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  1. That is true as well. No sour grapes on my part as I enjoyed owning it all those years and got what I wanted for it when I sold it. Best to you and good luck with your sales.
  2. What a wonderful book! Scarce to begin with and virtually unheard of in this grade!
  3. Congrats on the sale of the Bethlehem Weird Mysteries #9. I sold that book here on the boards a while back, and have learned a valuable lesson about how much money you leave on the table by not getting your books graded.
  4. Mutant Manatee

    RAW Batman 13

    While I agree with the spirit of your post, in this particular case we can definitely tell that this book HAS been trimmed along the spine because the artwork is gone. The "N" in No. should simply wrap around the spine no matter how the book was bound and trimmed at the printer. But it doesn't wrap around, it is gone.
  5. Mutant Manatee

    RAW Batman 13

    Batman #13 was definitely manufactured with two staples originally, as you can see in the example below. There are some wartime comics with only one staple in the middle, but only the square bound issues have no staples. Your copy does appear to be trimmed along the spine as well.
  6. Hi, Sha! I hope all is well with you and Ned. I miss you two.
  7. Rules: 1. I accept PayPal and postal money orders. 2. USPS Priority Mail shipping is $15 paid by the buyer. International shipping amount to be calculated depending on the country, paid by the buyer. 3. Returns are accepted within 14 days but buyer pays the return shipping. 4. No Probation or Hall of Shame members. 5. or a typed "I'll take it" in the thread trumps all PM negotiations. Special Edition Comics #1 Fawcett Publications - August 1940 Davis Crippen "D" Copy with Certificate from Heritage CGC 0.5 with Cream to Off-White pages Coverless, otherwise complete. Asking $450 $400 OFFERS WELCOME! SOLD!
  8. Mutant Manatee

    What is the worst thing you've ever found in a comic?

    Ghost Comics #10 that some woman used to blot her lipstick. (Not on the inside, but still.)
  9. Mutant Manatee

    Should lightly dry clean this book?

    The paper used for comic book covers has a protective coating called "sizing". By using an abrasive like an eraser to dry clean a book you are removing the sizing from the paper and opening it up to all kinds of paper deterioration down the road. From a conservation standpoint you should never use an eraser to clean a comic book cover. I wouldn't do it.
  10. I bought this piece of original art from Tim Vigil in 2006. The art is dated 2002. I know that somebody on this forum told me that this drawing was used for a limited edition print for a comic book convention. I searched and searched the forum but could not find that discussion. Can anyone tell me what this art was used for? Thank you in advance.
  11. Mutant Manatee

    Is this place deader than ever?

    I made SO MUCH MONEY at that show that I was able to retire! (From eating, traveling, buying stuff, etc.)
  12. Mutant Manatee

    What is this?

    It must be a listing error. In the description they state "the cover and pages are attached to the staples" but the photo is a square-bound book that doesn't have staples.
  13. Mutant Manatee

    Ebay issue and I am seeking some advice

    The buyer should file a claim through eBay and let them handle it. I certainly would not issue a refund if tracking says it was delivered.
  14. THREAD CLOSED. Remaining items will be moved to eBay.