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  1. Is that the entire Byrne FF 255 story broken up into this auction?
  2. Down to 5? How many did you start with? There were 12 when I checked this morning, and whatever Elektra pieces you posted were already gone
  3. I suppose better to miss out on the artwork than be the consignors missing out on the closing bids.
  4. My internet is working.... but the CLink site is not. And the auction I was planning on bidding on is closing as I type this post.
  5. Silly question, but it says it is the "numbered edition" but doesn't specify anywhere if it is signed by Lee. Any idea if it is indeed signed?
  6. I'm assuming you've already tried reaching out to @artdealer
  7. I want one! Where do I purchase?
  8. I was watching that one as well. Went wa-a-a-ay higher than anything in the past from that run. Just my opinion, but it seems like there weren't many good Avengers stories for like a ten year stretch. That Masters of Evil mansion invasion was the exception. Very cool page and a memorable scene with drunken Hercules deciding to take them all on himself.
  9. Hey, maybe the Born Again result yesterday ($45k) will entice Mazz into breaking up another issue....
  10. It seems like every Colletta issue of Thor has a few reeeeally nice pages. One of his strengths, from a business standpoint, was his ability to ink quickly and hit deadlines. The fact that he may have rushed through 2/3 of the pages he inked doesn't mean he was incapable of good inking.
  11. Mazz BA is like Gibbons' Watchmen. Many consider the story Miller's best writing. And even if all the books were out there, there would still be roughly half the pages that Watchmen has. And much of the story is Murdock, not Daredevil, so finding a page with him in costume on it is.... not.... easy.
  12. Good idea to pin this thread. List needs TONS of refinement in my opinion.... which brings up the question: Whose input requests get published in the absence of data points? (I have some Eduardo Risso100 Bullets pages I was thinking about selling, and I really think they should be in the $3-5k category. I can cite numerous private sales to corroborate )
  13. There’s a nice Byrne battle page from Count Nefaria issues ending shortly on Heritage...
  14. For me it was: 1. 179 2. 181 3. 175 4. 189 5. 174