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  1. The Art of the Comic Strip at the University of Maryland. It was a Kerry Drake strip inscribed to Dave that is now in the LOC.
  2. Yep. I'm re-thinking whether Simon & Kirby gave him the May 1947 cover posted at the beginning of this thread as thanks for his defense of comics (my assumption), or whether he just wrote them and asked for it. I think it was the later because of the note by S&K is "Best Wishes and Good Luck" not thanks.
  3. Here's what blows me away about this art: The date. As far as I can tell, Dan Barry first worked on Captain Midnite's October 1947 cover dated issue. Which means that he probably drew the character sheet around May-July 1947. Which is around a year before Wigransky penned his refutation of Wertham that was published in May 1948. Which means, contrary to what I assumed, that Dave Wigransky was seeking original comic book art well BEFORE he became famous.
  4. Second, I now have discovered that original art inscribed to David Wigransky was put on display in a museum exhibit of comic strip art in 1971. That's the earliest date I can pin down so far when such art hit the market. Remember, Wigransky's mother moved out of D.C. in 1970.
  5. I'm gonna go with Action 1 on that one.
  6. Somewhere on a Suspense 3 thread there's a post about by a boardie who sold his cover only for Suspense 3 to another boardie who, he thinks, married it with a coverless copy. That could have been the coverless copy you're talking about.
  7. That's a good line to put pressure on buyers to compromise and purchase what they see.
  8. You have a coverless comic that people only want for the cover. Hopefully, someone with just a cover is looking to marry an interior. There have been other copies sold in the last 5 years, most notably the Mile High. I seem to recall that there was a thread recently about the most valuable GA coverless comics, and Suspense 3 was discussed. Found it. Bumped it for you:
  9. Was Goodman known for paying his employees in a timely fashion? I doubt it.
  10. Have two guard cats. And they do bat the foosball around on the foosball table. But, its not that organized, and I'm not picturing the stuff thrown in boxes or closets. Partially pictured behind the foosball table are two set of double doors (like French doors opening towards each other) concealing floor to ceiling shelving.
  11. That archive is one of the best resources in the business. Hakes does a good job too. Comicconnect and Comiclink suck on that front.