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  1. No one may ever know how many licks it will take to get to the answer to this Tootsie Pop of a thread, but I would venture to say that the person in question is likely on these boards vs not. I bet they are here, but in the end as long as they contribute as well as others whenever possible to bring us all up a notch.
  2. It’s a pattern basically. If you buy something today , expect it to be worth something in 25 years. If you find something that’s over 25 years old and it’s not worth much chances are it’s never going to be sought after. There are exceptions to every rule, outliers, freak happenings, but 25 is a good number to gauge everything as a whole. Its 2020 and 25 years ago is 1995. Many action figures, vinyl records etc are seeing the spike. Staying ahead of the curb may include shopping for stuff that was brought to market in the late 90s, early 2000s. So your wait time isn’t as long. edit to add: video games and VHS too.
  3. Waiting for books has never been a really big concern to me, but what pressures me is that as soon as books are received and prior to even being verified, my credit card is whacked. Being self employed, your working capital is your life blood. Payment upfront is unnecessary IMO. I would be happier to pay at a later stage closer to completion. In most cases the books are worth more in collateral than the service so I can’t understand the need to have payment months before they perform the service I’m paying for. It’s a strain not being able to use my funds for 85 working days. Besides I’m using a credit card to secure payment on my end. PSA the company that grades sports cards as you may know, hit your credit card when grades are available and your order has shipped. I like this because I can usually sell/ eBay the cards before the credit card payment is due, thus not tying up working capital. Come on CGC loosen up or do you really need the money that bad.
  4. I guess it’s nice to have goals but that’s all out the window when I see stuff forthcoming in the early 2020 Featured Auctions that shiver my timbers. When time and money and something wow all align, what was my goal again, I forgot.
  5. I wish the HP8300 was a cell phone. Damn thing is immortal
  6. Must’ve missed it. Thought I saw all the 7.5 and 8.0 sales over the last few years. I must be slipping
  7. Here in MA, our people on Beacon Hill got it right. Now if eBay, Heritage and whoever can stop charging it, that would be nice. https://www.mass.gov/letter-ruling/letter-ruling-85-54-comic-books
  8. It’s not a .5, it’s not 1.5 either. Slam dunk 1.0
  9. Decided to give the book to Susan Ciccone prior to submitting. Yes another brilliant idea of mine.