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  1. Hallowed ground. I’d like to see any of them!
  2. Not really obscure, but it’s Veterans Day.
  3. Looks kind of like a young Robert Mitchum. 🇺🇸 Here’s the soldier at Soldier Field!
  4. The first two FFs my best friend and comic mentor Jeff ever bought.
  5. I'm bumping this back to page one. Got a fun book coming!
  6. I used to have a job cutting grass. I got to the point where I could tell how many more passes it would take to be done. I’d set a number, and then count down FF covers in my head. I thought I was the only person in the world to do that!
  7. If you carefully read FFs 66 and 67, you notice that Jack and Stan are telling different stories. The “Him” arc was the last truly innovative concept Kirby would give to Fantastic Four. After this, it was a steady diet of androids and reruns. Still beautiful, still great, but never again what it was. Fantastic Four (35?) 44-67 are as good as comics get. I keep waiting to run into a collector who targets just this run.
  8. Finishing up the greatest run in the greatest title in comics.
  9. Still a few cheap readers here, and the annual 6...
  10. I think it’s all relative. If you’re talking bronze, 8.0 isn’t high grade, Centaur? It is.
  11. Always loved the Sentry. The real one, not the blonde Superman analog.