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  1. Green

    [CLOSED] Closed for housekeeping

    😍😍thats a very pretty copy I think i paid 2400 for my copy. But that was almost 10 years ago when there were only 5 or so 9.4s and a lone 9.6 (pacific coast)
  2. Forgot to mention, only looking for artists that worked on the book (no stan lee)
  3. I will update this list as i go thru my stuff. Right now priorities are: 311,337,338,339,344,345 Ill be happy to make the first offer. Just let me know what you have!
  4. You know, just building an empire Im not around much, ive posted maybe a half dozen times since the board changeover, youve been busy i see!
  5. Nice to come back to so many familiar faces.....names? Anywho, love you guys. Someone please please tell me the story of chip cataldo ending up on the HOS.
  6. Weird. Also weird is that i use a hp7410 all in one and it scans slabs very well.
  7. Green

    Weird/Unpleasant Comic Shop Experience

    This is better than what many shops seem to do: yank the book when they realize they have underpriced it. Explaining where you were coming from probably would have alleviated the whole thing, but I understand if you're distracted and what not. Weren't/aren't you a contractor? Wasn't I trying to get you to renovate my basement when the economy went into the krapper? :-) Are you doing that and the comic shop? Have you always done the comic shop? I had been dealing comics on a very small scale since i sold my first business in 2001. Thats when i became a contractor and went into business with my father. I started the shop on the side 4 years ago and it became full time in November 2014. I'm coming into your shop and haggling you over the price of comics. Can't wait. Bring it on. Double Dare ya.