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  1. Spectacular.... I think this is my favorite interior of the series
  2. The Tiananmen Square protests of comic art...
  3. snapshot from the wayback machine (2005)...
  4. I personally remember grumbling "Why so much?.... Miller didn't draw them!"
  5. There are at least two Born Again covers in collectors' hands.
  6. Issues 232 and 233 are broken up and out there. I believe there is another from the middle of the run which was released into the wild as a complete issue. Lots of pages from non-BA issues are out there.
  7. How much did the prints originally cost from the site?
  8. Page composition and printed images are important, memorable and fantastic. I do not think bidding would have stopped at 19k if that page had been fully inked.
  9. I guess I'm thinking about the XM100 end page in particular. It could have gone through the roof. Hugely significant moment. But 3/4 of the page was done with the color effects in mind. We don't actually get a nice drawing of Jean to look at anywhere on the page.
  10. I think there's a reason they sold for what they did instead of more though.
  11. Avoid placeholders. Be patient. Good pages are out there. Better to pay $12k for a page that's worth $12k than to pay $6k for a page that nobody else wants at $6k.
  12. Take a flip through those issues sometime. There are a LOT of good pages with characters in costume all over them. Be patient and put some thought into what is important to you. • Does the issue/villain matter? • Does Wolverine need to be on it? • Do there need to be heroes in costume? • Do they need to be using their powers? • Do classic Claremont themes need to be present?