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  1. I agree with this statement, but it brings to mind a question: why do so many Star Wars artists get a pass when they do the same?
  2. Also, $10k for a Kirby Thor panel page is a smaller percentage of the average New Yorker's income than say, a collector from North Carolina, where that amount might be 25% of their annual salary.
  3. This one immediately came to mind for me. It's in my top-five for sure. I am also a sucker for the DK #2 cover that sold a couple years back... and I'm not sure there aren't a couple DD covers and pages I like even better. Ultimately what I'm trying to say is that this question is too hard.
  4. This does very little to convince me that he was an 'absentee landlord' I like your Crumb posts better.
  5. Somewhere between "absentee landlord" and what Dave Sim did. He's been involved, if not responsible for story pretty much throughout. (and gotten full writing credit on numerous issues) He's also inked/finished the majority of the pages, albeit digitally. (don't know how many, but easily more than half) ...And he's done a lot of covers.
  6. Yeah, the importance of the creation of Image cannot be overstated. And you didn’t even mention Spawn, which in two weeks will be the longest-lived creator-owned comic when issue #301 hits the stands
  7. I am shocked at some of the names being thrown out. Anyways, here's my 2¢ • Miller: Brought a character like DD to #1. Changed entire industry in the 80s with DK. Made printers up their game with Ronin. Then went all 'auteur' on us with Sin City and 300. • Neal Adams is up there. Raised the bar for detail/drawing quality in comics. Inspired/mentored dozens. Shook up storytelling with dynamic page layouts. Drew 'important' stories like the GL drug story. • Crumb is interesting, especially given the things that audiences respond to today and the things that clean up at the Eisners. • Jim Lee.... I still think of him as a 'new' artist, but he's been at or near the top for 30 years now. Impact on other artists is undeniable, and he's still got the #1 selling comic of all time. My vote (personal favorite) is Miller.
  8. Crumb is interesting. Would love to hear you elaborate on your criteria and how he fits it...
  9. Kind of a spin-off from the Batman 251 thread. As of 2019, is Neal the most important / impactful living comic artist? If not Neal, then who? Miller?
  10. http://www.romitaman.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=8008&ArtistId=1057&Details=0&From=Room
  11. I think ending an auction on a Tuesday is weird. Situation was made worse by the holiday weekend. I was at work and it felt like a Monday. It was an hour into the auction before it occurred to me that lots were ending.
  12. Hey, drawing is fun. Those artists should thank Tops for allowing them be included.
  13. Who am I kidding. I'd have bought it. And if he's a dealer who didn't do his any homework, then shame on him.
  14. I'm trying to realistically put myself in the buyer's shoes.... Hmmmm.