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  1. Gish Gallop is my new favourite term. I'll think of this thread every time I hear it.
  2. I enjoyed it - it needed more character development. Some of the character actions seemed designed to move the plot along but were somewhat questionable. The scene at the end was obviously coming as soon as that character was mentioned. Still - Greg Rucka is on a small screen roll with this and the excellent Stumptown.
  3. Thanks for this - it was my favourite magazine for a good many years. I'll have to get my copies out for a flick through.
  4. Think I bought them off Ebay about ten years ago.
  5. That's excellent - thanks for that. I'd never heard it before or seen those photos. Angie Bowie as Black Widow - that would have been funny. David as Hawkeye!
  6. Every girl loves those extra five minutes.