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  1. A lot of those 2nd prints are indeed from the 1992 and 1993 Marvel Vintage Packs available through Sears and JC Penney Catalogs. I’m collecting all the 2nd and 3rd prints from that time (I’m about 5 away) but I don’t have just the color changes separated. Some have some subtle differences in the logo, UPC or price box but the indicia gives them away.
  2. That guy sounds like he knows his stuff.😉 Thanks Harry.
  3. I don’t think ASM 390 has a 2nd print. There is a polybagged gold cover but that was a special cover not another printing. There is also Ren and Stimpy 1-3 that has 2Nd printings... I have the number 2 and still looking for the rest.
  4. Yes, I forgot to mention that. The address in the indicia is the same as the Giant Comic Album series so they are probably the same outfit.
  5. My understanding is that Modern Promotions would approach comic book companies and offer to redistribute some of their already published comics. This was done with the Giant Comic Album series in the early 70’s which reprinted daily newspaper strips and then later with the 4 issue Archie Giant compilation reprints. Later on, they did the Charlton Reprints as detailed earlier in this thread and even redistributed a Battlerstar Galactica Treasury that Marvel initially published. I have the complete sets of all the above except the Comic Albums and have 2 sealed Modern Comics 3 paks. This is an interesting thread... thanks to Shieldagent for pointing it out to me.
  6. Wonder Woman 284 Direct has that same Atari Centerfold insert.
  7. Yes, that makes sense... it is just fun to nitpick these details sometimes. I agree that Fury and COC are a tier below as I could have gotten several copies back in the day. Good stuff... still like talking variants after all these years.
  8. Great list Harry... I mostly agree with the only difference being I would move TGK 131 up to #7 behind DS#14 variant and move WWT15 up to #3 or #4. I havent been tracking these much in the past few years so you are probably more accurate but those are my “toughies” list. I’d be interested what current 30 cent variant hunters think as you and I completed our sets well over a decade ago. Good to talk about these again... it has been awhile.
  9. The back cover is right but my copy does not have an indicia even on the inside front cover. Here is what mine looks like...
  10. Hmm, it doesn’t look like the one I have in my set as the pricing area is different. It could be there were two versions though. What is on the back cover?
  11. Cool stuff... I have one of the Man of Steel Raffle Edition TBPs with an enclosed letter from DC to the LCS stating they won one.
  12. I have all Metal Men appearances through their 2008 mini, all Darkhawk, all original Guardians of the Galaxy until the new team showed up, all Warlock until his revival in the 90’s, all Killraven, all original Spider-Woman and several other minor characters I don’t remember right now.
  13. Potentially Darkhawk 1-5 could have MJ inserts as the last known inserts were in July 1991 issues.
  14. I am pretty sure they do not appear in the original run. If my memory serves... they do eventually appear in a Killraven Graphic Novel or Mini-Series much later on.
  15. It took me 18 months from start to finish and I had 95% in the first 6 months but those last 8 or so were brutal. I actually got my last two (Rawhide 134 and Kid Colt 208) within 2 days of each other from different sources.