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  1. Dreaming of taking the plunge to Fall nightmare.
  2. Mind bending haul, Larry! You and I have similar tastes, but not budgets!
  3. Marvel Super-Heroes 45, a Bronze Age reprint of Tales To Astonish 90. Gil Kane drew the Hulk story, introducing The Abomination. Gene Colan drew Subby. Both heroes lose their fights! My older brothers told me I had to buy the next issue, because “You can’t leave ‘em like that!” I currently own about 7 copies. I find them in dollar bins.
  4. At one time, one of the top ten books in the hobby.
  5. Ok! Here’s what I have for you this year. I thought deeply about a donation to represent what the past year means to me. Allow me to introduce; DrekBox 2020! Included will be... 1. Fantastic Four 84-87, a nice Doom storyline, in rancid condition. 2. Thor 157, in similar shape. 3. House of Secrets 62 (2nd Eclipso) 4. Marvel Tales 148 and 149, second Doc Ock story. Ditko Deliciousness! 5. a half-dozen assorted Marvel’s Greatest Comics. Kirby Coolness! 6. Tales To Astonish 29, my favorite Pre-Hero Marvel cover. (Fr/G) That’s it. I would have done a mystery box, but I didn’t want to ambush you nice people. Choose DrekBox 2020!
  6. I AM! I'm just saying that it's an average copy; lots are worse, lots are better.
  7. Foul Play to same (not mine, couldn't resist)
  8. Not much of an acquisition, but I like it a lot. I’ve wanted one since I first laid eyes on it years and years ago. The cover just screams “old comic book” to me.
  9. I also wanted an affordable Superman key. I found this. It’s early, and scratches my Bats itch, too!
  10. Haw! Your giggles are well deserved and communicable.