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  1. not looking for high grade copies, or even first prints for that matter...just some reader copies lookin' for 1,3,5,6,9 ,10,11 and 15-22 show me scans or PM me with copies ya got (thumbs u
  2. just re-read the whole run (avatar, albatross and dark horse) and WOW!! Great book It has climbed up my fav moderns list to number 3 (behind Invincible and RASL)..that's right..ABOVE walking dead seriously, though...awesome book..just wondering how many cats out there read this sweet book...also, curious to know if there are any other Goon-like gems out there i might not have heard of before...Goon is so unlike any other book i read, so it makes me wonder what else might be out there GOON RULES!!
  3. Invincible has been my favorite ongoing title for a couple of years now...At times I was worried about the book, but after reading today's, wow #52 is the best Invincible issue I've read since #29...which was the end of my favorite arc (25-29/30) really reminded me of why I love this title so much... I finally feel like the book is back on track...this is definitely the beginning of a really strong story arc (ie 7-13)... Other Invincible fans, please chime in....if you're not an Invincible fan, it's a great jumping on point. Go pick it up