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  1. Hard to tell, it depends on how fast the customs clearance is. At least a week later or longer, but that's not the issue. Most stores get shipments only once per month because they can't afford the hight oversee shipping costs on a weekly basis. And then, when there are problems with the order, which happens very often (damaged goods, wrong goods, missing goods), it takes so long to get a replacement from Diamond, if at all. I know stores who waited 2-4 months to get the right books or even for confirmation, that they can't be replaced anymore. This kills your customer service and people move on. It seems, that Diamond isn't interested in small oversea stores, the support is very bad. That's why I don't even bother with that material too much.
  2. Hi Guys, after many years of collecting and also selling US Comics at Conventions in Austria, I decided to give it a try and start my own little brick and mortar store in the heart of Europe - Vienna, Austria. I focus on back issues with only a little bit of new stuff, because we already have enough stores here which offer all the new releases and believe me, getting the new books as a small store in Austria from Diamond can break your neck. My goal is to fill the niche, which is back issues and graded books. I know, it's an ambitious project and only time will tell, if it's really sustainable. But that didn't stop me from starting this business. You cannot succeed if you don't even try it out :-) So it would be my pleasure to welcome board members in my store when you are on holidays in Vienna. I also have some vintage toys from my private collection in the store, maybe also something worth checking out? The Website isn't finished yet, but you can finde my social media links there and follow me there, if you like. I hope to see some of you soon!
  3. Interesting side note: A lot of these books have a very nice paper quality, like the Phantom Lady above with white pages.
  4. Correct, but not all books were stamped, I wonder why. Since then I discovered two other collections from that time in Austria. I'm sure most of the books didn't survive, but there are a few people who really kept them.
  5. The label was my idea, I explained it to CGC what it meant and asked them, if it would be important enough to get a note on the label. And it did.
  6. You are talking about UK, but what about the rest of Europe? In almost every country you pay import VAT and duty. Sure, shipping to UK will be cheaper (hopefully they won't charge for shipping to US too, because than it will probably be the same cost), but everything else stays the same as if you would ship to the USA (including all the paperwork). That's why I don't see the point in opening an office in the UK, they should have opened one in one of the EU countries.
  7. Why is everybody forgetting Brexit? Beginning with April 2019, it won't matter anymore for all Europeans, because we will have the same customs problems with UK, as we have with USA.
  8. I got a reply today, the opening has been pushed back to June 1st!
  9. Boundless Comics will release a Cover Hommage to Fight Comics #32 in June. There will also be a nude Variant available I thought this could be of some interest for some of you
  10. I'm sorry that I missed the Deadline. I was away and thought that I would be able to grade the books on the 8th, but I had so much to do after my return that it didn't work out. The same happened last year with a vacation around the same time. This sucks. Hopefully next year Have fun with the contest!
  11. The idea is great, but have they thought about Brexit? GB won't be in the EU anymore in 1 year. Would it not have been better to open an office in an EU country? Because every collector from an EU country will have to go through the same procedure with customs and export/import papers like when shipping to the USA. Sure, it won't cost the same amount of postage but the time and effort and the hassle with everything that comes with it, will stay the same.