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  1. I'm not sure post count would do anything, some people post a zillion times, and some of the nicest, most reliable people you could ever deal with, post very seldom.

    Sharon, I have to agree with you. Potentially using post count to identify those that are ready to sell or buy may not work.


    We had a seller on here last night I NEVER thought I'd see try something that was very bothersome.


    He tried to sell a book on eBay that then it appears he was not happy with the final sales price. A fellow board member wins the book, and then he tells the buyer the book is gone (?) so he can't sell it to him.


    Last night he posts the same exact book, same exact eBay photo, boosts the price up $20 higher than the final eBay sales price, and then kicks the raw grade up one level (eBay listing was 9.6; Forum listing was 9.8). What he failed to realize is the original eBay winner was watching his thread.


    This seller has well over 4,000 posts, and been on here for quite a while.


    This thread was brought to my attention just now...Bosco's above statement is definitely referring to myself :acclaim: it is also so far from the truth that my brain hurts.


    what IS true, is that I used the same picture from a book I had up on ebay in my FS thread two days ago...


    i had a raw 9.6 copy of Invincible #2 up on feebay for $19.99 a few MONTHS ago, and a board member bought it and another more expensive slab. I sent him the slab, but could not find this raw Invincible #2...I refunded him his money back, and some extra money for his time and trouble (which he was MORE than happy about)...125% refund to be exact.


    He left me positive feedback on ebay and we have been nothing but amicable since...he even PMd me about my FS thread asking which raw goons and other books I would have up for sale (wondering if he could snag any before I posted them).


    In my for sale thread two days ago, i had a raw 9.8 Invincible #2 for sale...and YES, i used the same picture from said ebay transaction (although it was not for the same copy). This violated rule #7 for the FS forum.


    To make myself clear:




    Bosco jumped to the wrong conclusion (an all-too-common trend around these parts) and got all butt-hurt and grumpy about it...I explained what happened, and he was a rude dunce about it..I still can't believe that Bosco can't fathom the idea that I might actually have multiple copies of the same book :screwy:


    There was no grade bump, and i certainly didn't 'hold out' on a $20-$30 book saying I didn't have it when i did! I also certainly didn't sell the book because I was unhappy with the price! Geesh, it's not like the board member scored the book for super-cheap on feebay, it wasn't even an auction! It was a BIN for $19.99 for god sake!



    Bosco posts all of this lame, incorrect BS in my FS thread, when he could have just sent me a PM like a good boy...In the future, he should get his facts straight before 'outing' someone for something they aren't guilty of...


    There will be no more super-long tirades about this from me :) I have friends on these boards through my 1,000+ transactions here (and I love each and everyone of ya!), and there a few members who are on my dunce list (Bosco is definitely included)...There are also more than a few of you who don't like me, and that's fine...I didn't join up on these boards to make friends..I joined up to learn more about comics, buy more and sell more comics and to show my excitement for the books and OA that I dig...


    Those of you who actually know me understand how passionate I am about the books which I collect, 'perturbed' I can be when someone steps on my the Chandler Rice tussle (who ate his words and apologized to me both face-to-face AND here on the boards, for those who don't remember).


    Bottome line: Just because I posted an older picture I took of a book, doesn't mean:

    1) That it is the same exact copy I had up on feebay

    2) I'm upping the grade on a book

    3) I'm upping the price on a book

    4) Not selling someone a book bc I'm upset about the pre-set price that I made for the book :screwy:



    The above four points are the incorrect assumptions Bosco made, and then 'outed' me for. He threatened me multiple times in our PMs AFTER he made incorrect posts in my FS thread, and for these actions I consider Bosco a DUNCE.


    It is sad that the dunces around these parts seem to be louder than the more level-headed...



    FYI, the 9.6 book was listed at $19.99 BIN on feebay, the 9.8 raw was listed for $34...that's NOT a $20 price bump, Bosco meh AND, You can see it again in my FS thread tomorrow (thumbs u


  2. So, Bosco had my whole FS thread removed because I had an older picture of an Invincible #2 up in my thread :meh:


    so, if i understand rule #7 correctly, if i have 3 copies of the same book up for sale (Copy A, B and C), i have to have three different scans?



    Would you buy a book that was sold with a stock photo so you cannot judge for yourself ahead of time its condition? I doubt it.


    there were no stock photos, ya dunce.


    it was clearly my own photo of the same book, just a different copy....

  3. So, Bosco had my whole FS thread removed because I had an older picture of an Invincible #2 up in my thread :meh:


    so, if i understand rule #7 correctly, if i have 3 copies of the same book up for sale (Copy A, B and C), i have to have three different scans?



  4. Not going to happen IMO, at least not for a long time...

    I think there is 1 Walking Dead 9.9 #1 ever done...

    and hey, this is Image, not IDW lol


    yeah, but WD wasn't selling for $200 as a CGC 9.8 two weeks after it was out! everyone and their mommas will be subbing their copies...also, WD 1 has a smaller print run, right?


    if it's going to happen, id be willing to bet it will go down WAYYYY sooner than later.