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  1. Cool Abomination I just threw a bid on..... though I have to admit I find it really funny that someone decided that Bill Sienkiewicz would be the guy to go to for a style guide
  2. Who were the characters Zeck drew again on these? (I got Cap as well)
  3. Send your cover my way when you are done with it.
  4. Got mine in the mail yesterday as well... Really nice book!
  5. sigh.... I was sooooo close on this one after it passed on eBay. Seller tried to convince the consignor to take my offer, but it was cash/trade and the consignor needed cash.
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/22/health/cdc-coronavirus-touching-surfaces.html
  7. Will this be recorded/posted to YouTube if we miss it?
  8. Both artists knocked them out of the park. Death is a character that is surprisingly easy to get "wrong" in terms of the tone of the character/piece
  9. Take a flip through the Kirby artist editions to see Stan Lee's contributions...
  10. Funny thing about Starlin is that the stories I liked best were not ones that he drew himself. How do we factor guys like Chris Ware/ Jeff Lemire/ Arian Tomine /Daniel Clowes into the mix? Who remembers Bendis started out drawing his own stories?! Ah, f**k it, it's no contest. Miller gets my vote easy.
  11. 50% will be turned off and abstain from bidding....But the other 50% will love it and bid higher than they would have! (just takes two)
  12. Love me some Kyle Baker. "Why I Hate Saturn" is still one of my favorite GNs. This page still makes me laugh...
  13. Is this thread "inexpensive when I bought it?" or "inexpensive today?"