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  1. The IPO share price for Apple back in 1980 was $22. Motley Fool says the split adjusted price of Apple at the time of the IPO is $.39 (not $2). It fell that low again in 1985 (but I think Dave bought the book before then). Which means for $25K you could have bought approximately 64,000 shares at the split adjusted price at the time of the IPO or in 1985 (the year Jobs left the company). For present value you multiply 64,000 shares by the current price of approximately $182 and you get about $11.6 million. Which is what Rob said up thread. You do NOT multiply the total shares by the splits because you are starting with a split adjusted price
  2. I think you are improperly looking at both a split adjusted price and multiplying for the stock splits.
  3. Dave buying the MH Action 1 was the equivalent of buying in an IPO. He got in before Action 1 popped completely out of the range for ordinary people. Over the course of almost 40 years he's seen an increase of over 300x in potential value. That's not going to happen over the next 40 years with Action 1. It's no longer at IPO stage, it's a blue chip. Which brings us to the old saw: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  4. No. But there is a 9.8 (Allentown).
  5. I don't think GA or SA collectors accept ads and promo material as first appearances. Heck, even for BA collectors, IH 180 get short shrift and its an actual story appearance. But, I will say this: Action 251 is the best contender for a next issue ad as a first appearance.
  6. Yep, to be clear for the OP, that's Chuck sitting behind stacks of MH comics including the Superman 1 and Batman 1. I would not be shocked if he had a similar picture sitting behind an Action 1 and D27.
  7. None that have ever been circulated. I think Chuck claimed to have one. He very well might, based on this evidence:
  8. Is DareDevil 164 "Bronze"? If so, don't know why it has not been mentioned yet. One of the most visually great stories ever. A truly fantastic origin re-telling. Complete with Krigstein homages:
  9. I was thinking that pay copy of silver streak 1 had writing on the cover. I thought that was LJ, but maybe no writing?
  10. The CGC label says “office mock-up copy.” IMHO that’s exactly the right way to handle these type of hand assembled items (including ashcans) - put a note. Not saying must on newsstand to be a comic. Just saying MC 1 normal editions were newsstand comics, and this hand assembled item is something else like a production mock-up or ashcan. It is not a copy of the normal newsstand editions of mc 1,
  11. We should all agree this thing is not a newsstand comic. It is either a production mock up, ashcan, an unknown type of production artifact, or (worst case) a frankenbook (which apparently not the case). But it is not a newsstand comic. Regardless of the grading company I would prefer the label to state that qualifier. And, more importantly I would like the grading companies to be consistent! If this type of thing is worthy of a holder (and based on amf 2/3 example both leading grading cos think it is), THEN ASHCANS WITH EQUALLY GOOD OR BETTER PROVENANCE ALSO DESERVE HOLDERS. Universal holders are fine by me for hand assembled items if they just note that on the label and make clear (unlike with this mc 1 artifact) that it is not a normal newsstand edition of MC 1. Anyone really disagree?
  12. Aren’t there other “pay copies” for other publishers with notations? I thought Zaid or someone else had one.
  13. Metro says: "Proof cover cut band attached to interior by Lloyd Jacquet. Interior covers are blank." I would interpret "cut band" to imply that there's a back cover, and based on that statement I now agree with Badger that the front and back are all one piece (but with weird ink loss on spine).