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  1. Oddball Bronze DCs and a Sweet SWAMP THING #1

    I’ll take the DC Special complete run #1-29 for $200 shipped
  2. Miracleman

    Definitely not sunfaded. I’m sure the print run ran out of ink as I have seen so many like this. I have had at least 5 myself and there are many 9.8’s on eBay. just curious if it is an issue for potential buyers. Cgc does not distinguish but I have had questions about it from potential buyers.
  3. Miracleman

    Some issues are somewhat violent and graphic. More for mature readers
  4. Miracleman

    Can anyone comment on the #15 printing error?
  5. In over my head, ANY help would be appreciated

    Also there are 4 or 5 copies on eBay in the $1200 price point range with make an offer option. They are slabbed but you can crack them open
  6. In over my head, ANY help would be appreciated

    Or find a restored copy of ST 110 as they sell for much less
  7. [CLOSED] IMSM 1, GR 1, SO 1, DS 169: BUNDLE SOLD!

    I don’t even collect Marvel but that Dr Strange is very nice
  8. [CLOSED] IMSM 1, GR 1, SO 1, DS 169: BUNDLE SOLD!

    per PM. I’m back baby!
  9. Miracleman

    So for #15, do people distinguish between the normal issue and the color printing error? It does not bother me and there are 9.8’s of the printing error on eBay all the time. yet it seems many people still do not know of this error. There have been 2 people on the boards recently ask about my last set but were hesitant by the #15 being the printing error. Is this an issue for high grade collectors?
  10. Best way to sell about 30 slabs at once..not individually

    I suggest you message Conan at my comic shop. I have sold bulk slabs to him twice and he offers very close to gpa prices
  11. Bronze age Slab blowout! Heavy discounts.

    Post a list of the others. Faster than scanning them all.
  12. Any early Worlds Finest coming?
  13. Yes, I’m curious as well. If no Bleed through maybe it will come off.
  14. Influx of new sellers on the boards