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  1. Library of Dream Artist: Todd Klein (All) --This was done by Todd Klein in 1994 for the SDCC Auction. Although the art itself is simple, Todd was the letterer for Sandman and it has the titles of all the books in The Library of Dream or titles suggested by Sandman itself. The various lettering styles are wonderful and as a working librarian this is one of my favorites.
  2. Fred Freeman (1955) Collier's Magazine- From Collier's Sept 16, 1955. An illustration for the story: "The Navy Comes Up with Real Flying Saucers." The article focused on an abandoned aerospace technology called: Coleopters. A page from: Exploring Space : A True Story of the Rockets of Today and a Glimpse of the Rockets That Are to Come (1958). Tibor Gergely was one of the great children's book illustrators. He did the paintings in over 70 of the Little Golden Books of the 1940s-1950s. Babylon 5 #2 p. 13 (1994) Artists: Michael Netzer (Penciller) , Rob Leigh (Inker)
  3. "The Pie-face Prince of Prezelburg" Jingle Jangle Comics 16 (August 1945) Artist: George Carlson (All) Published 4 page story
  4. Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #7 cancelled cover Artist: Max Fiumara (All) Doctor Strange 6 p. 24 The Mordo Chronicles part 1 (Aug 1989) Artist: Tom Sutton (All) Fantastic Four 27 p. 28 (June 1964) 1st Dr Strange Cross-over Artists: Jack Kirby (Penciller) , George Roussos (Inker) "Dr Strange Gets Lost on His Way to the Surrealist's Convention" P. Craig Russell (1983) Ultimate Marvel Team-up 13 p. 19 (April 2002) Artist: Ted McKeever (All)
  5. A couple of new pages from Strange Academy Strange Academy 5 p. 4 (Dec 2020) Artist: Humberto Ramos (All) Strange Academy 6 p. 16 (Jan 2021) Artist: Humberto Ramos (All)
  6. Doctor Strange 26 page 11 (December 1977) Artists: Jim Starlin (Penciller) , Rudy Nebres (Inker) , Rudy Nebres (Finisher)
  7. Ultimate Marvel Team-up 13 p. 19 (April 2002) Artist: Ted McKeever (All) The son of Dr. Strange battles Xandu for the Wand of Watoomb.
  8. Spiderman Team-up 6 p. 25 (1997) Artists: Tom Palmer (All) , Bob Macleod (Layouts) It's getting spooky in here------Dracula and a Werewolf vs Spider-man and Doctor Strange
  9. Doctor Strange Annual 1 (2019) Artist: Andy MacDonald (All) Killer Nuns AND Demons--Happy Halloween!
  10. Twins reunited. Well fraternal rather than identical However very happy to have these two together Doctor Strange 1 p.10 (Dec 2015) Artists: Chris Bachalo (Penciller) , Al Vey (Inker) Doctor Strange 1 p.10 Pencils UNUSED (Dec 2015) Chris Bachalo A nice pencil page by Chris Bachalo. It had to be redrawn because of the Darth Vader on the wall over the bed and the light-saber on the dresser needed to be removed (copyright reasons?). See published page above for comparison.
  11. Emotional resonance is tough when you have been collecting for 27 years but I will try: This one was my first "special" page, Doctor Strange #1 by Frank Brunner. I found it at the San Diego Comic Con the second year I was collecting (1994). I had already spent my budget for that year when I saw this on the wall of a dealer. I immediately negotiated with my wife for a chance to buy this beauty. I have been a life long fan of Alice in Wonderland and remember this page fondly. At the time I never imagined that such a Dr. Strange icon would ever be for sale. Doctor Strange meets Agamotto. I c
  12. I have been fascinated by a new book about original art. Comic Art in Museums (2020) is a historical approach to what has happened and a commentary about why comic art needs to be in museums. It is basically a collection of articles and essays from 1930 to 2018 about comic art in museums, comic art museums, artists in museums, and how the art world has struggled with High/Low distinctions. If you attended the Masters of American Comics show in 2005 you will appreciate how this discussion of "is it art?" has gone on for a long time. I appreciated learning the history of the comic art mus
  13. Doctor Strange 1 p.10 Pencils (Dec 2015) Artist: Chris Bachalo (Penciller) A nice pencil page by Chris Bachalo. It had to be redrawn because of the Darth Vader on the wall over the bed and the light-saber on the dresser needed to be removed (copyright reasons?). See published page for comparison.
  14. Key artists and character events. I like a chunk of story within a panel page.
  15. A beautiful prelim by Frank Brunner. Back in 1975 Frank Brunner was selling off some of his original art as 10 packages called “Frank Brunner’s Authentic Doctor Strange Nostalgia Kit” I am pretty sure this came along with one of them because the prelims included all have the notation and signature "Original layout -Frank Brunner" at the bottom. I have a couple of other examples of this here: Marvel Treasury Edition 6 -Doctor Strange (1975) Artist: Frank Brunne
  16. I have another late entry. I got the news (Aug 5) that Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme was cancelled with issue 6. I bought the cover a couple of months ago so now I have an unpublished cover. Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #7 cover Artist: Max Fiumara (All)
  17. Rich Buckler pencil page from proposed Spiderman/Dr Strange Crossover? I bought this at SDCC because I loved the detailed pencils. I asked Rich about this: "This is, indeed, one of my pencil pages--it's from a graphic novel I was working on, written by Roy Thomas. Work on the project ceased when mylawsuit against Marvel Comics commenced (a dispute over rights to Deathlok). Thelawsuit was settled, but alas the graphic novel was not meant to be."
  18. Doctor Strange and Elektra the morning after their first date Savage Avengers 11 p. 2 (May 2020) Artist: Jackson Butch Guice (All)
  19. With all the Heritage Auctions prices for Dr Strange art going through the roof, I consoled myself with a bunch of bits and pieces of Dr Strange art. Enjoy! Doctor Strange 44 p. 23 (December 1980) Artists: Gene Colan (Penciller) , Dan Green (Inker) Last Hero Standing 4 p. 10 (2005) Artists: Pat Olliffe (Penciller) , Scott Koblish (Inker) Defenders (2005) #3 p. 11 PRELIM Artist: Kevin Maguire (All) A Kevin Maguire prelim of a published page. From the humor here vs what was published (see attached)this might be unfiltered Keith Giffens dialog. "It's officia
  20. 2 new pages today! The Incredible Hulk 298 p. 3 Artists: Sal Buscema (Penciller) , Gerry Talaoc (Inker) Earth X 7 p. 17 (1999) Artists: John Paul Leon (Penciller) , Bill Reinhold (Inker)
  21. Lots of great villains in the Nether Realms Doctor Strange 14 p. 4 (July 2019) Prelim Artist: Barry Kitson (Penciller)
  22. Doctor Strange 26 page 14 (December 1977) Artists: Jim Starlin (Penciller) , Rudy Nebres (Inker) , Rudy Nebres (Finisher)
  23. Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #7 cover Artist: Max Fiumara (All) Comic has been delayed because of COVID, but I can't wait to share this wonderfully geeky cover. I have a toy display like this in my office.
  24. The start of the Book of the Vishanti, "The Book of Mordo"
  25. Defenders 15 p. 6 (Sept 1974) Artists: Sal Buscema (Penciller) , Frank Giacoia (Inker)