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  1. Is it worth anything? I don’t do moderns but I hope it can help you out of your jam.
  2. Not real sure. They use a web site to see what they will pay. I think like 20% of what they will ask for the book. For 50 Modern Marvels I got $22 which is more than I hoped for. For $200 Mixed moderns I got $85
  3. Books a Million by me has been doing buy backs. They pay pretty well for comics. More than I can get here or eBay for common moderns as they will buy anything.
  4. ToS 39, restored or not?

    Looks like it’s been pressed
  5. I agree. I love John Byrne from the 80’s
  6. I feel like these would make a great gift for any young Avengers fan.
  7. Borrowing this phase from a fellow boardie: No reasonable offer refused.
  8. Im sure sooner or later there will be a Movie staring the West Coast Avengers, East Coast Avengers, Great Lakes Avengers Etc... Get em now while they are cheap