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  1. 3319comics

    So I am inspecting old books...

    Any one ever come across a John Buscema signed comic?
  2. No toploader discounts
  3. 1 Pack of 50 725 M2 $15.00
  4. Looking to sell my private collection. I'm in the Chicago area. Your looking at 40-50 short boxes ( about 6000 books +/-) majority of the boxes SA,BA,CA. About One box of moderns, and a handful of Golden Age. Everything is bagged and boarded. Have pretty complete runs of Conan, Hulk, JIM/Thors, X-Men,Captain Marvel, etc... Title run the full range of DC and Marvel titles. Hulk, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Justice League, Batman, Detective , Strange Adventures, Brave and Bold, X-Men ... Looking to Sell all in one shot and not piece out. Will to drive 2-3 hours to deliver. PM me .....
  5. 3319comics


  6. What is the procedures for commissions with your repped artists?