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  1. 2 new pages today! The Incredible Hulk 298 p. 3 Artists: Sal Buscema (Penciller) , Gerry Talaoc (Inker) Earth X 7 p. 17 (1999) Artists: John Paul Leon (Penciller) , Bill Reinhold (Inker)
  2. Lots of great villains in the Nether Realms Doctor Strange 14 p. 4 (July 2019) Prelim Artist: Barry Kitson (Penciller)
  3. Doctor Strange 26 page 14 (December 1977) Artists: Jim Starlin (Penciller) , Rudy Nebres (Inker) , Rudy Nebres (Finisher)
  4. Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #7 cover Artist: Max Fiumara (All) Comic has been delayed because of COVID, but I can't wait to share this wonderfully geeky cover. I have a toy display like this in my office.
  5. The start of the Book of the Vishanti, "The Book of Mordo"
  6. Defenders 15 p. 6 (Sept 1974) Artists: Sal Buscema (Penciller) , Frank Giacoia (Inker)
  7. Really hard to scan DPS so these are xeroxes. I know I could take the time to paste them but... Untold Tales of Spiderman: Strange Encounters #1 p. 28-29 (1998) Artist: Neil Vokes (Penciller) Jay Geldhof (Inker) Universe X 1 p.2-3 (2000) Artist: Doug Braithwaite (Penciller) Bill Reinhold (Inker) Marvel Comics Presents 105 p.2-3 (1992) Artist: Rick Leonardi (Penciller) Jimmy Palmiotti (Inker)
  8. Fantastic Four #27 pg 28. Jack Kirby and George Roussos. Very excited to share this page (via Romitaman's time payments). The first crossover of Dr Strange into another Marvel comic. This is also the earliest Dr Strange page I own. I have been looking for something from this issue for a long time and have had a 1995 recreation of the cover to this issue sitting on my wall.
  9. Doctor Strange and Dormammu fighting with lots of "Kirby Krackle"
  10. Lots of examples in Dr Strange art Tom Scioli commission:
  11. George Carlson- "The Pie-face Prince of Prezelburg" Jingle Jangle Comics 16 (August 1945) (4 pg story)
  12. Profiles in History win arrived over vacation: "Dr Strange Gets Lost on His Way to the Surrealist's Convention" P. Craig Russell (1983)
  13. Marvel Comics Presents 105 p.2-3 (1992) Rick Leonardi (Penciller) , Jimmy Palmiotti (Inker)
  14. Frank Brunner- "Sorcery Most Foul" Radioactive Man (Bongo Comics Presents Simpsons Super Spectacular #15, 2012) -all 12 pages!