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  1. People who know will know what needs to be known as it sets currently. Remove a useful back cover and your book becomes a .5 blue. You could slab the back cover for a blue NG and keep them together. edit - assuming this book has a front cover
  2. I strongly recommend a pretty hot assistant.
  3. A recent pick up, and just 2 on the census. Interesting wordage too
  4. I was aware for years and always felt better about owning the second appearance only because of the cover appearance. I’m a cartoon fan, watched them from the beginning as a kid. I don’t care about the new movies. I do love the historical significance of this book a whole lot.
  5. Just felt compelled to have this copy. Smurfs are in my grind.
  6. eBay will rip that money right out of your acct and pay the seller
  7. Only 2 on the census and this be the highest. Veronica seems to push all the right buttons.
  8. Any other questions you have for clink, I would make an attempt to get to know just one person there such as Jason Crosby. He’s my go to guy and he answers my questions and works with me on every little thing I need in our dealings.
  9. Nice pick ups. Sure puts a twist on the usual postings round here. Nice grades BTW
  10. We see the same old boring high grade gems in every thread. Show me your snags, your scores, your deal of a lifetime pick ups. Just 2 criteria exist to post. 1. You purchased in 2019 and 2. Bid or BIN was $100 or less. Let’s leave shipping fees irrelevant.
  11. Tell him to meet you. Have snipers on the roof.
  12. PayPal is a virtual bank. Banks have fees.