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  1. It’s called the cost of doing business. You can sell it yourself on eBay, but there is a cost associated with that method. You could set up at a show or fleamarket, but you lose all the top buyers and won’t likely get better deal than Heritage, clink, cc, etc would also find a cost to do this too. Open up a brick and mortar...cost there as well. You have a book to sell, there will be a cost to do business. On the books, off the books, quick sell or hold out, avoid scammers and theft, possible armed robbery, or simply lost in the mail. Losing your book in any sense is a cost of doing business.
  2. Welded pages would be the end all. The main reason I explained that I need to see the books in person. It’s going to cost me a ride a few towns away. She has this too.
  3. Just got a call about some books for sale and this iron man 1 is the biggest book in the lot. This is the only picture I have. I told her I need to see the books in person. Honestly what would someone pay for such a water damaged book. Grade?
  4. I’ve posted in this thread for the past few years. Honestly I have delved into new hobbies and money has been directed towards new passion, but out of a love of the game, I’ve managed 2 books this year.
  5. I now own a Keurig. I buy my coffee through WB Mason. I can not run my business with out it. America runs on coffee.
  6. People are not that dumb to go into suburban neighborhoods and loot while people are home. It’s a freakin death sentence