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  1. I actually like prelims a lot. I have mostly Frank Brunner but also a scattering of others. I like the "rawness" of the artist working out what they are going to do.
  2. Unknown Worlds of Frank Brunner #2 cover prelim (1981) Artist: Frank Brunner (All) A "frankenstein" cover via the Donnelly Bros making a sketch into a cover. Still I like the image a lot and it is bigger than twice-up (16" x 23.5".)
  3. I see "elitist" style as more of a slap to the head of the reader/investor. "I am successful so please listen". We can argue success but he does share a lot of hard truths about what will be worth money down the road, and how to have /develop reasonable investor expectations. No one is an expert printing money, some are lucky, some are patient, some have opportunities or information that the rest of us don't. I felt it was suitably cautionary that it takes knowledge (which can translate to "taste") to make investments in this "instrument". I do like his point that if you love what you buy (good advice) you will have trouble selling what you love when the time is right (if money is the reason you bought in the first place)
  4. I am a huge Frank Brunner fan, especially his work on Dr. Strange. Here is a great prelim to Marvel Premiere 14 p. 1.
  5. Thanks for turning us on! It is fun to see such a great artist who also loves comic like any fan-boy.
  6. Another piece of inter-dimensional fun starring Dr. Strange Spider-man Comic Strip Sunday July 10, 2016 Artists: Alex Saviuk (Penciller) , Joe Sinnott (Inker) , Stan Lee (Writer)
  7. My Heritage win finally arrived: Doctor Strange 180 p. 2 Colan/Palmer (May 1969). I have owned the Third Eye poster for years but am very happy I have the original image it was made from.
  8. I guess this has been true for years. When I started looking for one in 1993 it took years to see any actually for sale. I think people hold on to them (unless in need of cash) or trade them since they feel so rare. I don' think the population has gotten any larger, you just need to "bite" when you see one or pay the price of not seeing another for several years.
  9. Defenders 8 p. 13 (1973) Sal Buscema (Penciller) and Frank McLaughlin (Inker)
  10. A couple of new (to me) Frank Brunner pencil drawings: Doctor Strange 4 p. 3 prelim Sketch of Nightmare by Frank Brunner (1975) This is from set #2 of the "Brunner Packages." Back in 1975 Frank Brunner was selling off some of his original art as 10 packages called “Frank Brunner’s Authentic Doctor Strange Nostalgia Kit.” The sets contained: a piece of original art, signed copies of Dr. Strange 1-5, 5 Xeroxes of Brunner pencils, A hand-colored copy of a cover, and a numbered sketch. I also have in my gallery a sketch of Clea from set #10.
  11. Nope. Already spent my money this month on a Defenders page. We will see where this Hamilton/Bryant Dr Strange/Hellstrom beauty shows up. Congratulation on the nice "Cooke"ing :0
  12. I have two: Strange Tales 129 p. 3: Character reference sheet for Mr Dedd :
  13. A couple of new Dr. Strange pages: Earth X prelim sketch for Earth X Sketchbook-Alex Ross. Alex Ross made this sketch for Bill Reinhold to direct him in making a page for the Earth X Sketchbook. Doctor Strange 12 p. 17 (Feb 1976) Artists: Gene Colan (Penciller) , Tom Palmer (Penciller) The Ancient One from Marvel Universe Master Edition Artist: Keith Pollard (All)
  14. The Ultimate Comic art show last Sunday yielded a treasure to me, a complete story! "What If Doctor Strange Took All the Infinity Gems?" In January 1995 there was a fill-in issue of Warlock and The Infinity Force that functioned also as a "What-If" story of Dr. Strange. Written by guest writer Evan Skolnick and penciled and inked by guest artist Lee Sullivan this is an amazing all-action issue. Plus like a classic "what-if" story, nothing is changed by the end of it. Evan Skolnick was no stranger (pun intended) to Doctor Strange having written for Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) #77 - 'Dead Reckoning' #78 - 'The Sensual World' #79 - 'Farewell, Nightmare Music' #82 - 'Earthquake Logic: Seismics' Full story here:
  15. I will be there too. It is only an hour from my house. Any plans for collectors gathering?