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  1. Not sure why i forgot this one and noone even called me on it:
  2. I have a few shortboxes of these, i dont remember darkhawk specifically but i will double check
  3. He did not. I asked geiger himself and he said it was all him.
  4. Hopefully not as long as it took me! I have a 344 blue 9.8 if you need it for the mcfarlane signing. Picked it up relatively cheap and just want what i put into it. Good luck!
  5. Actually 9 years, six months and 3 days. But who's counting. The only 9.8 ss set there is. And for bonus points, the 340, the 342 and the 343 (1 of 1) are undesignated "curator" copies, but for whatever reason copper books dont get the pedigree nod. Super excited to have finished this set