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  1. Klaus is a cool dude. Great Thanks cover.
  2. I’ve used Hank Pym before and he was awesome. How do I get in touch with him? Don’t know how to search for users in this new chat format. I need a witness for Roy Thomas.
  3. Thanks man. Still can't seem to get the hang of this new journal process. Would be happy of my photos were at least facing the right direction. Might have to try again with a new post.
  4. Those are some crazy stories. I don't think that's ever happened to me, thankfully.
  5. surfer99

    Feeling Blind

    I got frustrated with the new journals early on and haven't been back...until now. I may have stick around, we'll see. Hope you come back soon. I agree with Rockblazer too, I miss all those I used to enjoy reading, including you.
  6. surfer99


    Wow, that's crazy to go thru something like that. Glad things are getting better. Now I need to go home and consolidate all my best books into one small box...the only fear there is that some thief will pick that one and run off with it. Maybe I'll just stick with grabbing the books off my wall.
  7. surfer99

    New Rack

    Not bad for side of the road!
  8. Well, I can't seem to get the photo to display correctly, even though it shows correct before uploading, but here is my first new journal attempt. I tried to post earlier today, but the post never showed up...weird. Anyway, thank you to dreamtoreal1 for this sharp looking Iron Fist 14. I'm really looking forward to Ronnylama pressing it and then Chris Claremont signing it at ECCC this year. Hoping it comes back at least 9.2 but sometimes you never know. Hope everyone has a great year! Til next time... ***
  9. Thanks! Yeah, I was so discouraged last time I was on here that I haven't been back until now. I still can't seem to find the "CGC Journal - Posts and Responses from Old Format" section, but whatever. At least it's still there and will hopefully get migrated "sometime". Thank you very much for all the help! I can see the new journal entry now and will have to give it a try soon.
  10. Ah, so this is where you've been hiding out. I haven't been on here since October...spending all my time on Instagram, lol.
  11. I found a section called My Journals on my profile page, but it's much for all of my journals from the old boards moving over to someplace that's easily accessible. In that section, it doesn't give me the option to create a new journal.
  12. Guess I need to reply to my old journals or else I can't easily find them on my profile page.
  13. Guess I need to reply to my old journals or else I can't easily find them on my profile page.