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  1. Ha! ....There is a big thread around here somewhere about the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of getting your OA signed by the artist
  2. With the cost of artists I collect (Byrne, Miller, McFarlane) generally climbing beyond my budget, I have turned my interests 3 ways to maximize the number of packages I get to open: 1. Mondo posters and Concert Gig posters. They're pretty standard size, so I've got frames for them and I can swap them in and out throughout the year to freshen up the rooms they hang in. 2. Silver age Marvel Reader Copies. FF, JIM, ASM...nothing like the smell of 50 year old paper. It makes me happy. I can pick up fun books I'd never read for like $10-20 bucks apiece. 3. Sketchbook pinups. In 2020 I've gotten great drawings from Byrne, Kevin Eastman, Bruce Timm and Art Adams. They're not a published UXM page, but they scratch the itch.
  3. Jim Lee is one. I can't figure out how to value his stuff. Is a page from the XM run inked by Portacio with Wolverine on it worth more than a page from the UXM run inked by Williams with other X-Men but no Wolverine on it? Or do I just go with a Hush page? I like X-Men more, but hey, who doesn't like Batman. What's that? Hush sells for more than X-Men? or does it? It just gets reeeeally complicated IMO
  4. ...Just don't include screenshots from all the Dealer Websites who mark items as "Sold" when they consign them to HA.
  5. Thor vs. Zombie Vikings! (side note: Thor basically gets his thoroughly kicked the first four issues of this Garth Ennis miniseries. In the final issue we finally get to see him shine, and since it's zombies, Fabry was able to show us what it would REALLY look like if Thor walloped someone with Mjolnir)
  6. What...... in the world..... am I looking at? (looking for horror? I think we've found our winner)
  7. The possibility of a new and awesome Art Day....A lot of collectors love comic art more than they love money.
  8. Is there a way for me to give more than one "heart" on this comment?
  9. I am 0-for-1 with museum glass over a marker piece. Had it framed on the wall for 3-4 years. Not direct sunlight, but there was a window in the room (not facing the artwork, curtains mostly closed). One day the person I got it from was visiting and saw it on my wall. "WTF happened to the Miller??" he asked. "What do you mean? It's framed on the wall right there," I replied. "I love it, it's great." He assured me it was not "great" and insisted we take down the piece. We removed it from its frame, and sure enough, my friend was right. The bottom type which reads "BFK#2" had been covered by the mat while hanging. The rest of drawing used to be that dark. I didn't notice it when it was fading one day at a time. P.S. yes, I had the glass installed correctly...