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  1. I need one of these. I have sold very high grade Barks Duck books for well over guide.
  2. We've been there for about $500K in bids or more. But, now we've got a new member of the very small $1M club: Action 1, Detective 27, Amazing Fantasy 15, and Marvel Comics 1.
  3. You mean like "No .1" vs. "No 1"? Not so far, I think (but it should).
  4. Continuing that heresy: Captain America was not even the first patriotic hero (Shield), was not the Marvel hero who appeared in the most comic issues of the GA (Subby), was not the Marvel hero who was published for the longest timespan of the GA (Subby), was not the first Marvel GA hero by S&K to debut in his own book (Red Raven), was not the first anti-Nazi cover (Amazing Man), and was not the first anti-Nazi cover on a Marvel/Timely comic (look at MMC 11 as one of many examples). So CA 1 brings nothing new to comics, but a character, and he's not one of my favorite characters. And for me the cover to CA 1 is not in my personal top 10 favorite covers for GA Marvels (I much prefer Schomburg). So I'd much rather have an MC 1.
  5. Don't know what to make of this one. Foreign? Remaindered comics? But, I'm guessing its unique. You can find it on eBay:
  6. The marketplace has long made clear that in the new era of comics as baseball cards, pressing and related techniques are expected not frowned upon.
  7. I was in it. We'll see if it matters in this market - after all, look at what happened to the Action 1 (CGC 9.0 W) that was "upgraded."
  8. The Windy City MC 1 (CGC 9.4 OW) on Heritage has now officially entered into record price territory at $492K (with buyer's premium). Five days to go. How high will it fly? I continue to think it should top the San Francisco/Reilly CA 1 (CGC 9.4 W) that hit $915K in August. But will it beat out the All Star 8 (CGC 9.4 W)? Can it become the eighth example of a comic book and fourth issue (with Action 1, D27 and AF 15) to top $1M? You tell me.
  9. Motion PIcture Funnies Weekly 1 is owned by several board members and the Subby story can be found on the internet. But, I don't think that MPFW 1 is even viewed as desirable as Marvel Comics 1, and there is reason to question whether it ever made it to a movie house (almost all copies came from publisher files and the provenance on the final copy is a bit uncertain). Here's the thread the highly esteemed Mark Zaid started on this topic:
  10. There can be no rationality to this debate. Ultimately, the question being asked is what comic book will someone want so badly that they will pay more for it than anyone would ever do so for a comic? The easy answer is to say that some ultra-rich collector out there would rather own the best Action 1 in existence (DA's MH probably) of the best D27 in existence (DA's Allentown probably) over any other book. The auction prices already paid for Action 1 and D27 would probably bear this out. BUT, imagine this scenario: Someone brings to light a 9.8 Superman 1. Right now the highest graded copies are two 8.0, followed by 1 6.0. Could a 9.8 Superman lead to a crazy bidding war between a guy like Hariri and someone else (maybe DA) that yields a price that would not be topped even for the best Action 1 or D27? Yeah, it might happen. Because the rarity of high grade examples of Superman 1, the third most valuable book, far exceeds the high grade rarity of Action 1 and D 27. Should a Superman 1 be the most valuable comic? Not in my view. But, I'm never going to be part of the bidding wars for those multi-million dollar books. And in the heat of the moment, if there's a fresh to the market chart topping stunner, you never know what would happen. After all, we live in a world where a book like Suspense 3, which has zero historical significance, has garnered crazy numbers at auction simply because of the hype surrounding its cover. We are not in a rational world here. We are in a world ruled by irrational impulses.