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  1. sfcityduck

    Cap 1 vs Bats 1

    What are they?
  2. sfcityduck

    eBay The eBay Official eBay Thread eBay

    Is this a legal opinion? Because I'm not sure I entirely agree. "As is" is a disclaimer of implied warranties, but not explicit warranties. So if someone says, for example, a comic is signed by Stan Lee and it turns out it is not, then "as is" is of no help to the seller. But, "as is" is helpful to the seller when we are discussing defects which are not the subject of express warranties. So if a seller says here's a comic, here are some pics I took, I'm selling it "as is," then the doctrine of "buyer beware" would likely apply.
  3. sfcityduck

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Back cover is just as or more nice. Grader notes reflect "light spine stress lines" and "moderate creasing" to front cover. Go figure.
  4. sfcityduck

    Post Your FOUR COLOR Comic Covers Here

    Time to bump up the thread. Got this one slabbed to use as a decoration around the house:
  5. sfcityduck

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Nicest 7.0 white I've seen (sorry about my lousy picture taking technique)!
  6. sfcityduck

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    Another unicorn! A 9.4 white subscription variant! .
  7. Eugene and Springfield are directly adjacent and the Eugene borders are expanding. They might have been in an unincorporated area that Eugene annexed.
  8. sfcityduck

    Show Us Your Ducks!

    No. Never got around to it. But, I did submit another batch of WDC&S subscription variants from the same original owner collection, including a WDC&S 129 which came back 9.4 white with no grader note about the "stamp" on the back. The others in this batch were a WDC&S 98 (first Uncle Scrooge in title) which came back 8.0 white and WDC&S 69 (Walt Kelly "gun" cover) that came back a 7.0 white but presents much better. I'll post them later.
  9. A shill (bids on his own auctions to drive up prices) or a sock puppet (a poster hiding under another name)?
  10. Eight posts in and you already are looking to smear? Look, have you ever been scammed by a Eugene seller? I have not. And I've been buying from Eugene stores and collectors since the mid-1970s. One prominent Eugene ebay seller, nostalgiacollectibles, has a 100% rating on eBay with 5036 transactions. But, I don't doubt that there are scammers in Eugene and everywhere else. Unfortunately, comic collecting is plagued by a history of scandal and scammers, including some that have implicated some of the most prominent dealers and collectors of comic books and original art. It is very very sad. But it is not reason to smear all of the collectors or dealers in an area because their is a scammer in that area.
  11. If you target your comments to the bad actors, instead of an entire community of sellers, I'd have no objection at all. But, as explained in detail above, that's not what you are doing.
  12. sfcityduck

    Ranking the genres

    Except for Barks ducks. They have good demand, not based on covers, but based on interior content.
  13. You P.S. CGC does not give you discounts or credits for formulating alleged conspiracies perpetrated by their "competitors" and spreading those on the CGC message boards (I really don't think PGX qualifies as a real competitor of CGC). Instead, if they read such posts, they are probably relieved that under the CDA they have a complete defense from liability for your message board speech.
  14. You You titled this thread: "Why do sellers from Eugene, Oregon have such a difficult time keeping thier CGC graded books in slabs?" If you wanted to contain the conversation to only certain "bad sellers" in the Eugene area, you could have used their eBay ID's in your title, not slandered all sellers in Eugene, Oregon. You then double downed in your disparagement of Eugene sellers by stating: "The fact that multiple sellers from Eugene, Oregon, where PGX's corporate garage is headquartered, sell alleged "CGC" material with CGC labels only and not the slab and/or well, while all of their PGX graded listings have their slabs perfectly intact seems to me to be more than coincidental, and worthy of mentioning. Don't you agree?" If you wanted to confine this statement to just some Eugene sellers you should have confined it to specific sellers. Instead, you keep talking about Eugene sellers and not specific eBay ID's, stating in a subsequent post: "We've seen this same scenario, the same type of M.O from other Eugene, Oregon Ebay IDs. CGC labels only or books encapsulated with CGC labels, no slabs, or damaged slabs, yet they have 5 to 10 times as many PGX slabs offered and nary a one looks to be at all compromised in any way." And to eliminate any doubt you are defaming all Eugene sellers, you then state: "Mind you, I wouldn't appear to be so quick to rush to judgement if this were a seller from another area. But of all cities for this seller to be based in? Eugene? An obvious misrepresentation using a floated CGC label to pull it off? Circumstantial?" I'm not the only one reading your comments this way, as fullerjason put it, you are engaging in a "roast of Eugene, Oregon..." In short, your posts are really foolish and irresponsible in defaming an entire community's collectors and sellers, a community which includes eBay sellers with impecable reputations and widely respected comic creators, because you paint with too broad a brush. Really, you should be apologising and stating your positions more precisely. After all, someone could accurately say X scam happened in this locality and disparage all the sellers in that locality, as you have done of Eugene sellers, but that would be stupid too. Without a lot of effort, given that this hobby has more than its fair share of seller misconduct, (sadly) I could easily disparage almost every community in the country based on some individuals actions, but that too would be wrong. You really need to apply more wisdom to your posts.