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  1. I vaguely remember at a 1990s con a similar box. It was a short box of beat pre heroes, unhot ECs, westerns, early 60s Millies, etc. It was the only old stuff the guy had. Mostly $10 or less. Wish I’d bought the whole thing.
  2. At issue 44, everything is in place for Fantastic Four to achieve its apotheosis, to borrow a term from Mark Alexander. The comics we are going to post here for the next few weeks are as good as any ever done.
  3. If she's anything like my wife, she couldn't be prouder of Googam, but she just rolls her tiny eyes at Goom.
  4. Just like his dad. Goom has such a distinctive look, I had to immortalize him in pumpkin.
  5. I'll bet Googam is embarrassed that his fame arrived during his awkward phase. His tusks hadn't even come in yet!
  6. Fav PHM cover is easy. I love this so much, I upgraded all the way up to a 4.5!
  7. I would be hard pressed to name a single, favorite PHM. I have a handful that share alpha status. Fortunately for me, TTA 13 is among that group; or I'd have sold my copy for $20!
  8. This is an early (for me) mail order comic. There were 2 copies listed; a VF and a NM. I paid for the VF, and when this arrived, I assumed a mistake had been made. This was NM+ by late 80s mail order standards. I don't believe I brought the error to their attention, but I like to remember it that I did.
  9. Pretty cool. I’m glad you found one, especially as they apparently fetch way more than I thought! The early version of Cap had a distinctive look that the Sentinel badge captures nicely. This is an ad from the March 1941 (same as Cap 1) issue of Marvel Mystery. Note that the mask under the eyes is rounded.