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  1. I haven't shopped for masks, but I am sure they too are being directed to health care workers.
  2. That phase passes. The only thing completely unavailable in SF are cleaning wipes, which are now deemed as a priority item to be sold to health care businesses first.
  3. Essential businesses are largely limited to health care providers, grocery stores, take out food vendors, delivery drivers, lawyers, doctors, media, car repair, gas stations, and in some states gun shops. Most responsible businesses have workers working remotely if they can. In 911 the heroes were fire fighters. In Covid-19 the heroes are grocery stores clerks and hospital workers. They are getting paid minimum wage to be on the front line of exposure. The grocery store clerks are making minimum wage.
  4. Folks have overwhelmingly complied from the start, and compliance has gotten more and more robust as time passes. Video of Empty SF
  5. A fine category! But, one I am not knowledgeable enough about.
  6. Claremont and wolfman don’t draw. Perez is great, but I prefer Byrne’s high period to his. Reasonable minds can differ.
  7. Good news about flattening the curve: https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2020/03/30/bend-it-like-the-bay-area-doctors-see-flatter-curve-after-2-weeks-of-social-isolation-1269663
  8. Agree. I'm the type of guy who downgrades because I don't want the responsibility of owning a top of census book. So I hear you.
  9. I have no patience of no-nothings spreading unsourced disinformation. Have we learned nothing over the past month?
  10. Can we leave the conspiracy theories to other Channels? The above post is total B.S. that is only found in the dark corners of the smelly part of the internet.
  11. Can't stand that other thread with Liefield as a top 10 artist. Here's my list in no particular order. Some fall into more than one category, but I'm only putting one artist in each category: Cover Artists: Schomburg Everett Sienkiewicz Frazetta L.B. Cole Stevenson Stevens Wrightson Golden M. Baker (waiting the wings - Artgerm) Storytellers: Kurtzman Krigstein Kirby Toth N. Adams Miller Sim J. Byrne Steranko Wildey (waiting in the wings - Bolland) Oddballs: Barks Eisner Wolverton Ditko DeCarlo Tezuka Kelly Wood Pini Aragones (waiting in the wings: Sakai) Strips: Foster McCay Caniff Sickles Raymond Schulz Watterson Trudeau Breathed Herriman (waiting in the wings: McDonnell)
  12. Care to link a source that says they knew in October? I would be interested to read that. Numerous published reports say first identified patient was November 17. The only folks who say the disease was in China in October, that I know of, are not credible: https://www.forbes.com/sites/carltonreid/2020/03/26/chinese-state-newspaper-stokes-conspiracy-theory-that-first-covid-19-patient-was-us-cyclist/#629aff0f28dd
  13. How can anyone speculate without grading the major keys? Obviously, some of have taped spines, but others look pretty good.