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  1. @Ryan. I’m ok with between received and delivered, it’s the time sequence after the Usps has did their job “delivered” and the days and weeks where you can’t account for your books causing calls into CGC to get answers. My customer wants me to call tomorrow and get answers to where his books are.
  2. This is on the PSA website page 1 as you scroll down.
  3. So you ship your books or your customers books to CGC and tracking shows by USPS “delivered “ and also “picked up”. However there is a long time not reflected in the current turnaround times. I think people want to know that they items are somewhat safe and not have to assume so. PSA if you ever had cards graded has developed a system where you can type in the tracking number on their page and it will tell you that they actually have the box you shipped to them in hand. PSA is also been super overwhelmed with orders but offers their customer a bit of relief until they can actually lo
  4. Pretty sure it would have graded higher if the was no sig. CGC downgrades for unauthorized sigs from what I’ve heard.
  5. It’s called the cost of doing business. You can sell it yourself on eBay, but there is a cost associated with that method. You could set up at a show or fleamarket, but you lose all the top buyers and won’t likely get better deal than Heritage, clink, cc, etc would also find a cost to do this too. Open up a brick and mortar...cost there as well. You have a book to sell, there will be a cost to do business. On the books, off the books, quick sell or hold out, avoid scammers and theft, possible armed robbery, or simply lost in the mail. Losing your book in any sense is a cost of doing business.