I caouldn't find the exact data. I'd have sworn it was in "The Art of Jack Kirby", but not compiled as such. Search continues; maybe in "The Jack Kirby Checklist"...
  2. That is a cool stamp! Now I want a Kirby western stamped “Dodge City, Kansas”.
  3. Unnecessary cover dialogue to unnecessary, gratuitous cross post.
  4. Finally got around to taking this picture, so the cross post festival is underway!
  5. Don’t think I’ve posted this yet. It’s my favorite PHM cover. I kept my reader after the big sell-off. But then, you loud mouths voted it as the best PHM cover a poll or two ago, so I decided to buy a presentable copy before something crazy happened.
  6. This is my favorite Kirby PHM cover, and TOS 2 is my favorite Ditko. Sparkling copy, namisgr!
  7. He died because at that size his spiracles could not effectively facilitate gas exchange.
  8. Nice! Especially envious of the Two-Fisted 18!
  9. I like your taste in impulse buys! ST 106 is great, and TTA 37 is my fav Ant-Man cover!
  10. It IS expensive. I was going to call dibs on it when you upgrade, but realized I can't afford it!
  11. Yeah, still not a definitive answer. I can dive deeper tomorrow, but you get a sense of it; Kirby did almost all the covers for the company, and penciled and plotted the majority of the interiors. Most contained multiple stories, so there are many comics with 5-10 page Kirby contributions. Factor in the layout books, and you can have up to 9 issues in one month. I'm interested myself, so I'll get an answer!
  12. Later issues of Avengers, X-Men, Astonish and Suspense were lay outs, but he was still plotting those stories. He wasn’t getting paid for plotting the layout books, of course...