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  1. Unopened Batman. Got to be worth $65 shipped USA to someone.
  2. Last Drop then back in the Vault. $65 Shipped USA for all 3 books.
  3. If I cant sell a Dave Stevens book on these boards, then the worlds must be coming to an end.
  4. 2 DC Keys Tonight for the Low Grade Collector 1959 Just 2 books for sale tonight. Pay Pal is fine and shipping is FREE in the USA. Anywhere else and we can work it out. 2 DC Low grade keys in this lot. My 2012 Price Guide shows rhem to bw worth about $75. Asking $30 Shipped USA Adventure Comics #267 - Pr/Fr - 2nd Appearance of the Legion of Super Heroes. Book is complete and presents well but the cover is detached and split. Adventure Comics #175 - Gd/GD+ - Origon of the Suoerman / Batman Team retold. This once is nicer.
  5. You got it my friend!
  6. I think I have seen That Cyborg issue sell for pretty good. The NTT #1 alone is worth the asking Price. Last Drop. $50 Shipped in the USA for all.
  7. $70 Shipped all 3 Books. All 1st Print.