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  1. I now own a Keurig. I buy my coffee through WB Mason. I can not run my business with out it. America runs on coffee.
  2. People are not that dumb to go into suburban neighborhoods and loot while people are home. It’s a freakin death sentence
  3. It is possible to buy lower grade books, clean/press them and snatch a grade bump. I’ve done it once or twice. But this guy on a mission to unslab books, rehome them to some unsuspecting buyer. I’m sure you can even see consistency in his grading across his display. I haven’t looked or read much of this thread.
  4. The force is strong with this one
  5. They are always made aware of the other books in the auction. It has to be ok with both consigners to happen. I see this with other auction houses, even @mycomicshop will not allow same grades to compete. First come first serve is the rule, other guy gets bumped. Try consigning a ASM300 CGC 9.8, there is a long line to wait if you want it sold on clink with no others. Anyhoo...
  6. There is a limit. I’ve spoke to them around this subject. They can only sell so many books in an allotted amount of time. Going into the wee hours of the night can’t be promising to consigners either
  7. Not sure about the price I paid but I didn’t care. I never thought I could own a book that someone wrote their name either but there were other variables that I liked. 3/42 is my moms birthday, so that was a sign go take this. I also loved the abyss of not really knowing what it’s worth, not like calculating what’s too much to bid for a IH181 or something trackable like that. What mostly grabbed me is the yellow cover, like a few of them early standout Marvel Mystery Comics. The art on this cover is jumping off the page to me. I thought at first glance it was another Schomburg, was I wrong. Trying to think what to bid was surely a challenge, but then I got to thinking I don’t not want to win this. This cover is what all comic books should look like and when do you get a chance at one. This was never on my radar.
  8. It was an awakening. Doing the math, I was like dang this is an early Supe appearance. They say that it ignited WW2 as Look was an international publication and Adolf wasn’t the least bit thrilled that 2,Jewish lads would create character in tights taking him out.
  9. I bought a box lot of magazines at a live auction for $10. Nobody knew, myself included. Thankfully it mentions Supe on the cover because a lot more that know would likely not.
  10. It’s always a treat to familiarize with an old friend.