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  1. Didn't a similar thing happen to the sports card market? They slowly started to pump more and more variants, chase sets, low print things in the packs till the whole pack became nothing but a variant pack. After which the pack became to expensive for the average person to buy and all the items in the pack had to be top dollar to recoup costs. Now nothing is worth much anymore. Is the same going to happen to the comic book market ? Now books increase 10 times there worth by just a mention of being in a new movie or show. How long will that last? Now you have to be rich to actually collect in this market.
  2. What happens when all these "investors" who really don't care start dumping to get out to the next thing?
  3. I think a bigger concern than damaged books from carrying them around the show is how do you keep or get that comic show B.O. off your books after a show.?