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  1. Price Variant Club

    I will agree with the poster who said that variant collectors tend to be RAW first, there are exceptions, including people on this forum. But i have seen variant collectors crack slabs at multiple Cons over the years and I also crack all the slabbed variants i have purchase and pop the label behind the backing board. That said, I've also got 4.0 Western 30c in Mylite2s with full backs and micro chamber paper.
  2. Price Variant Club

    With the caveat that there are Definitely REGIONAL VARIANCES and I bring the San Jose 30c Bias with me. Chamber 23 is more difficult than 22 and they are both easier than the Tomb of Darkness books. I'd call them both Gerber 7s. Looks like the 2nd CoC you got is a very solid copy so kudos, you can now cease collecting 30c variants.
  3. Price Variant Club

    WWT 15 is now probably a Gerber 7/8. I have tracked 8 sales over the past 5-6 years and would anticipate there are 20-25 copies of this book in 'known' existence. As for the westerns, ya they continue to be and will always be tough Kid Colt definitely leading the way as FD and others have illustrated.
  4. 90sChild trade feedback

    Phillip just completed a purchase with me, easy transaction good communication. Thanks again.
  5. Ok, that's it. I will do a tally for the top 2 buyers as it relates to Free Shipping in a few hours, Invoices tonight shipping tomorrow. thanks for all who made purchases this far. I will leave the thread up until Friday noon.
  6. X-Men 137 8.5 - White Pages; basically fresh off the newsstand 1/2" tear at base. $30
  7. Thor 338 9.4 - White Pages $12
  8. Thor 204 9.4 - White Pages $35
  9. Thor 200 9.0 - White Pages $37
  10. Thor 152 8.5 OSPG in 8.0 = $52 $27