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  1. Although I don't appreciate people trying to derail a sales thread with personal issues (or whatever this is) I sent you a PM to clarify things.
  2. That's it guys, let me know if you have any questions or tips, this is really not what I collect at all nowadays!
  3. The House of Secrets 94 (amazing Bernie Wrightson Cover) Probably between a 7.0 - 8.0
  4. The Vault of Horror 37 Spine Severely damaged, cover attached.
  5. The Vault of Horror 36 Cover detached, opium story
  6. The Vault of Horror 33 Spine severely damaged, Cover attached
  7. Sorry guys, I had a little problem with the photos, scans of the books incoming.
  8. Hey guys, I'm trying to buy some plane tickets for a trip to Amsterdam ( ) so I decided to sell some readers I had around. I don't really know a lot about collecting GA so I'm hoping the price I'm asking is fair, If anyone want to throw me another offer I don't mind hearing it out. - First gets the books - No HoS - No Returns - I'll ship the books in 5 business days, I'll ship them inside a box with plenty of protection. - Paypal only Price for the lot SOLD
  9. I work in a kitchen and I can cook really well. If I make the most amazing dish and finish it with a piece of mess on top are costumers not allowed to complain because they can't make mess taste the same way?
  10. Bumping for the front page! Great runs, too bad I'm not in the US, but someone ought to pick something up really quick!
  11. Since there is a movie thread and I know for a fact a lot of you guys are retrogamers/gamers I thought we should have a thread for sharing our latest finds, what are we playing and collections... Pour yourself a nice beer, share some photos and let your inner gamer nerd run wild!