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  1. Pizza and a movie to cap off a Tuesday night. No complaints. Brie was convincing I think.
  2. Sold for $50k, was it paid for, well that’s hard to say. Fool to bid, fool to pay, my guess.
  3. I’m gonna say this was a bad decision. Over paid on a mis wrapped book. Better pray for a block buster movie and a big name star.
  4. GA #1s have such an allure. Like this once modern age beauty.
  5. A small thread contribution. A small piggy Knick knack I sold a while ago. pigs being pigs
  6. Awesome. However I’d still want to see your best fish in the face cover too
  7. Perhaps the title is off a bit now that I think about it because while people seek out skull covers, it’s just not a genre. I guess the thought fathoming was more or less how many rabbit holes there are that collectors can venture down. We don’t all collect alike, but we all collect.
  8. The list isn’t yet in any order with the exception of superheroes being #1. After that I just started listing what popped in my head. I’ve edited to add input and quite possibly and hopefully we can put this in some sort of order,
  9. I’m not even sure I know all of the niches that folks collect. I’m almost positive that superheroes are number 1. Not in any order..,yet, but what do collectors collect mostly and down the line? I know there’s cross over books. 1. Superhero 2. Pre code horror 3. Westerns 4. Military/war 5. Good Girl Art 6. Teen Humor 7. Cartoon/funnies 8. Classic covers 9. Christmas covers 10. Under water covers 11. Romance 12. Jungle 13. Crime 14. Sci Fi 15. Robots 16. Aliens 17. Skull covers 18. Bondage covers 19. Soti books 20. Photo covers 21. TV/Movie covers 22. Fish in face covers 23. Infinity covers 24. Flag covers 25. Hitler covers
  10. I still feel this way as I scroll through 1000s of books each month. The ones I want, the ones I’ve had , and of course the ones I will never own. But alas I often find a book or I guess you could say that the book finds me, much so that I’m willing to part with other books and art I once felt the same way about. Possibly part thrill of the hunt and part impulse but until it’s in hand and only at that time will I know for sure if I made the right decision. I buy and sell lots of stuff in my world and I do have me a stash of cool stuff that I’d hate to part with but I know there will always come a day that makes me rearrange the war chest just a bit. Sometimes it’s an extreme makeover, sometimes just a tweekin. Always find myself constantly looking at books for keepers first and then it’s for flipsies.