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  1. If you give the most weight to FMV and investment potential (desirability/demand) highest, you are pretty much spot on. If you give more weight to the other facts, especially interior content, past impact, and historical significance, then I think you've got to adjust your list below the top 7 as follows: * Put All-Star 3 and 8 on the list above AC 10, and 13, and also D28 and other books which are just "early appearances." * Take into account some non-superhero genres. For example, personally, I could see Pep 22 above MF 52 and "early appearances" of Supes and Batman.
  2. WOW! Cat's either a time traveler or a prophet! The Weird Fantasy in that painting of his sure looks like it's encapsulated to me!
  3. This "truth bomb" cover is certainly timely this week. Great art finds new meaning in new eras. I have got to own a copy of this comic!
  4. Small "r"? Most of the time. Capital "R"? Rarely.
  5. The answer to your question is that: Yes, you owe taxes when you sell a comic book. What kind of taxes and how much varies depending upon the circumstances and profile of the seller. You ever auction off a big book, which is how the vast majority of big books sell, and the auction house will send you a tax document. Most sellers are honest and don't rely on a business plan of committing tax fraud. Those that do, probably aren't the ones who you want to trust in a high stakes transaction. After all, if they don't disclose to the IRS, what are they not disclosing to you? R
  6. Nothing cool about encouraging fraud.
  7. I dunno, she’s an honest and patriotic American who does not want to commit tax fraud?
  8. Just came to this thread again because someone reacted to a post above. Never seen that show with the PV Sunday. Holy Mother of God! That is one of the best early pages ever! Has it hit the market?
  9. Apparently some fragile flower found one of my posts offensive and it has now been deleted. Which is strange given what posts have been left.
  10. Every once in a while I come to this site and discover a comic which I now want more than anything that I'd never heard about before. This is such a time.
  11. "Most" literally means more than half.
  12. 2020 is going to leave us with a bit of a hangover because Rome can't be built in a day, but I am confident that 2021 will see this country finally led out of the present mess.
  13. No comics, but my wife did buy me some books. These were the only non-strip oriented books: I had the DC book, but failed to pick up the Marvel book. Fortunately, my wife found a really nice used copy (at a mark up) and got me the new EC book. So my set is complete - whew!