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  1. Now I miss my old copy of Alarming Tales! The Blue Bolt is fantastic. I think I’ve seen some of it before, but wow!
  2. And...great as those covers are, they’re not as good as the story!
  3. Incredible achievement! One some very dedicated EC completists never managed to equal.
  4. No where does it say that one must collect only high grade comics. These can be had cheaply (cheap enough, anyway) in low grade. I reissue my challenge!
  5. Too close to the edge, plus I want to beat Billy to it! Semi-serious challenge! I defy you to state a good reason for a silver age collector not to own these!
  6. I always got a Sidney Greenstreet vibe from the Kingpin, but now I mostly think of Roy Munson.
  7. Blockhead (third picture) has a very prominent....block.
  8. It is a shame that such magnificent books had to suffer, but without copies like this, I could never own one!
  9. Mine's a rag; here's what it's supposed to look like!
  10. One of the very finest covers of any genre. Fantastic chair, BTW!
  11. I would happily rifle thru that box of ruffage!
  12. My plan of defending my comics with hungry goats backfired horribly.