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  1. 300, and a oddball 12 issue series called The World's Greatest Comic Magazine. It was a 2001 celebration of Kirby's Fantastic four, with different modern artists contributing a few pages each issue. Mixed results, as you would expect, but it also occasionally managed to recapture the magic!
  2. That’s me! Except my 8 isn’t nearly as nice as yours!
  3. I have a friend who middle-named his son Logan. The kid’s first name is Cal, so yep, Kal L. Slipped that one right by his wife.
  4. That looks like how they store their comics on the Death Star. I love it!
  5. Nuthin’ wrong with the rest of ‘em, either!
  6. That is Officially the nicest copy of SW 1 I’ve ever seen.
  7. At one of my very first cons, I left with a stuffed long box of SA and BA. I bought about a foot of Tales of Suspense. At every other show I've attended, a plastic bag has done the job.