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  1. Looking to purchase a CGC copy of TOS39...I’m good with anything from a presentable 1.0 to a 2.5. Please PM me if you have one or know of one available. Thank you!
  2. Yes, these are the billy cases...I love them. They only come off the wall about 11 not take up a ton of space and give you a nice, clean look. I love them, get compliments constantly. They are perfect for my Bowen statue and bust collection as well as Hot Toys figures. The smaller glass display cases are called Fabrikor...they are IKEA as well and come in two different shapes. I love them, they lock and have a nice clean look to them.
  3. The shelving is all from Ikea, it’s the billy bookshelf series. I like them because they are tight to the wall..about 11 inches not take up a ton of space and keep everything neat and uniform in appearance. Glass cases are ikea too, 179 each...they lock which adds a bit of security...but they are ful glass so they look awesome.
  4. Thansk for all the love everyone...been a long time coming for sure. I’ve got a few more ideas I wanna do with the room but she’s awesome as is.
  5. Been busy with life and starting a new business lately...finally had time to finish up my office. Figured I’d finally join this awesome thread with a few pics of my own.
  6. Sorry folks...yes, it’s Avengers bad.