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  1. Marvel Comics Presents 105 p.2-3 (1992) Rick Leonardi (Penciller) , Jimmy Palmiotti (Inker)
  2. Frank Brunner- "Sorcery Most Foul" Radioactive Man (Bongo Comics Presents Simpsons Super Spectacular #15, 2012) -all 12 pages!
  3. Sort of a strange art day. I have been trying to put together an 80 page issue : Classic's Illustrated's "The World Around Us #5 - The Illustrated Story of Space 1959. " I love space flight stuff and this may be one of the ultimate illustrations of manned space flight. I have purchased the cover painting, 21 of the 80 pages and "stats" of all 80 pages. So I have created a gallery room with images of either stats or the actual pages I own. Enjoy!
  4. Not sure if a bought commission counts. One of the dealers had this for sale in their mail catalog (1993?). I inquired and was told it was already sold. When I went to SDCC that year it was in the dealer's booth! No price change he just couldn't find it at the time. Dr Strange Sketch (after the Fireside Dr. Strange Book) -John Romita Sr.
  5. Just wanted to share some of my Moon flight art for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon A Rocket Trip To The Moon (pre-lim for a book cover) Chesley Bonestell (1961) Luna Hilton by Kelly Freas Apollo 16 "Casper" Poster (The command module of Apollo 16 was called Casper. Someone at Harvey put together a poster celebrating that fact. I don't know the artist) Race for the Moon #1 advertisement Jack Kirby (Penciller) , Al Williamson (Inker) From the notations on the ad it was created just 2 weeks after Sputnik went up on October 2, 1957 in order to cash in on this new space race. It lasted only 3 issues March-November 1958 Lords of the Moon 1949(?) Wally Robertson (All)
  6. No Comic Con for Me but I still can pick a few new Dr. Strange pages up.... Marvel Feature 3 p. 17 (June 1972) Ross Andru (Penciller) , Bill Everett (Inker) Marvel Fanfare 8 p. 16 Carmine Infantino (Penciller) , P. Craig Russell (Inker) Spider-man Fever 1 p. 17 Brendan McCarthy (All)
  7. Here are a couple: Sky Masters October 27, 1958 Jack Kirby (Penciller) , Wally Wood (Inker) Babylon 5 In Valen's Name 2 p. 4 (April 1998) Michael Collins (Penciller) , David Roach (Inker) Rock and Roll Aliens (1988) From Rip Off Comix #19 Larry Todd (All) Race for the Moon #1 advertisement Jack Kirby (Penciller) , Al Williamson (Inker)
  8. Finally added a second page from this issue: Strange Tale 166 p. 3 (1968) George Tuska (Penciller) , Dan Adkins (Inker) Doctor Strange vs. Voltorg, The Giant Robot
  9. Doctor Strange 2 p. 11 (1974) Frank Brunner (Penciller) , Giordano (Inker) A really nice page that I had not seen before of Doctor Strange inside the Souleater. This was macabre enough to inspire Bernie Wrightson to redo it for "Doctor Strange Special Edition" (1983) cover which reprinted the "Silver Dagger Saga."
  10. Doctor Strange and Clea get married (in their own fashion) Doctor Strange 3 p. 7 (1989) Richard Case (Penciller) , Randy Emberlin (Inker)
  11. I was a collector of Dr. Strange comics in college and Graduate school. Upon having my first "real" job I attended a comic convention because there was a flyer in my comic book store. I had started to buy earlier comics and discovered that people actually sold original art. When I found a piece of Dr Strange art at the convention I realized I did not have enough cash for it ($60?). Luckily my comic store dealer had a table at the show and was willing to loan me the money so I could buy the piece. I eventually made it to SDCC, then starting getting dealer catalogs, subscribing to Comic Buyer's Guide, etc. I tended to purchase only 3-4 pages a year, mostly at SDCC. Now with several hundred Dr Strange pages I admit that there is no end. My first page is below: Doctor Strange 19 p. 30 (1976) Alfredo Alcala (All)
  12. I actually like prelims a lot. I have mostly Frank Brunner but also a scattering of others. I like the "rawness" of the artist working out what they are going to do.
  13. Unknown Worlds of Frank Brunner #2 cover prelim (1981) Artist: Frank Brunner (All) A "frankenstein" cover via the Donnelly Bros making a sketch into a cover. Still I like the image a lot and it is bigger than twice-up (16" x 23.5".)
  14. I see "elitist" style as more of a slap to the head of the reader/investor. "I am successful so please listen". We can argue success but he does share a lot of hard truths about what will be worth money down the road, and how to have /develop reasonable investor expectations. No one is an expert printing money, some are lucky, some are patient, some have opportunities or information that the rest of us don't. I felt it was suitably cautionary that it takes knowledge (which can translate to "taste") to make investments in this "instrument". I do like his point that if you love what you buy (good advice) you will have trouble selling what you love when the time is right (if money is the reason you bought in the first place)