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  1. KirbyJack

    Fun with #1 Post your Marvel Silver Age #1 issues

    Couldn’t you find any good ones?
  2. KirbyJack

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Exactly why I like 8's cover so much! It's just weird to me that lots of people dislike it.
  3. KirbyJack

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Just killer stuff!
  4. KirbyJack

    Marvel First Printing L Miller Variants

    I’m with you, too. I’ll give my pre heroes and westerns a quick scan for you sometime soon.
  5. KirbyJack

    Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    I’ll shoot it for you sometime after I get home, bruv.
  6. KirbyJack

    Marvel Westerns and Romance Comics

    Love that 22! I found a decent copy and couldn’t sell it!
  7. KirbyJack

    Pre- Hero Marvels!!!!

    Wow again!
  8. KirbyJack

    Two-Gun Kid #60 - the forgotten key?

    That is one of the nicest copies of TGK60 I've ever seen!
  9. KirbyJack

    Is there a clear cut Top 5 ?

    A comparison of covers as icons might be dicey; people put a lot of weight on personal favorites. I would put Action 1 first, Cap 1 and Tec 27 tied for 2nd, Supes, Bats, then MC1. Marvel 1 gets my love for starting my favorite comics and its double-whammy hero intros. Detective 1 is awesome (so is New Fun 1), but I think you gotta have the heroes to move this big a needle.
  10. KirbyJack

    Is there a clear cut Top 5 ?

    You won’t get a lot of pushback on 1. Action 1 2. Detective 27 3. Superman 1 4. Batman 1 5. Captain America 1 ....except from me, of course. Marvel Comics 1, Baby!
  11. KirbyJack

    Avengers # 1 and # 4 Club

    Very pretty!