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  1. KirbyJack

    New Fantastic Four #1

    Me too. I opened the book, choked back my objections to the art, and bought it. I read it. I've seen and read worse FF comics. I'm in, for a while. I'm more interested in where they take things story-wise. Time-travel/alt universe garbage will have me gone.
  2. My version of this was Old Style and powdered doughnuts. You had to really want both.
  3. KirbyJack

    The high cost of FF # 48

    It's hard to choose because both covers are so incredibly perfect for their respective comics. If it was OA, I might go with 49.
  4. KirbyJack

    What to buy? FF1 or Hulk 1 3.0-4.0

    Very nice! That's the kind of comic that can anchor a collection.
  5. KirbyJack

    The high cost of FF # 48

    “And it shall come to pass that in the fifth metallic age, when The mouse devours the fox, that a dormant herald of silver shall become as gold.”
  6. KirbyJack

    E.C. Fan Addict THREAD

    The Frontline collection I recently sold off would have been perfect for you.
  7. KirbyJack

    Pickycollector feedback thread

    My FF 53 was exactly as advertised, and packed very well!
  8. First appearances are great, but that’s not the only factor that makes a comic a “key”. There’s no concrete formula; but comics can be keys for lots of other reasons. Amazing Spider-Man #1 is a key, and a very important one at that.
  9. As I am already crushingly powerful, I opted for more sleep.
  10. KirbyJack

    The high cost of FF # 48

    😊 I know lots of people love that cover, but I wince every time I think about it. Long story short, that cover spoils the ending of the most dramatic arc of the SA. Johnny Storm, wearing a top coat, leisurely strolling to class?! If you want a big Surfer image, I say go with 72. I only sorta dislike that one because it’s the first FF cover with no FF!
  11. KirbyJack

    Silver age comics that are heating up

    I don’t think I ever had 16 copies at once, but I used to keep 10 or so on hand. I liked to give them away to collectors who had never read it!
  12. I’ve shopped your booth once or twice, but I first heard of you thru The Grand Vizier of Omaha comic collecting, Bob Gelner. I’m sure he would want me to say “Hi” for him!
  13. KirbyJack

    The high cost of FF # 48

    I was so eager to defend Ol’ Pete that I looked right past that!
  14. KirbyJack

    The high cost of FF # 48

  15. KirbyJack

    Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Yes! Great theme! ooh! Now I want to watch “A Fish Called Wanda” again!