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  1. Yes it was. But I appreciate it being posted. Thank you Flex.
  2. Did he actually write Church like codes on the books?!?
  3. I never noticed the coding written under the issue number on the AS 8. Kind of reminds me of Church coding.
  4. For a dollar, all day long. For $1.5 mil? Nope. But good luck to the seller.
  5. The original Bangzoom thread is one of the very best threads I've ever seen on the board. I have to admit I enjoyed the group shots and individual book scans more than I did all of the interior shots though. But I understand why he stopped posting cover scans of his raw books.
  6. Thanks Arch. I missed it while it was gone lol.
  7. Only in one of the group shots IIRC. He did post a very nice AA 16.