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  1. Quick Payment excellent communication Thank you
  2. Teen Titans 2 9.8 Signature Series white pages 1st appearance of DeathStroke Signed By Marv Wolfman and George Perez $900 shipped in US I will Invoice you through Paypal Item will be bubble wrapped in a custom 14x12x4 box Insured
  3. Yes ,I quoted you right. You said, "I don't think it's unrealistic." Hence, my reply was "It is unrealistic." and I gave you logical proof with the previous film numbers and future releases. I have no idea how you came up with "it will without a doubt" nor did I claim you said that. There's no insider information. It's math using previous box office numbers and available screenings. It's available on the internet.
  4. It is unrealistic. Endgame would have to be #1 at least 8 weeks to have shot at beating Avatar. Both previous Avengers movies lasted 3 weeks at #1. During those 8 weeks at #1, Endgame would have to beat out John Wick 3, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, Aladdin, and Godzilla:King of Monsters, Dark Phoenix:X-men, and Men and Black International. It would have to make 850 million more than Avengers Infinity War. Yeah, it is not happening.
  5. Looks like the wiki and marvel wiki have been fixed.
  6. I think we can agree New Mutants 14 isn't the 1st Magik. We can agree the term "Magik" was first used in Magik #1. What's funny is in New Mutant 14 refers to Magik mini series.
  7. It's Gotham City Sirens. It can't be the other books because those are just appearances because the writer and the artist did not have the intent or the purpose to team the women regularly. In Sirens, there is a purpose to team up regularly and the writer and the artist came up name "Sirens". When you read Harley 03, Harley is just throwing a party that Catwoman was invited to. The story/party is about Harley annoucing she is going solo not about IVY, Harley, Catwoman teaming up. Read the books and not look at pictures.
  8. Yellow cgc label saying signed by Stan lee. Anything else can not be guaranteed by CGC.
  9. 16 MST dropped off at NYCC 10/23 verified 11/13 scheduled for Grading 11/14 Graded
  10. Not yet, I missing an express 16 book MST drop off and a fast track signature series.