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  1. Actually watchcount does show the actual offer price. The listed price was 3300. Watchcount redirects back to ebay to show the sold price of $3000. You need to be logged in your ebay account to see the true price.
  2. I thought BA12 or Walking Dead 1 were at the top?
  3. Looks like the new king of the Modern age is Ultimate Fallout 4 variant. A 9.8 last sold Feb 9th $2700. One of the few rare books the price has risen after the movie released.
  4. These all were originally 9.8. I didn't receive the memo on Todd's handling until after I shipped. CGC normally handles Chris Claremount, those always come back the same 9.8. The non 9.8 books are currently at CGC waiting to be screened for pressing can improve the score.. Odd note, the only book that came back with Grader's notes is one of amazing Spider-man 300.
  5. Since the signing, 15 out of 405 ASM 300 books came back 9.8. I have two. I am not selling. Since the signing, 511 out of 786 Spawn 1 came back 9.8.
  6. No hindsight, I bought 6x 9.8 graded ASM books. Only three came back 9.8. The others 9.4,9.6,9.6. I made my own bags and cgc crack them.
  7. remember signature series and pressing do not get discounts.
  8. Dang I got my results, I sent six graded 9.8 books. Two of those six were Amazing 300. Three came back 9.8 The others 9.4. 9.6 9.6 Thankfully two of three 9.8s are 300.
  9. Yeah I saw that between the last census update only three 9.8 out of the 126 reported. However, two of those 9.8 were possibly previously blue labels because of the -2 universal 9.8.