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  1. Mutant Manatee


    tony_bullet He won two of my auction on February 1 totaling $248.50. No payment after 12 days, no response to multiple invoices sent. Looking at his feedback we can see he has done this before.
  2. Mutant Manatee

    Question about Shipping comics?

    You can easily ship a single comic in a cardboard mailer via USPS First Class for under $4 to any US address. If you print your labels through eBay you get a significant discount on USPS postage. I buy cardboard mailers from ULINE, print my shipping labels on regular paper and tape them to the package. Unless it is an expensive comic book, buyers are going to balk at a $12 shipping charge.
  3. Mutant Manatee

    Alright, I'll bite. Who is Stu?

    I am a longtime acquaintance of Stu's. As mentioned previously in this thread, he was one of us who migrated here from the eBay comics chat board. I met Stu in person at SDCC in 2000. We hit it off initially because we shared a love of EC comics and hard rock/heavy metal music. We used to trade music CDs back and forth. He got a MOKF comic for me signed by Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy back in 1999. I agree with him on some things and disagree with him on others. He has always been very anti-CGC and anti "Voldy". He also had some nasty verbal disagreements with several members here, some who are good friends of mine. Stu and I have since drifted apart, I haven't heard from him in years. If he has posted here recently as an altie it has flown under my radar.
  4. Mutant Manatee


    Two bid retractions on one of my auctions will land you on my blocked bidders list every time.
  5. Mutant Manatee

    Robot Man's KUDOS Thread

    The comic book I purchased from Bob was described accurately, packaged well and shipped fast. You can't ask for more than that. Buy with confidence!
  6. Thanks! I collect coverless EC's. This will be a nice addition for me.
  7. Mutant Manatee

    Raw WHIZ 40

    The Whiz Comics is #40, not #49.
  8. Prices reduced on all remaining books! Crackajack Funnies Malto-Meal Giveaway 1937 $80 $60 Crackajack Funnies #3 August 1938 $20 $15 Crime and Punishment #35 $10 $6 Manhunt #7 $20 $15 Manhunt #8 $20 $15 Mutt & Jeff #12 $10 $7 Mutt & Jeff #31 $10 $7 Parole Breakers #1 $20 $15 Wild Bill Hickok #5 $12 $8 Wild Bill Hickok #6 $5 $4
  9. All three Wonder Comics are now SOLD per PM.
  10. All three lots of Wonder Comics are on hold pending receipt of payment.
  11. I will combine shipping on any of the above books. You pay $6 shipping for the first one, any additional books shipped in the same box at no additional charge.
  12. Wild Bill Hickok #6 February 1951 Kinstler cover Grade: Good- 1.8 with cream/off-white pages. Inside covers are tanning. Cover and centerfold are attached at both staples. Price: $5 $4
  13. Wild Bill Hickok #5 October 1950 Grade: VG 4.0 with off-white/white pages. Cover and centerfold are attached at both staples. Price: $12 $8