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  1. Blimey! They've really mucked up the schedule over here then. Sky are showing the other 4 episodes this week, while another channel only started broadcasting Batwoman yesterday.
  2. In the UK, we're just getting this next week. Is Batwoman part of it? The other 4 shows are on Sky but that isn't, so while Sky have been promoting Crisis they haven't mentioned Batwoman as part of the crossover.
  3. The mid credit scene comes after she sees that Terry has been exonerated so it can't have come earlier in the series.
  4. The last episode was the only half decent one in the whole series. They managed to butcher the book and deliver it at a snail's pace. Imagine someone picking up a book by Stephen King and then saying - I know how to make this better. We'll ditch 90% of it. And then get Dennis Lehane involved.
  5. That path takes you into a tiny fishing village called Skinningrove on the North Yorkshire coast.
  6. It looks like a terrible event, but great thread. @Get Marwood & I
  7. They've changed so much from the book I don't know why they even bothered using the same title. Both the wife and I really enjoyed the book but it's been a struggle to get through eight episodes so far. Most of it has been at a snail's pace.