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  1. Anyone interested in a nice 4 issue lot of Dave Sketchbooks. From his estate. I still got bills and these are a really nice set of Stevens history. Thought I would give fans a preview and first shot.
  2. I got 2 PM's with the same offer so I am pretty sure the book is sold either way
  3. Nicely presenting Green Lantern #1 / Lower grade / May 24th 1960 date stamp. Tonight I have just one book for sale. It is a Green Lantern #1 from 1960 and has a date stamp on the cover. Pay Pal is fine and shipping will be Free in the USA. Anywhere else and we can work it our.The back cover seemed to be fine but I was in a hurry to get it back in its bag. I am 5 years of price Guides Behind and my 2012 over street says a GL #1 in 2.0 is worth $450. 1st Appearance of the Gaurdians of the Galaxy.. This is a very nicely presenting book for the grade. There is some tape or tape rsidue on the spine. its not sticky. A few add pages have a piece of tape inside, nothing effects story. Tiny piece of amature resortation at the bottom staple. Almost didnt notice it, THe strangest defect and one which I dont know how to quantify, if that the previous owner cut the cover 1/2 inch from the right edge, while bagging it. You cant tell in the picture but one close up I thik you can see the line. Not sure what to do with it. Tape the cover piece back on, leave it as is, have it restrored?. The first 9 pages also have the cut but it does not do all the way thru like the cover does. Asking $250 to Start Or Best Offer.
  4. Just to stir things up and see who is paying attention. If my asking price of $40 is met I will include this 7.0 copy (Sold to me that way and I agree) of Showcase #80. Very Nice Adams covers and 1st SA Phantom Stranger. 2012 GV is $49
  5. Feel free to shoot me ano Offer on these Great Adams covers, I have more,if 5 just wont do it for you. Just tried to put sonwthung cool together.
  6. Small Lot of Neal Adams Bronze Age DC Horror Covers. All present nicely. Tonight for sale I have a very nice lot of BA DC all with Neal Adams covers. Greta stuff. Pay Pal is fine and shipping will be Free Priority. All these books presemt nicer than the given grade. Just minor defects. Not how sure Adams stuff is doing in mid grade these days so I'll start less then half GV, Adams covers Lot of 5: 2012 Guide Value was $101.....Asking $40 Shipped Priority USA OBO. Adventure into Fear #11 - One of my favorites. 5.0 Witching Hour #8 7.0, #11 7.0, #14 7.5 DC Special #3 - 1st Abel. 3.0