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  1. What's your trade page look like?
  2. Pages from that book are pretty rare, so I didn't know what to expect either. I thought the $900 it was at was high, but turns out it was only half-way there...
  3. Wow! I guess I won't be winning this one.... SATURN
  4. I think this board (Original Art Collectors) might inherently have just a slight bias against digital artwork....
  5. sounds like the title of this thread was written with Sienkiewicz in mind...
  6. Easy to get lost in this book. Not a home run, but the reproductions are beautiful, and the pages are 25% bigger than the ones in Testament/Legacy/Icon.
  7. @First Upgrade you should re-start this thread as a poll
  8. "Splash!" used to describe a page with six panels.
  9. Fingers crossed no one bids on this one because of this...
  10. This is good advice. We all remember the "one that got away," but man, when I think back at the things I almost jumped on but am now glad I didn't... They outnumber the "ones that got away" 5-to-1. And in a few of the cases I was able to get the item I wanted later on at a good discount.