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  1. I had CCS take a FF48 color touch (minor) in a CB** sab 7.0 fixed to a 6.5 it was worth it
  2. Thanks the Greggy's Mystery box I finally got 2 double cover... then in the last week of the 2019 I found in my LSC's 50% off sale a Golden Age Double..... to be honest I did not take it out so I didn't even know I had it..... when I finally was home opening lots of books I opened it and the Light came on..... thank God
  3. I've always loved this book.... I did manage to get a copy a long time ago OMG Date Stamped too!
  4. Posted in the Mystery Box Thread.. but Greggy's Mystery Box is AMAZING so much High Grade Glory
  5. First 3 years running....... I completed my list... then I found out I was #1 I changed my mine and went live so very happy
  6. This is the Greggy Mystery Box........ #1 of all times thank you from the bottom of Comic Heart I think I 'm in Heaven not only 2 Double Cover Books a Fantastic Four #50....... and many more Marvel books
  7. I received Greggy's Mighty Mystery Box as the First pick....... he is the king of Comics......there is no prize better in the world this is just photos of the arrival of the package... I haven't had time to even go thru what I will forever call " The Greggy Collection" I've been on the boards since 2003 seen a lot of things... this is the Greatest Thank you again Greggy!