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  1. For back to back years William Stout and Lee Kohse were the artists who grabbed my attention at the San Diego Comic Con. I also picked up a couple of those Neal Adams portraits that he was selling below his usual rates.
  2. I have not had the original colored by another artist, but have had them color a copy. In one case, the artist liked to color on a computer, so it was the only option. (Actually, he had found the sketches and colored them on his own without my knowledge as he was practicing his coloring skills). Another was an amateur who was offering a bargain price. Those turned out great. If I had the right art with the right colorist, I would now be willing to trust them with the original if I wanted a specific display piece.
  3. Picked up nice retro Captain America to pair up with my Kingpin 1 cover. Just a couple of Keron Grant pieces I really enjoy.
  4. Bob Kane - Batman and Me - book with "Bob Kane" drawing I couldn't stay away from this book despite knowing that there is zero chance of knowing for sure who drew the Joker artwork signed by Bob Kane, but it is as close as I will get to a confirmed Kane original and it is a neat book. My question has to do with the numbering. My book is #37 of 500. I have also seen books numbered out of 1,000. I could not find the original information on this publication. Are there 500, 1,000, or 1,500 of these things with "Bob Kane" original art included? Did the first 500 sell well, so they upped it to 1,000. Or is the 1,000 a wholly different run?
  5. Dan purchased a high-end modern, paid immediately, and communicated quickly when received. Thank you.
  6. I'm out of comics, but do collect some original art. It's a longshot, but if you happened to have art that fit my collection, we could certainly work something out.
  7. Last nice piece from a once-interesting collection. $1200 Insured Priority Mail shipping $25. Shipping to US only.