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  1. Marvel's rebooted FF movie might not be what people expect.
  2. Saw the trailer again at the weekend on the big screen. It doesn't get any better.
  3. Enjoyed it a lot, as did the wife. I'm glad they didn't try and explain every single thing to the audience - most fiction works best when you have to work things out for yourself - and the different timelines was easy to follow once you knew what was going on. The final battle was also different and impressive. I'd agree that of the three character arcs the Princess one was the least interesting.
  4. This is spot on, though I found his pronunciation of Moffat somewhat disturbing. And he's correct about the show Timeless. I'd also recommend Travelers on Netflix.
  5. This. The wife and I saw it last night and we both loved it.
  6. I agree with most of this but still enjoyed most of the show - be aware, there's spoilers in the link.