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  1. Though you do have to wonder if the film makers added that tune to cause controversy since it's so short and adds nothing to the scene.
  2. For some reason, parts of the media had it in for this film and tried anything and everything they could to castigate it. I'm not a fan but most of the negative things written about it, the incel nonsense and comments about it glorifying and promoting violence, are beyond stupid.
  3. It's in the movie for less than 30 seconds and is utterly pointless. Whether he makes any money from it is irrelevant.
  4. This is the most measured response I've read so far. ‘He is a psychopath’: has the 2019 Joker gone too far?
  5. A few years after my last pulp purchase I dipped into the waters one again last week.
  6. You didn't tell me it's your favourite book of all time. I like the book, but it's not even SK's best novel. Still, if you like the characters that much you might want to read 1963 as some of them pop up there. (To be fair, those bits are the best parts of that book.)