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  1. Very nice pages. The Galactus page on CLink is amazing as well.
  2. Many Namor pages are actually smaller than 11x17 (at least the ones I've seen). Not sure if there are oversized ones as well
  3. Bleeding is noticeable as well on some of Byrne's marker pages.
  4. It's a cool page. There are a lot of cool twice up FF pages in the $10k ballpark for people to choose from though. At conventions anyway, (not sure how many pages exist online) And yes, it's not that people don't like the Torch, but he is #4 of four in terms of popularity with that group.
  5. Bad form to post artwork you no longer own? Here's a small but nice piece I regret selling:
  6. Stop dilly-dallying around with emails like that and get back to cranking out podcasts. Sheesh. Your wasting time acquiring this page does me no good.
  7. http://www.britcomicsart.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=14941
  8. ...Anyways, I went and had a good time. The room was much more filled than the particular moment that photo was taken. (At least for much of the morning it was.) I didn't buy anything, but saw several items I hope to add to my collection in the future. Don't know if dealers would count those as sales from the show, but they should. Also got to see the results of a couple of major transactions. I hope it returns next year. Sorry I didn't take pics. Was on the run today and had to squeeze this show in between a bunch of other things.
  9. What does "just one room" mean? The floor at Comic-Con is technically "just one room."