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  1. Those are crazy... it's not as though he's not drawing faces, he's just not drawing THOR's face.
  2. Think of it this way: I have a Kirby Thor page. I like it a lot. It's really good. If the page on the left came up at auction I would absolutely try to sell mine to try to "trade up" into the "A" page. Or just win the page and consign mine towards it after I win. Not so much the one on the left. I like it if it falls to me at the right price, but I'm not going to scramble to try to make it mine.
  3. Here is why it's tough to discuss this without seeing the actual page. Below are two pages from the issue (NOT saying either one is the page this thread is about). Both are 5-panel all-out action pages from Thor 126. The one on the left is likely a $25k page, the other is not even close. • One has Thor's face in several panels. One doesn't show his face in any panel. • Thor swinging his hammer > Thor punching (there are collectors who would not be interested in the 2nd page because Mjolnir is not on it.)
  4. Bald. (Anyone interested in Preacher, panel 5 is worth reading)
  5. I agree you should be able to make inquiries. However I also understand the seller possibly getting a bit ticked off if you post an image to a public forum. Do you have any trusted friends? I know 126 is a key and all, but I would simply find another comparable battle page from a twice up issue of similar vintage and use that as your starting point. Does Hercules carry that much a premium over say Ulik or the Absorbing Man?
  6. Wolverine.... and do I get bonus points for a page from the same comic book you just posted?
  7. He would go back and spend time erasing his own notes in the margins? Why bother? They're in the margins, right? But he would not erase Jack's notes? When does he do this? After the pages are inked and lettered? Weird.
  8. Are those Stan's notes in the margins? Or Jack's? I always assumed Jack put them there before Stan rescripted the dialogue exchanges.
  9. I don't think the Heritage scans are high enough quality for print. Worth a shot tho!