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  1. Is anyone or does anyone know someone who is accepting subs for this show?
  2. Indeed! Lots of ppl think "o, I'll just sell comics, that'll be fun!" no, its work, just like everything else! I mean its still more fun than digging ditches, but work all the same
  3. It certainly doesnt strike as mcfarlane for sure....or at least the mcfarlane we have come to know. Classic pre-geiger mcfarlane lmao
  4. I agree on most points but this isnt entirely accurate.
  5. I really appreciate the response but id like to pick them up already signed and slabbed. I have CGC candidates for all these issues already, just looking to save on time and risk (of getting less than 9.8) Good luck on the sale of your books!
  6. I talked to Steves wife today, she said steve would contact me tomorrow. Seems like there may be a story behind this. FUN!
  7. Not only that, hell i can almost tell whats gonna be hot by analyzing their FOC orders that they turn in.
  8. Not very many. I dont overorder or speculate on anything from diamond. I mainly just fill my subs, grab a few shelf copies and keep it movin. My customers know that i dont play that market and usually lmk on tues whats up. In this instance tho a good friend (that i met here on the boards many moons ago told me before i opened) I dont know who bought them as i typically dont run the counter. I let my customers subscribe to b covers or whatever variants they want so long as they order whatever min number needs to be met at FOC. I have attracted/groomed some pretty savvy modern buyers so most of them already had copies (or multiple copies)in their boxes.
  9. A for whatever its worth, since im not contributing to the actual topic at hand, i own a lcs. I sold all my harleys at cover. Chasing whatever book is hot this week feels like a waste of my time and if it keeps people coming back (and it does) because they know im not worried about it, all the better.
  10. I always assumed there was too. But ive been looking and asking for 10 years. Never seen one. Never heard of an actual sighting. I need visual confirmation. (And a paypal address)
  11. There is a known error for hulk 400? Can anyone provide a photo, does anyone own one and if you do, do you have a bucket to carry my money in?